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Systems Check

Posted on Mon Feb 18th, 2019 @ 12:41pm by David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Lieutenant JG Laural Mackenzie & Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Tayla d'Jax [Kavi]

Mission: Jarland
Location: Observation Lounge - U.S.S. Gladiator - A
Timeline: 1 Hour till Gladiator's Launch

/// ON ///

Taking a deep breath, Captain David Hawkins stood at the view port of the new U.S.S. Liberty, which was now renamed the U.S.S. Gladiator. It was good to finally feel as though things were finally getting back to normal. But that was short lived as the news of Commander Kavi and Commander Jarland. Though he didn't fully agree, his hands were tied and now it had made it that much more complicated. Still, they had to get back on track as they had to move on with their mission.

A worker bee buzzed by the view port and brought his focus from his deep thoughts to now the view of the interior of Deep Space 5. The new sovereign class starship was in the belly of the massive starbase. With the final checks given the green light from his chief engineer, he knew that they had no reason to delay the mission at hand. So they had to act as though things were going to stay the same, in some way.

David looked over his shoulder as he heard the doors to the lounge slid open and walked in Commander Jarland, in which he had planned on seeing at the meeting. He had grown in maturity, but still had that annoying tick about him. Still it didn't matter has David only cared about things getting back to normal, and that meant Mercia on his bridge, and not Jarland.

"Good morning, Commander. Did you get settled into your guest quarters, ok?" David asked as he turned to face him more face to face.

The commander held himself high as he answered. "I would have thought the new ship would offer larger quarters for guest quarters by now, but it will suffice for now."

"Well, you are not in a VIP suite. Those are for higher ranked officers and diplomats," the captain countered as he shook his head trying to understand the man just a little more. The only reason is that he would be working along side him during the shake down cruise of the Gladiator and her systems.

"I make a note in my report on that, Captain," Commander Jarland remarked as he looked down at a tablet in his hands to take notes on.

"You do that..." David muttered as he watched others start to come in after the annoying commander.

The doors to the observation lounge swished open after a moment of silence, and in walked the twin forms of Mel Torma. Fur brushed, uniform pressed, PaDD in hand, she was the very definition of 'bright eyed, bushy tailed'.

It helped that she actually had tails.

"Good morning everyone." one said cheerfully. "I mean, I think it's morning." her other form checked something on the PaDD in her grasp, and then the pair nodded. "Morning."

Then she noticed Jarland. A new face in the roster, as it were. "Oh, my apologies. I should be a little..." and she stopped talking. Just boom, done.

Her twin picked up the conversation almost instantly, "... more courteous to the new faces." and the pair snapped to attention, "Lieutenant Mel Torma, Science division. Pleased to meet you sir."

Theo had to adjust his collar as he entered the lounge. Events like this always felt too stuffy for him. He didn't recognize or acknowledge most of the people in the room. He did however give a smile to the Dalacari as he walked by. Approaching Captain Hawkins, he stood at attention. "Good morning Captain, Lt. Treadagar reporting for official duty.."

"Again, at ease, Lieutenant, before you break something," David shook his head as he smirked slightly as he offered the man a seat at the table. "We should talk later to discuss your new position on Gladiator."

Jarland arched his brows at the display. He wondered if these officers were always like this or if they were trying to impress him. He jotted a couple notes on his padd and stepped back to watch wondering where the temporary XO, Zeti, was. She should be on the bridge for the launch, was she late or was she struggling to let go of her engineering duties?

Xander approached the lounge, juggling a cup of coffee in one hand and a PADD in the other. He walked passed a chrome plated bulkhead and glanced quickly at his reflection. The bags under his eyes were the result of three straight nights of insomnia. He stopped and turned on his heel, taking a longer look at himself. He groaned slightly, before sipping the steaming beverage he held in his left hand. Once he psyched himself up, he headed towards the Lounge. Walking in, he saw the Captain stood at the view port, which wasn't uncommon for the Senior staff meetings. "Morning guys." Xander yawned, addressing his colleagues.

For his efforts, Theo received a nod and a pair of smiles from Mel. "Morning Theo." the pair said in unison, now relaxed a touch as more and more familiar faces began to pour in. As Xander walked in, the pair returned his greeting with a smile of their own. So many familiar faces in such a familiar place, it was a nice feeling.

Laural quietly walked into the lounge and stood off to one side, she was too engrossed in her Intelligence reports to worry about greetings. She was told she had to be here and that’s what she’d do.

Karbainov snuck in and sat down, glaring at everyone.

Zeti was in next, she'd taken a little extra time to make sure her hair looked good and that her uniform was perfect. Her boots where nice and shiny and the red of her undershirt stood out as it was no longer yellow. She had a nice cup of coffee and took the XO's seat. She didn't like how she'd gotten here, but it was her duty to make sure the ship ran like it was supposed to.

After seeing that everyone he had expected to arrive, the Captain straightened his uniform and stepped up to the conference table. In the distant, Jarland stood as well opposite of the table. "You can take a seat as well, Commander, and don't make me order you to sit."

Jarland huffed slightly as he pondered before sitting down at the other end away from them. David sighed before looking around the table. "I first want to welcome you all to our new home away from home. Shes is state-of-the-art and best technology of the fleet. Even though the Sovereign class design is several decades old, but its not the design that we are worried about. All of you are held accountable to do your best in your specialized career field," He paused as he tapped a couple codes. "Asyou all know, we have Commander Kavi has been relieved of her duties for the time being. Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti has been forced to the position of Acting First Officer, and Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich as acting 2nd Officer. He is a well rounded officer and skilled marine. He will be be a fine addition to the command staff. Commander Halan, Major Gennadiyevich, do you two have anything you two would like to say in front of the senior staff."

"I know that the reason why I'm in this position is not one any of us like. Mercia was a damn good XO and I'm sure she will be again," Zeti said, she avoided shooting a glare at the man that was in the briefing with them. "We still have a mission and need to stay focused. We'll work hard and make sure we keep Kavi's chair warm for her when she gets back."

The Marine shrugged "Nothing except I will try to restrain myself from too many drills on Gamma Shift..." he said with a glare at David.

"Alright, Zeti, please lay out the mission ahead of use with our shake down cruise and escort duties," David offered as he sat down in his chair.

Zeti leaned forward and hit a couple of commands on the control panel in front of her and a holo of the Romulan freighter Sondumo appeared on the screen. It was an older ship, had more of a blockey design but from what Zeti could tell it was a sturdy ship. "This is the Sondumo, she's a Romulan freighter currently loaded with farming and construction equipment along with medical supplies and will be leaving Memphis Island in twelve hours for Kalisus 4."

The holo changed to a map of their local space and the route they were taking came up on screen. There were a couple of areas of the route that showed up in red, their route was passing right through them.

"The Sondumo only has a cruise speed of warp six and a maximum warp of eight point two, so this trip is going to take us a little longer then it would if we weren't escorting her but she has a lot more cargo space than we do. It's what makes her such a ripe target and we're going to be traveling through a couple of known hot spots. Pirates and raiders, but nothing that we can't handle with the Gladiator. Still, we'll want to be ready. Once the supplies are off loaded, we'll bring the freighter back here."

“May I ask, why are we escorting the Sondumo and not a Romulan vessel?” Laural asked

Mel looked a little confused, "I thought the Sondumo was a Romulan vessel." the pair took another look at the cargo vessel. She didn't like the fact that some of their trip was in the red.

"Sending a probe ahead of us would tip them off that we're approaching but could also give us some..."

"... advance notice of a potential ambush. I presume altering the flight plan to avoid these hot spots is out..."

"... of the question?" the Dalacari asked.

"If the Captain does not object I think I can answer some of these questions. " the Major started with a look to David. Marines were normally seen and not heard during briefings, but his time in the fringe of the Federation could prove useful here.

"The way the Romulan fleet operates is significantly different than Starfleet. Where we are a very cooperative organization and share resources the Empire and its Fleet leaders keep the resources close at hand in a constant struggle for dominance over other factions. They now have to ask for our assistance more often with assignments like this due to the lack of resources and the political fallout from potentially losing a valuable ship, even for just a time, to a mission such as this."

"I agree scouting ahead is a good idea, but a probe is not enough. These red areas show just known areas of operation, they may be even larger than this so a course alteration may not be effective or, lead us into a stronghold. I would recommend an aggressive reconnaissance by fighters and shuttles to get a lay of the land, while the Security, Intelligence and Marine departments get together and put together a firm security plan and threats analysis."

Zeti pipped up at this point, "The Sondumo is a Romulan freighter. While that is a damn fine plan, this isn't a Starfleet mission. We aren't being given autonomous control and sending those kinds of ships ahead would slow us down significantly. The colony also needs those medical supplies as soon as possible. We could attempt to pull in the USS Infinitum off of it's current patrol and send her ahead. She's a defiant class ship, but that might alert the pirates that something worth plundering is following behind."

"The lower our profile, the better. We're already going to have a target painted on us so..."

"... we'll just have to keep on our toes." Mel conceded, though she didn't sound defeated. Zeti just brought up a better series of points. "What's the expected duration..."

"... of the transport?"

"It will take us about six days to reach our destination with the multiple course corrections we will be taking going there. But once there, the Sondumo will be heading deeper into Romulan territory while we head back to Memphis Island," David answered as he rubbed his stub on his face.

"I'll keep an eye on the DNA patterns of the crew." Xander chimed in. "I don't want a repeat of what happened a few months ago." He referred to the impersonation of the Captain, as he looked in his direction. "I appreciate this is probably a harmless Romulan mission, but still, I want to be 100% sure the crew is who they say they are. I've been experimenting with modifications to the internal scanners to alert me when they do not recognize a DNA pattern from any member of the crew. Captain, are you happy I bring them online?"

"After the attempt to my life by that impersonator, I would have to agree with you on having those online, but keep with Engineering to make sure it doesn't effect the ships system. You break my new ship," David nodded as he joked quickly.

"You think Commander Zeti will let me ruin the ship?" He laughed, shooting a smile in her direction. "I know she's Acting First Officer, but I highly doubt she'll loosen the reigns on ship modifications." Xander smirked. "No offence Commander, but I've worked with you long enough to know my place!"

“I’m sorry Captain but I still don’t understand why we are doing this. I understand the colony needs these resources, but why are we assisting the remnants of the Romulan Empire? Isn’t the Romulan Republic the recognized seat of government?” Laural asked, a little concerned about what effect such a mission might have on the delicate systems of alliances that currently existed between the three major powers of the Alpha and Beta quadrants.

Noticing Jarland at the end of the table, he cleared his throught and went to sit up, but was cut off.

"Sorry, yes, you are correct when it comes to the Romulan Republic. But they are also the ones that requested for assistance from us after we offered and our assistance from time to time. The Romulan Republic do not have a ship for escort for another week. With the previous supply runs having issues with pirates, they are low on even the basic essentials. Plus, not a lot of people want to mess around with a Sovereign class starship," the captain explained as he shrugged. "We have been ordered and we are to make it happen."

Laural nodded, satisfied with his answer. Although her mother had been exiled from her people when the Empire was still a political power, Laural was never taught to hate or hide her heritage. In a small way, she felt happy to be helping her mothers people create a new way of life.

"I think within the mission constraints of speed that not reconing ahead is acceptable, however I would recommend a high alert status for the fighters, they could be a powerful force multiplier when it comes to the Pirates favorite tactic, which is false distress calls luring the escorting ship away..." Karbainov said. "I have some contacts in the area that may be able to help, I will make contact with them." It had been ages since he had talked to some of them but, he wasn't someone you forgot quickly.

Zeti got this little smirk on her face, as she looked at the marine. "I agree, keeping the fighters and pilots on alert would be wise. Not only do they attempt fake distress calls, if they are brazen enough to attack they'll try and divide us from the cargo with hit and run style attacks."

"Best I prepare for mass casualties then, huh?" Xander rolled his eyes. Although he was a qualified bridge officer and understood the necessity for tactical planning, Xander was a Doctor first, and the preservation of life was his main priority. He turned to Hawkins. "Captain, permission to have Cargo Bay 2 as a fallout sickbay, should we need it?" before sipping his coffee. He then raised his finger in the air as another thought crossed his mind. "Oh... that will mean I'd need all emergency medics on standby too. Just in case."

"Are you ser..." Jarland spoke up in surpise but David quickly cut him off.

"... I wouldn't go as far as saying massive cassualties, but if Zeti can find space to move cargo from Cargo Bay 2 either out of the way, or into another Cargo Bay for the space, I'll approve the fallout plan. As far as your department goes, you run your department as you see fit. But when it comes to additional duty medics, make sure that you chat with the other department heads before you start pulling people," David responded as he nodded to the good doctor before noticing the nasty hateful look from Jarland on the other end of the table.

"HEY!" Jarland snapped as he leaned forward in his chair. This caused everyone to look at him. Some in surprise, others in questionable looks. "A marine 2nd XO it out of ..."

"...your hands." David finished his words.

Xander shot the Captain an annoyed look. He and David had a great relationship, both professionally and personally which he treasured and disliked those that would come between any part of that. He hadn't really had the time to get to know Commander Jarland but could feel the hostility emanating from him like fire. Bori had a slightly dark sense of humour, but he always tried to keep morale high and try to see the funny side of situations. He then looked over at Commander Jarland. Xander felt comfortable at challenging senior officers, whilst still being respectful. Something that earnt his good reputation within Starfleet - despite the affair scandal with his former Captain. He cleared his throat and leant forward on his chair, leaning his elbows on the table. "I'm sorry Commander Jarland. Is there an issue with how I run my sickbay? I may have been slightly over reacting.. But if you experienced half of what this crew has in the past year, you would be planning for every eventuality."

Neville sat back in his chair his brows furrowed. "I might, but we will see later Doctor." He said. He looked back at Captain Hawkins, he couldn't wait for this to be over. Things in this sector would change. Neville might even manage his own command out of it too. He cleared his throat and looked around the table, "Since I have the floor right now I might as well explain my presence, since Captain Hawkins did not start that at the beginning in the meeting." he said as evenly as he could, but it was hard to hide the contempt.

Zeti narrowed her eyes at the man, he was going to be an issue and she'd have to stand up to him. She'd have to get in his face at some point, he was going to try to override her and she knew she was going to stand her ground. She just hoped the rest of the crew would have her back when the time came.

The Marine rubbed his temples he had heard the coming speech so many times over the years. This man was so predictable and arrogant it was painful. He shot Zeti and David a glance and then watched the room to see the other officer's reactions.

The tension in the room was so thick that even Percival could feel it. It was manifesting in physical tension for him, and his shoulders were complaining visciously. He however was laying out an emergency sickbay plan for the cargobays dimensions to offer to Xander. It was helpful for him to listen while his fingers were busy on his PADD. Maybe once that was done he could go to the holodeck and get a massage.

Xander could feel his buddy tensing up next to him, which actually was how he himself felt. He had dealings with several obnoxious Starfleet Officers in his career, but this guy was definitely one of the top 5. He looked out of the corner of his eye down to Percival's PADD and saw he was already drawing up the emergency plans. That's why they worked so well together. Having a moment of being unprofessional and slightly childish, Xander typed a message into his own PADD and sneakily showed it to Percival. 'WHAT A D**K' displayed on the screen as Xander smirked towards his deputy.

"Actually," David's voice rang over the Commander across the table from him. "You do not have the floor as it requires my permission to do so." He treated the man like a new puppy as he pointed down in the same sign of demanding a puppy to submit, to sit and wait for his next instructions. "As for the rest of you, the good commander is here to investigate the inner workings of the crew, but has no legal authority over anyone in this room. He has been clearly briefed and we will have a sit down chat later of further access to the ship, in which are outside of the minimum required areas he has to report. But for now, he is to be investigating all departments on their ability to confirm to Starfeet standards. As long as those are met, there are no additional information, whether it be personal or professional, that will effect the outcome. If there are no additional questions for me, or for Commander Zeti, you are all dismissed."

Mel took that moment to clear her throats to speak up. "The only thing I have to add is a suggestion for Medical. If extra space is required, why not requisition the Holodecks..."

"... for the time being. Even deactivated, they're perfectly flat rooms with controlled access, force field projectors and..."

"... a single reinforced entrance and exit. Active, and you can command the Holodeck to provide additional..."

"... Medical room equipment and resting areas."

"She has a point," David nodded as he continued.

"And with the Gladiator's Holo projectors throughout the ship..." Neville jumped in from the other end of the table, with a slightly irritated but respectful approval of the suggestion. "... you could use holocrew to backfill any nurse positions and other additional hands unless the power systems drop."

David looked at the commander and took a deep breath before nodding in agreement. "I am fine with this suggestion. What about you, doctors?"

"I love Mel's idea Captain." Xander glanced over at Percival for his approval and then smiled over in Mel's direction. "However, I'm a bit old fashioned when it comes to using EMH's." He shot a stale look over at Commander Jarland. Xander could sense Jarland's emotions and motives, which probably explained his instant disliking of the man. Xander always learnt to trust his Betazoid half, as it had never let him down before. "Besides, if we are in trauma mode in Sickbay, chances are the Ship will be at reduced power." Xander thought for a moment. " If it's okay with you sir," turning his attention back to Hawkins, "We'll go with the Holodeck idea for trauma mode - but I'd like to request we use emergency medics when the time comes. REAL Emergency Medics." Xander reiterated, giving Jarland an ice cold glare.

Neville caught the medicals officers icey glare. He was mildly taken aback by it, but he measured the look with his own steely eyes before he jotted down a few notes on his pad and turned his attention back to Hawkins.

"As far as I see it, it's your department Xander. You know it better than the rest of us and if you want flesh and blood medics, you can have them. The rest of you make sure your department heads know they may lose people to medical and that they need to have plans in place if and when that happens," Zeti said to the room. "Any other items?"

Laural sat back in her chair, she wasn’t happy that her department was being ‘investigated’, but for now she didn’t have any grounds to prevent it. “How long will this investigation take?”

"He is permitted to investigate during our shack down cruise mission. If he feels that he needs more time after that, he may request additional time with his leadership if he holds a legitimate reason to do so," David admitted as he looked around the table. "Are there any other questions?"

Mel just seemed pleased that her suggestion was so well received. It was hard for a Dalacari to hide their feelings, since it involved holding back on two faces. At the question of more questions, Mel simply shook her heads in the negative.

Xander had several more questions, especially about Commander Jarland and his less than charming personality, but he held them back for another time. He made a mental note to see the Captain on his own once the ship had set off. "Nothing from me, sir." he chipped, whilst shaking his head slightly.

"Then you are all dismissed. Report to your stations and prepare to get under way. It's time this bird breaks out of this cage," David muttered as he stood up and grabbed his padd. "Commander Neville's, please join us on the bridge. Afterwards, you, me and Commander Zeti can go over your prebriefing on your investigations."

/// OFF ///

Captain David Hawkins
Commanding Officer
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StarFleet Command


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Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D
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Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
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