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Flashback- Age 7

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Mission: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship!

“Then... th... they came... to a....”

But, here, Ash was stuck. She couldn't figure out the next word.

“Sound it out, sweetie,” said the tutor- Miss Angeles- who was working with her.


“No, what is this letter?”

“A 'd,' right?”

“No, sweetie.”

Then there was only one thing it COULD be. “A 'b'!” she said.

“Good. Now try again.”

“Br... ib...”

“What's this letter?”

By the way Miss Angeles asked, Ash decided that that letter was NOT a b, like she had suspected. “D?”

“Okay, now try it again.”

“Bri-d... bridge!”


This earned Ash a hug.

“Okay, now try the whole sentence again,” instructed Miss Angeles.

“Then... they... came... to a... bridge!”

“Very good!” Another hug. “See, you can do it! You just have to try!”

“It's not this hard for the other kids.”

The 7-year-old Ash looked up at the tutor, eyes pleading. She wanted to know WHY it was so hard for her. Nobody ever had an answers. A few of the adults- who were cruel and couldn't be bothered to understand a child- thought she just wasn't paying attention in class and wasn't practicing at home. Others had decided that she couldn't learn and her education should be abandoned. But, a few- like the tutor who was currently helping her- knew she could do it if she put her mind to it.

“I know, sweetie,” said Miss Angeles, patting Ash's hair. “I don't know why. Sometimes, some people just have a bit of trouble. Tell you what, though: How about tomorrow, instead of sitting in here, we take the book outside and sit under a nice tree and have some lemonade?”

Ash broke into a grin and nodded.

“Okay,” said Miss Angeles. “Then why don't you go join the rest of the children on the playground?”

Without another word, Ash hopped off the chair and vacated the stuffy room and ran through the school to the playground, immediately looking around for her cousin.

“Hey, your highness,” came a mocking voice from behind her.

“Don't call me that!” shouted Ash, whirling on the same group of bullies who constantly picked on her for her inability to read.

“Why not?” asked Jayben, the lead bully. “It's what you are, isn't it?”

Ash only gave him her best angry look.

“Still can't read, can you?” he demanded. “It's because you're stupid. You'll never be able to read, so you should just stop trying. It's lucky you're a princess because otherwise, you'd be headed for the poor houses. I expect the rest of us will be expected to support you when you can't- hey!”

Ash had just launched herself at him. She tackled him to the ground and started punching him. She could hear the shouts of other kids on the playground, but ignored them. None of Jayben's buddies wanted to touch her; not only was she a girl, she was also royalty. They couldn't hit a princess.

All at once, Ash felt strong arms lift her from off Jayben and set her on her feet. The hands lay on her shoulders for half a beat, conveying an authority that said if she dared to move, she would be in great trouble.

Tears in her eyes, Ash looked up to see Savok, the Vulcan who taught the children to control their emotions, standing over her. He gave her a passive, yet stern look and turned to pick Jayben off the ground. After looking the young boy over carefully, he said, “go to the office and get cleaned up.” His tone clearly indicated that he did not believe the boy was entirely innocent.

As Jayben limped off the playground, followed by his friends, Savok turned to Ash, who stood defiantly. “Come with me, princess,” he said.

He led her to an empty classroom and indicated that she sit in the chair next to the teacher's desk. He took the teachers chair and fixed her with a steady gaze. “Miss Coi,” he said. “It is imperative that you learn to control your emotions.”

Ash bowed her head and said nothing.

“What happened?”

“He was making fun of me because I can't read,” said Ash, close to tears.

“And you thought that punching him would make you able to read?”

Ash blinked. Now he said it, it DID seem rather silly.

“I am going to show you something,” he said, and stood to face the white board. He took up one of the markers and began writing words on the board. “Can you read this?”

Ash sniffed and wiped tears from her cheeks. She shook her head.

“I will teach you a trick that will help you read,” he said. “But, you must work hard.”

~Present Day~

Ash smiled to herself, remembering that day as she lead the Durrighash through the corridors. If it hadn't been for Savok's realization that she was Dyslexic, she would probably be back on Yegorah, cleaning bathrooms or mopping floors right now. But, with his help over the course of two months, she learned how to read and went from the bottom of her class to the top.

“Over here,” she told Samuel. “You missed this one.”

The smallest Durrighash happily spit on the plant in question and jumped up and down gleefully as it shriveled. “That NEVER gets old!” he exclaimed.


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