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I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.

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Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Gymnasium

It was late at night when Lizzy gave up tossing & turning in her bed, and got up. She changed into a sports bra & shorts before heading down to the gym, where she planned to throw herself into so much exercise that she could just crash in bed when she returned.

Entering into the large room, she was pleased to find that as expected, it was mostly empty. Only one other person was there, a fairly tall and well-built man who was over at the weights, sitting on a bench as he used free weights and looking towards the mirrored wall.

Not wanting to disturb him, Lizzy took a sip from her bottled water and got on one of the exercise bikes, slipping some earbuds from a portable music player in her ears.

Across the room, Mika Letoa noticed a quite attractive woman in bright off-duty sports clothing. He watched her get on one of the bikes as he did weights.

After about six minutes, he saw her get off the bike and lean down to pick something up. She had a very pretty ass and he smiled as it seemed like she was taking her time.

Lizzy finally stood back up, enjoying the thought that he had saw her butt which she had been often told was very cute, and headed over to the treadmills.

Getting on, she started a 10 minute interval training program that had a few gentle slopes, and begun running. The treadmill she had chosen was one that gave her a view across the room to where the man was still working out.

Mika finished up with the free weights and headed over to one of the pec weight machines. Adjusting it, he sat down and begun using the machine.

Over at the treadmill, Lizzy noticed the man changing machines and it wasn't long before her imagination got the better of her about the man.

All of a sudden, her left ankle caught and she rapidly found herself falling forwards. Scrambling, she tried to catch herself before her head banged into the machine. She let out a squeak of fright before she dropped, being thrown back fast until the auto-cutoff system activated.

Lizzy lay in a quite embarrassed heap on the ground, holding one hand to her face and quickly blushing red.

Mika had heard the squeak and crash, and jumped up, heading over quickly to the woman, "Are you okay?"

Lizzy looked up at him, wishing she could just go invisible, but knew she had to respond. Nodding a little, she blushed, "Sorta. Sorry. I'm Lizzy Caldera."

He knelt down to her, "Don't worry. Nice to meet you although it would have been nicer in better circumstances. I'm Mika Letoa. Where did you get hurt, Lizzy?"

Lizzy moved her hand and realized that her nose was really hurting, "Yeah. Banged my head and maybe my nose. And my dignity just got felt up & mugged."

He smiled with amusement at what she said,
"Hmm.. You are very interesting."

She grinned, "I think I'll be okay in a pec. Oops, sec."

Lizzy blushed more at her slip, but he smiled as he knew why she had probably got distracted, "Can you take your hand off for a sec?"

When she did, blood began coming out so she put her hand back.

He nodded, "Okay. I'll help you up now and to Sickbay."

Lizzy nodded and as he helped her upset, she felt a shooting pain in her foot and let out a scream.

He let her drop back, "I have a better idea. Wrap your arms around me and I'll carry you."

Lizzy did so, letting him lift her up and she snuggled into his arms, "Gonna be hard to live this down. I'm a Lt and supposed to be the chief counselor."

Mika grinned, "Hmm.. Nice. They like it when us enlisted save officers."


Arriving in Sickbay carrying Lizzy, Mika spotted a nurse coming out from one side and spoke, "Excuse me, but I've got an injured patient for you. Lieutenant Caldera. I'm Corporal Letoa, and carried her from the gymnasium."

Lizzy blushed a little again, "I took on an angry treadmill and it kicked my ass."

A doctor came out shortly after Mika put her down, and waited with her. Ensign Anderson ran the tricorder wand over her head, "Good news is that it doesn't look too bad. No actual breaks of your nose, Lieutenant. You do have a bit of concussion though."

He then moved the wand down to check her ankle, "You seem to have twisted your ankle, but I'll be able to sort that out for you. In the meantime, I'll give you a pain-killer."

Taking a hypo-spray, Anderson gave her a shot and she sighed happily.

"Corporal, the Lieutenant may be a bit out of it for a bit and will be kept overnight. She will be out tomorrow if you want to come see her then."

Mika blinked, quickly adding, "Oh, no, we aren't together. Just happened to be in the gym at the time."


"No problem. Goodbye, Lieutenant."

With that, he headed out as Lizzy watched him leave.


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