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Diplomacy at its finest part 2

Posted on Tue Jan 8th, 2019 @ 7:56pm by Admiral Charles Grayson & Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D & Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D.

Mission: Jarland

From Part 1:
A small chuckle escaped John's lips as he stood next to Neville's side. "See, Jer Jer, if you require something before you are capable of making amends... you haven't grown past things and Davy Boy knows all to well to step away before he said anything, but I dont mind telling ya. Be the bigger man, pull your panties out of your butt crack and be the first to apologize. Then you will prove yourself to everyone."

Part 2
Zeti looked at John, her instinct was to hit him up side the head and tell him to get the hell out of there but instead she moved up next to him, before giving him a sideways look, "Why don't you go get me a drink John? I'll entertain the Commander." She turned to the group, "Commander, Admiral, Consul I am Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti. The chief engineer and third in command of the Gladiator."

Percival was glad he hadn't been among those introduced to these people. From what he'd overheard she was a stickler for protocol, but no one could possibly do it properly....and there was something personal there. Trying not to read too deeply into it Alex simply got himself a beverage. He'd managed to enter and disappear amongst the others mingling around behind the Consul.

Still embarassed from the awkward introduction with the diplomat. Xander looked for an excuse to walk away, whilst he still had a small amount of pride left. He then saw his best friend helping himself to a beverage. Xander knew Alex was just as uncomfortable in these situations as he was, so he excused himself from the group, before swiftly heading over to Dr Percival. "Seriously Alex! Why do I make such a fool of myself in front of dignitaries? It's just like that time when the Vulcan Ambassador for Medicine visited the academy and I tried to speak Vulcan to him... only calling him a 'idiotic formation of a solid'." Xander dropped his head into his empty palm, whilst his other hand nursed a glass of champagne. "Can we just get wasted and then go?"

Still scowling with a look that could curdle targ milk Marine Captain Karbainov made his entrance. He was glad he checked the previously porous perimeter before checking in. He removed his cover (hat) as he entered the main room. He hated formal events... and to top it all off some wise ass sent him a message stating he needed to be in his full dress uniform.

He got more irritated every time someone looked at him, if there any empaths in the group he was sure his mood would induce vomiting. He straitened the Klingon Baldric he was wearing, proudly marking it as a decorated member of the house of K'voth. His Starfleet decorations we far less colorful.

Finally.... he made a bee line to the knot of important people. "Marine Captain Gennadyavich, reporting as ordered..." he growled. /Waste of time diplomatic functions. / he thought as he -attempted- not to look homicidal.

Zeti wanted to stab the other Marine, she personally did not like diplomatic events but they were necessary. It was one of Starfleet's primary functions and one of the things they should be able to do without a second thought. Her glare at the Marine did not go unnoticed. "Welcome Captain."

"Marine Captain..." a female romulan liason spoke up as she cocked her head just enough to notice her surprise as she looked him over. "I did not expect many marine officers attending this even. Starfleet Marines are... not spoken of much. I look forward to getting to understand you." The female Romulan looked at Zeti and nodded. "Commander or is it Lieutenant Commander?"

"It's Lieutenant Commander but Starfleet Navel tradition affords me the privileged of being called a Commander," Zeti replied with a warm smile, she gave the Romulan a once over.

"I am Sub-Commander Lalleka, acting liaison officer for Memphis Island. My brother was a well skilled engineer," the Romulan female spoke respectively.

"I've been good with tech since I was a girl, when I got a little older I met a few folks that helped me learn a lot more," Zeti replied. "I don't think we've met before Sub-Commander, I've spent some time in the Romulan colonies. They have some lovely beaches."

Karbainov opened his mouth to say something, something snarky. But just shrugged as he walked away, leaving the two young ladies to talk about beaches and what not. He looked for somewhere to hide....

Genevive looked between the two with approval. She looked up at Grayson wondering how in the galaxy he had mixed up the roles of officers on Gladiator. Clearly this well put together, well dressed and controlled Bajoran was far more suited to command and diplomacy. Not his hot headed little project.

Her eyes flitted to a table where she spotted the subject of her ire. Commander Kavi was at least putting out effort. She could almost feel the rage in the woman from the tension in her shoulder and her frequently clenching fists, but at least her face held a simple smile, though it clearly did not reach her eyes. "Commander Zeti, it is a pleasure to meet you." she broke in, "I would love to speak with you further later." she said, with a kind smile at the woman.

"I'm sure I can make time for you, but being an engineer I've always got something that needs to be done," Zeti replied politely, she really didn't want meet with a diplomat for any reason. For the moment she just wanted to get through this.

"That is a shame. I was hoping you would change my mind about how I perceive Starfleet officers as open minded and not shallow people who only think of themselves. Maybe another time, perhaps," Sub-Commander Lalleka stated as she raised an eye brow before turning on her heel and walked away.

Tayla turned around and side stepped quickly as a man about ran in to her. She scowled, "Excuse you." she grumbled as she pulled her hand back to avoid the man running in to her drink.

The Marine took a deep breath and stood perfectly still for, one, two, three, four, five seconds and opened his eyes and turned to the.... angel in front of him. "I am so sorry...." he said slowly, he was having such a time of it that English was coming to him slowly. "I uh.... I'm Marine Captain Gennadiyvech... and I was born without manners... in a barn." He said absently adjusting the Baldric he was wearing.

Taylas lips pursed, "I've never met a Marine that was born with Manners. and i spend most of my time babysitting marines so I've known a few..." she mumbled. "At least my drink didn't spill and forcing me to change my dress uniform." she said rolling her eyes. "Lt. Commander Tayla d'Jax, Special Ops." she said holding her hand out.

He was in a tailspin now, she had probably written him off judging by her first comment. But then, special ops? To say he was curious was an understatement. He shook her hand, firmly but gently. "I just came from MACO 14, now taking the Gladiators Detachment.."

"Ah, Johns old posting." she smirked motioning towards her friend. "Good luck with that. I've been around the group more than I care. Most of them are morons. they need a strong hand to bring out their intelligence."

Why oh why did the first meeting of his new command staff have to be in a room with Romulan delegates? Theo thought as he made his way down the hall towards meeting room. Upon entering he quickly spotted some serious trouble in the form of the consul's wife who was his last conquest (and quite the exhausting one at that). Adjusting his uniform and doing his best to disappear, he made his way over to the man wearing the captain pips. "Captain sir, Lt. Theodore Treadagar IV, just assigned to *Gladiator* as tactical and security chief.." He stood at attention as he waited to be acknowledged, a small bead of sweat rolling down his forehead as he worried greatly about the consul knowing of his exploits as it were...

"At ease, Lieutenant. We are in a gathering of officials, with alcohol involved. Don't hurt yourself there," David responded as he smirked slightly at the man. He was a new face to which, he knew of but hadn't met in person until now. "I honestly didn't expect to see you here, but tomorrow as we had ya on the transport logs arriving on the transport."

"I was always told that if one arrives on time, they're late.." The young lieutenant said with a nervous smile. He could see the Consul's wife starting to eye him up and he wanted to get out of dodge as fast as possible, lest a diplomatic scene happen. "Do you have any orders as of yet sir? Should I settle in aboard ship?" He asked as he was trying again to get himself cleared from the room...

"Well, you are part of my senior staff, so stick around for a drink or two, smile and just enjoy the people around. Other then that," David started as he looked past the new lieutenant to see that Mercia was starting for a mic. This was going to be interesting. "... Find me tomorrow after you get settled into your quarters for our scheduled first meeting. We can go over my expectations then. Sound good?"

"Yes sir.." Theo stated somewhat defeated as he really didn't want to be in that particular room at that moment. Still though appearances had to be kept up and even though the Consul's wife was in a slithery pursuit, he did his best to stay clear and always have a group of at least two people around him. "I am so ready to blow this popsicle stand.." His thoughts rambled on within his mind. Any more time spent in the room would end up with him actually talking to the consul's wife and probably sneaking away to a closet with her...

Genevive, having just spent time small talking with the Prefect and his wife walked over to Kavi, and gave her a look seeing a stout drink already in the womans hand, and the scent of alcohol was just strong enough to prove this wasn't her first glass. "Its time." she said.

She led the unwilling officer up to the small platform and tapped stylus on her glass to gain attention of the mixed Romulan and Starfleet company. "Good evening my friends. Thank you for attending this event. We hope that in the spirit of our continued cromoderie this event can repair the poor impressions given to each other over the last few weeks. In this area of the universe we must always remember who our friends are. With that being said, Commander Mercia Kavi has something she wishes to say." Genevive smiled brightly at the younger woman, though her eyes held no actual smile.

She stepped down and returned to her place by Grayon as Mercia took the center stage.

Mercia looked over the expectant eyes of her crew, and at least 50 romulans. She licked her lips feeling like three drinks wasnt enough. She wished she'd had more, but already her speech was going to be a little less than clear. Her face reddened as she started. "For the last six months I have been Admiral Grayons liaison to the honored Prefect." she said offering a weak smile to the Romulan man. "When Captain Hawkins was attacked and I came to report on our findings of the investigation..." she paused and took a deep breath. "I apparently misunderstood a comment made."

Mercia resisted stating that the Prefect had been very direct in his comments, and there was no misunderstanding. She met the Romulans eyes and saw his smirking. He was enjoying this! Her face reddened even more and changed written speech. "There were implications made that raised suspicion, that perhaps a someone from the camp of our friends, the Romulans, had known about the attempted murder of a celebrated Starfleet Captain." she said her voice growing a little more bitter.

Her gaze passed over Consul Gratron who narrowed her eyes at her and looked ready to interrupt. "But apparently it was just my imagination." Mercia said quickly. "As such, to our friends and especially to you, Prefect, I apologize for openly stating my suspicions."

Genevive stepped back on the platform, with the Prefect by her side. "Commander Kavi." she said with a warning tone. The Commander speech was nothing like what had been discussed. "I must ensure you properly apologize." she said.

Mercia blinked, squaring her shoulders and gripping her fists, the damn woman was patronizing her, publicly! "Consul..." she stammered.

"Commander, this will be done properly. Now." Genevieve stated.

Mercia looked between her, the Romulan, then down at Hawkins and Grayson.

Hawkins and Grayson looked pained, but irritated, they would be of no help. Mercia gritted her teeth, humiliation washing over her. "Prefect." she said, "I apologize for insulting you." she said tightly.

Genevieve watched her a moment, considering how much further to push, but decided that enough was enough. This was embarrassing enough as it was. She raised her glass, "To mending broken bridges, and looking forward to brighter futures." she said raising her glass.

"I accept your apology, Commander." the Prefect commented towards Mercia, though included Genevieve in his glance.

The crowd raised a toast and Genevieve took over the hosting of the party, releasing the Commander to slink away.

Mercia stalked down to the bar and gripped the top, looking for another drink, trying to calm herself down.

"Well," David sighed as he raised his glass from the bar to Mercia, who honestly, did what was asked of her... more or less. He took a gulp of his drink. "Looks like this is going to be a long couple days."

She shot him a withering look, angry he didn't do more to keep her out of this mess. She stuck up for him, and he still put her through this. She was not going to let this go. She turned away from the Captain and went elsewhere looking for a drink, not wanting to be near him at the moment.

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