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Dangerous orders

Posted on Mon Dec 31st, 2018 @ 10:32am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: Jarland
Location: Executive Officer's Office - U.S.S. Gladiator

/// ON ///

Mercia Kavi was leaning across her desk reaching for another padd in her new office on the Gladiator, finally renamed and officially their ship. She was busier than she had been in months with paper work and corrdination, but she would get the job done. She always did!

She had a feeling though she'd need to encourage Khelev to visit tonight... Stress relief was needed.

When the doors of her office opened she looked up and dropped back in her chair. "You didn't bring coffee.." she complained. "I swear it was your turn." she smirked at David.

He paused right inside the office and thought deep down before nodding and walked for the replicator to order. After it was ordered, he brought it to the desk. "You will need more than just this to deal with what's coming."

Mercia arched her brows curious at his meloncoly mood. She pulled her cup of coffee closer already missing the Real Brew Cafe in the Memphis Island command tower. Replicated didn't hold a candle to the real stuff in her opinion.

" Did we get our first mission assignment already?" she asked with a frown. The first mission after commission was supposed to be soft to ensure all the updates and upgrades were put their paces close by.

"First, how is my ship and the departments," he asked as he plopped back on her couch.

Mercia took a sip of the coffee and lifted a shoulder. "Coming along. Zeti is having a blast, looks to have the final disgostic of the shield upgrades done in a few hours. Medical is still waiting on a shipment from the ground with supplies and the Indapendant power supply for emergency forcefields. Security is already running drills, about 76% of the crew has checked in... So not bad really." she commented. There was more but those were the biggest parts.

"Not bad. What about the marines, shuttles, and fighters? I know we haven't always went out looking for a fight... but over the years, we find it," David remarked as he took another sip of his coffee.

Mercia chuckled, "The marines are their typical pain in the ass, already have a request for space adjustments for their training center." she said. "I'll talk to them about it though, I feel like we aquasitiond plenty of room for them" 0she said. "Caleb has landed the fighters and tested the docking protocols, he'll be meeting with the bay teams to cover his expectations of fighter Bay maintenance and procedures. The shuttles are accounted for a d are busy moving sesituve supplies from the surface to the ship. "

Mercia eyed David, she knew him well."What are you avoiding? " she asked bluntly

"The simple fact that we are all invited to a ball and you are to give an official apology. But nothing major..." he answered simply as he sighed and leaned back preparing for the explosion. He just hoped the bulk heads were prepared for it.

Mercia set her coffee cup down with a thud. ." A what?! " she demanded. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Remember that last nose you broke?"

Mercia frowned, "what? No. What nose?" she stammered trying to think back.

"Whatever... your fists connected with the wrong face, this time," David explained before taking a sip.

"David last person I punched was Khelev and that was foreplay. Surprise by the way, we're a thing now... Other than that I haven't punched anyone!" a deep sense of dread fell over her, "Did Tali get out and cause a scene and I wasn't informed?" she gasped.

" 'Oh Captain Hawkins, how have you been today? Why yes, I will make that happen, even if it's a joke. Here is an all inclusive paid vacation to Risa on me... go enjoy yourself'," he muttered as he rolled his eyes before he looked at her to see she wasn't laughing. "Ok maybe not the last part but come on, Mercia, you nailed some a romulan. Well it turns out that some said romulan had some influence and isnt happy."

Mercia glared at him, "I have no idea what you are talking about. I didn't hit anyone. By God I wanted to, but I didn't, and ghat lying son of a bitch Prefect said I hit him, then he is more desperate than I thought." she pinched the bridge of her nose, her anger starting to boil.

It was a good bet she pissed the Prefect off, accusing him of having something to do with David's attempted murder. Trouble was with her past a false accusation of her striking the man was believable. "Come on David! If I hit the man do you think they'd have allowed me to leave that base? I'm a hot head but I'm not as stupid as I used to be!" she glared at him, Irritated he was putting up with this nonsense.

"Wait, you didn't hit him?"

She gave him a withering look, "You think I'd be alive if I had? Don't be an idiot. Damn I bet he's pissed off that I wondered if he had something to do with your attempted murder, or knew something about it, so he's making up dramatic stories to discredit me. That means I'm on to something and he did know something about the emitter theft and attempted murder." she said dropping back in her seat and firing up her computer again. "I hate how secure their networks are, but I wonder if Memphis Island Security can find unusual signals or something indicating their communication with an agent on the ground..." she started talking quickly. She was going to get that bastard before he could take her down.

"Ok hold up, would ya," he raised a finger in the air as he leaned forward on the couch. "One, I know damn well that you would survive it and I don't question that for a fact. Two, you pushing your luck calling me an idiot. And three, chill, plan all this out and have a chat with our Intel chick. If she comes off sound, for this, we three can have a sit down chat in her Vault."

Mercia glared at him, "I've called you worse." she growled. "So what we go to this party and I pretend I did something wrong to make those political gas bags happy? No! I'm not doing it David." Mercia said tossing her stylus on the desk with a clatter. "They can take their party and stuff it!" she hissed.

David took a sip from his coffee and sighed as he knew all to well that she wasn't wrong when it came to the long list of threats and insults he had received from her over the years. And to her credit, most of them she never acted on... most...

"Listen, I don't care how you do it, just play their game and fake it for all I care. We will figure out, sooner or later, what the real motive is behind all this and squash it like we usually do. Till then, take care of our people, and those we call friends. As for the rest, treat them like your one on one time with ch'Koro, fake it to make him feel like he has accomplished something."

Mercia fingered the arm of her chair, picking at the fabric, as a storm played through her eyes. Normally she would return the jab, turning it back around on David, but right now she was far too angry. It stung that he knew that appealing her need to protect the crew was her weakness. She was sick of playing games stupid games and winning stupid prizes. Maybe she should have taken the automatic retire offer after her captivity. "It will be fake alright. I'll be there." too angry to continue and struggling to keep her composure she glared daggers at David. "Can you leave?" she grumbled before she started yelling at him.

"Sure," he replied as he stood up. With a last gulp, he downed the rest of the coffee left in the cup and sat it on the desk. David looked at her fire driven eyes and watched as the gears in her mind started to move faster with each moment. "I'm not asking you to do this to please them, hell... Make it worth it as I know you can." With that, he turned on his heel and started out. He knew that this was all hard information or even a command from him for her. But if anyone could make a hell of a plot turn, she was the one to do it.

Irritated already, and more so that he left the coffee cup in front of her she picked up a spare pad and flung it at the cup. It dropped to the carpet, but did not shatter as she'd hoped. It was wholey unsatisfying. She growled again and dropped her head in her hand, wondering how she was going to make it through this.

/// OFF ///

Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator - A


Commander Mercia Kavi
Executive Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator - A


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