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Diplomacy at its finest part 1

Posted on Mon Dec 31st, 2018 @ 8:52am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D.

Mission: Jarland
Location: Memphis Island function hall


Admiral Charles Grayson was already over this whole event. Something was not perfect in nearly every detail of the event and it made Genevieve Gratron even more insufferable and of course he took the brunt of her demands for perfection. Even still he pasted a smile on his face and stood near the doors as attendees began to arrive. Genevieve joined him to greet people as they began to filter in.

Her proximity made it difficult to maintain an Admiral like persona on his face.. The woman was infuriating and distracting all at once.

Mel Torma entered next, the Dalacari idea of a 'dress uniform' something closer to 'dress' than uniform. A pleasant two-piece uniform in a soft blue color with white trim and accents. Her long digitigrade legs stepped in style, clad in simple shoes built to cater to her alien feet. In a universe of creatures so diverse, yet so similar to one another in the Federation sometimes it was a breath of fresh air to see a creature so alien yet so relatible.

"Admiral Grayson." one of them greeted, before turning to the other, "Madam Gratron." she wore a smile on each of her faces but remembered not to show teeth. Most of the other races in the cosmos evolved from omnivore stock, with a few actually coming from either herbivore or obligate carnivore stock, so teeth were still provoked a recessive reaction.

Best not to start off on the wrong tooth, she'd say. If she were looking to kill the diplomatic mood.

"Everything looks wonderful. You must have worked so hard to make it." Mel complimented the diplomat, while her other physical body gave the Admiral a nod. Diplomacy at its finest.

Once the proverbial ice was broken, the twin forms of Mel continued in to mingle by the punch bowl, as it were. Except there wasn't a bowl. And aside from the Admiral she was the first one here.


All David could do was smirk as he walked up to the admiral and Mel. He straightened his uniform real quick before coming to a halt. He hadn't seen Mercia and after this morning... he wasn't surprised. But he knew that she would be there soon.

Xander was the next senior staff member to enter the function hall. Not one for formal occasions, he kept fingering his stiff collar of his newly replicated dress uniform. He glanced over at the clock in the corner of the room, giving himself an hour before he would come up with an excuse to escape. Xandered noticed David and Mel congregating with the Admiral. A female Andorian waitress crossed Xander's path with a tray of champagne glasses. "I'll take one of those." He smiled as he took one from the tray, before taking a deep breath and making his way over to the Captain. As he drew closer, he noticed an elegant female, who matched the description of the diplomat they had all received in an earlier briefing. Now was time to turn on the charm. "Madam Gratron, I presume?" Xander smiled, displaying his perfectly aligned white teeth, which almost appeared to twinkle in the light. He extended his left hand in hopes that the diplomat would be a custom to a friendly handshake.

Genevive took the mans hand her eyes looking over the man with a critical eye, "Consul Gratron actually." she said cooling starting with her diplomatic title. "And you are?" she asked.

"Oh don't mind the doctor," Hayter spoke up from behind Xander. He patted Xander's shoulder as he came around to stand side by side. "He isn't trying to hit on you. He was trying to be polite. I am Lieutenant Colonel John Hayter, Task Force Marine Commander of the sector."

"Ah, yes. I've heard of you." She said clearly annoyed by the casual nature of the Marine. "Do try not to cause a worse incident than we are here to solve hmm?" she asked.

Halan Zeti rarely went all out, she spent too much time inside various parts of the ship or in her down time she was alone or on a beach where dressing up wasn't really necessary. She'd opted for her full dress uniform, made sure her pips, communicator and earring were nice and shiny before she straightened her hair, and braided a section of it down the middle of the back of her head instead of doing one thick braid. She even had taken the time to put on a little make up to make her pop, but not enough to make it look obvious.

As she walked into the room, it was almost too much for her. She didn't like things so lavish and would have been happy on the beach with a spread of good food and a bungalow to pass out in after all the drinking. Of course, she'd have to limit the drinking too, lest she let loose. When she spied a waiter with something bubbly, she caught up to them and grabbed a glass from the tray before heading back to where her shipmates seemed to be congregating.

Genevieve looked at the Bajoran woman approvingly as she approached. Light make up, but enough to show that she was serious about looking like she belonged. Her uniform was clean and hair was precise. "Do ensure you mingle with our guests as well." she said to the gathering group as some of the lower ranking Romulans started to arrive.

Grayson nodded to the group, "Do you know were Hawkins and Kavi are?" he asked.

"They had best not be late. I will not stand for that Charlie." Genevieve said tightly.

"...Wait, hold on there, Miss ..." John spoke up still thrown off with how the woman had responded to his greetings to her. It showed that he was not thrilled but before he could finish his new title he had for her, a hand gripped his shoulder and a voice cut him off.

"...Miss Genevieve, you hold low confidence in myself and Commander Kavi," David Hawkins spoke up loud enough to get their attention. "We have been here for a while and if you think we are all screw ups, then we should have made a major scene by now." He walked past Hayter and stood face to face with the woman standing next to Grayson. He started her down long and hard but with a slight grin. He raised his glass and pointed with the hand past them to the romulan delegates and saw them talking and laughing with Commander Kavi.

"Madam, you are mistaken. We have all been out here a long time and have made good acquaintances with our romulan counterparts. We have had each others backs in a lot of ways and have grown to respect one another. So you may be a respected member of Starfleet command back at home on Earth... out here. We have had to learn to trust one another. You may have pull, but until you see it for what it really is, there is going to be a lot of rough patches for us all to deal with," David remarked as he took a sip of his drink and looked over at Mercia. She was a fire cracker, but his words were no less true as the romulans had truly liked her and her willingness never to split the base personal, but fight equally for all of them. He was truly proud of her.

"Consul Gratron is my title Captain." she said flatly. "Funny how your first officer behaves respectfully. If that were true, I would not be here." her eyes shifted to a group of new comers that approached. The rest of her staff and interested party from Starfleet, here to assure things went as planned, and back up of they did not.

" Admiral Grayson, Captain Hawkins. " she stated and then nodded to the other assembled officers standing around her. "This is my staff, Ensign Kermo, Consul Di'atoa, Commander Castork, and I believe you both have previously met Commander Jarland, and Admiral Jarland."

A muscle twitched in Charles cheek as he held out his hand, first to the other Admiral, he had little respect for the man, who previously had tried to dismantal his program, using Mercia as his case, and destroying both her and David's career in the process. He'd been barely out voted by the review counsel at the time.... Barely.

Laughter blew up behind Hawkins as he huffed as well. He didnt need to say or even look as he knew that Hayter had noticed the last two staff members.

Admiral Jarland took Grayson hand and nodded tersly before turning the next officer, "Doctor Bori is it?" he asked displaying he clearly had read up on the Gladiator crew. He offered his hand in greeting and pasted a smile on his face

Tag Bori

Commander Neville Jarland stepped closer to Hawkins. "I'd say it's a pleasure to see you again sir, but that remains to be seen." Hawkin's former first officer stated.

"How is that nose of yours?" David smirked as he looked at the man before looking over at Mercia. "I honestly think this apology is more for you. And to hold such bitterness over so many years... so honorable and man like."

A slight glare came from the commander but was not able to continue as he was brushed off by the marine officer. "Hey buddy, ol' I have been waiting to finally meet you in person. So tell me, how did it feel to be beaten up by a lady?"

Neville's face turned from pleasant to down right stormy. "Captain I'll warn you to keep your dogs leashed." he growled at David. "The encouraging of assault among your officers is a reason why many are not certain you fit for command." he growled. He caught a glare from hi s uncle, the Admiral Jarland. "Even still I have had hopes of making amends as all people grow over time... assuming your XO proves she has grown and does what is expected of her."

"Hold that thought, Commander... I..." Hawkins held up a hand and looked as though he was going to say another word, turned on a dime and walked to the bar.

A small chuckle escaped John's lips as he stood next to Neville's side. "See, Jer Jer, if you require something before you are capable of making amends... you haven't grown past things and Davy Boy knows all to well to step away before he said anything, but I don't mind telling ya. Be the bigger man, pull your panties out of your butt crack and be the first to apologize. Then you will prove yourself to everyone."



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