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Out of line

Posted on Mon Jan 14th, 2019 @ 7:39am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: Jarland

/// ON ///

Mercia stepped off the platform, her face red. The Prefect actually smirked at her as she gave her supposed heartfelt apology for accusing him of having something to do with the attempted murder of Captain Hawkins. She looked towards the diplomat who's face looked rather pinched with displeasure. The woman's icey eyes glared at her and then to Grayson.

Good, Grayson deserved the woman's wrath. Mercia did what she was told, but it was impossible for her to appear genuine, she was no longer that good of an actress. Last time a man ordered her to be genuine she was made to seduce then murder his target, she'd left that life behind and she wasn't about to revive those skills. Not when she had grown so much now! She didn't act for any one any more, not against her will at least.

She stalked right for one of the display tables and picked up a glass and downed it, feeling more and more humiliated and angry. Why didn't Grayson, or hell even David put a stop to this? She felt left out to dry, the scapegoat. She knew how to follow orders, but she sure as hell had a right to be angry about it.

It didn't help she noticed a new face in the crowd during her speech. Neville Jarland. Why didn't they warn her he was here? Again Grayson and Hawkins set her up. She gripped her glass a bit harder than she needed to and downed the contents of that one as well. She set the glass down and grabbed a 3rd to add to the two she had sipped on before her speech to help calm her frayed nerves. She was bound to end up nearly drunk here soon with 5 drinks in her in under an hour, but she didn't care. She would stick around a few more minuets then duck out of the event as fast as she could.

Sometimes it was a good thing she was dating a man from a race that found violence sexy. She could work out some of her rage and he could sooth her. She resisted gulping down the drink and moved away from the table, trying to slow her racing raging thoughts. If she could sneak to the exit and not be stopped all the better...

"I have to say..." the voice of Commander Neville was heard behind her. "...that was almost believable. It's been a long time coming hearing you speak in such a way. David truly did do well with you."

Mercia felt herself growing a little more numb with coldness as she heard a voice behind her. Andorians went cold and clear headed before they gave in to rage, Mercia just went cold and lost her senses. She turned on her heel and glared at the man with an icey growl. "Captain Hawkins to you. You're not on a first name basis." she hissed

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me Jerkland." she growled using the old mocking name for him.

"... Captain Hawkins..." he corrected himself irritated but respectfully. "As I was saying..."

Mercia raised her hand to stop him. "You know what? No. I don't want to hear it. Just hearing your voice makes my skin crawl. You got away with it, and I wish I'd have fought harder to ensure you got put away, but no you had to go crawling back to your Admiral Uncle so he could wash your record clean." she rolled her eyes. "People like you are why people like me have to grovel at the romulans feet like I just had to. You disgust me." she growled.

"I have no idea what you are talking about, Mercia. You may want to ease up on those drinks," Jarland leaned in ever so slightly in a consoling way, knowing all to well how irritated she was.

He moved too close. Close enough to make Mercia snap. Before she could stop herself, with her increasing drunkenness she reached back and punched him square in the jaw, dropping him to the floor. It felt good to do that to the dirt bag again. She laughed and poured what was left her drink over the top of him. "Try to order me again Jerkland and there is more where that came from." she said with a haunting empty laugh.

"What in the same hell?!?!?!" John called out as he quickly sprinted over to the two from the bar. He grabbed the commander, who shoved himself free and shook his hand at Hayter in an silent way of giving him a minute. The colonel looked over a Kavi and gave her a questionable look. "Did he do something to cause you to defend yourself?"

"No he didn't," David said as the Captain walked up to the group as the crowd around them silenced. The same questionable look was now on the commanding officer's face as he looked at Mercia up and down. There were to many things going on and he knew that this was a large pill to swallow as he mentally scratched his head trying to figure out what was going on. He looked over at the Admiralty and then back at at the two commanders. "Commander Kavi, you want to explain your actions?"

Mercia looked at David, her anger surfacing again, she was unable to stop herself. "I told you this was a bad idea. But no, you all had to make me the scapegoat for whatever stupidity the Rommies cooked up in their head. I've worked hard for you and you all throw me to the wovl..."

"That is enough..." David raised a hand to silence his Executive Officer. "You are drunk and need to meditate on this. Colonel Hayter, place the commander under arrest and have security escort her to the base's drunk tank for tonight. If Commander Jarland chooses to press charges, she will be transferred to base Security's Jurisdiction for processing."

"Oh I am pressing charges alright." Neville growled as he worked his jaw and glared at the woman. It was about time she learned her lesson and he wasn't going to back down this time.

Genevieve and Grayson rushed over with Admiral Jarland seeing the altercation. "What is the meaning of this?! Captain Hawkins! I demand an answer!" she turned her accusing eyes to the Captain as the Marine hauled a sputtering Commander Kavi away from the cluster and to Lt. Treadagar to be taken to base Security.

"Once I have a clear cut answer, leadership will get the proper debriefing," David answered as he watched his XO walking away. He took in a deep breath as he tried to figure out a way out of this, but in the end, he may have a major issue.

The Diplomat scoffed, "What kind of circus are you running here Captain?" she demanded. "That is unacceptable, and that child is not fit to hold the position she carries, and I'm having doubts about you as well." she said her voice cold as her eyes raked over Captain Hawkins.

"Ma'am, I know you have an issue with how things are running and my people. But I'd like to remind you that your own attitude is unbecoming of a Diplomat and more like a child in a tantrum. A good diplomat is quick to listen, and slow to insults. A diplomat keeps his or her personal opinions to themselves and focus's on a neutral resolution. You may have an issue with us, but you are acting no better than Commander Kavi herself. Either work with us to resolve the issue, or leave. Anything else would be a waste of all of our times," Captain Hawkins counter already irritated but kept his calm. He nodded at the leadership, before walking up to Jarland. "Let's go get ya checked out, Commander. She sure as hell decked you good."



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