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A new business man

Posted on Thu Feb 7th, 2019 @ 9:28pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: Jarland

The lobby of the Starfleet command building on Memphis Island was quiet, there hadn't been a lot of activity since the diplomatic conference with the Romulans where Mercia Kavi punched a fellow officer. It had been talk of the base for a while, but that seemed to be dying down. Her ship, the Gladiator, was on it's way to deliver supplies with a Romulan freighter while she stayed here and cooled her heals. After what she'd been through it made since that she snapped, being accused of punching a Prefect when one was innocent was not an easy thing.

A dark blonde man, with nicely styled hair, bright blue eyes and a well kept blond beard walked into the lobby. He was dressed in a navy pinstripe three piece suit. The suit coat had three buttons, only two of them buttoned. Under it he had a white shirt with a blue tie that matched the suit and a pair of shiny, nice shoes. He took a moment to look around the whole place before he walked up to the directory and punched in who he was looking for, before heading for the lift.

A short ride up and he found himself in front of Admiral Grayson's office. After making sure everything was in order with his suit, he rung the chime and waited for an answer.

Charles glanced up from his desk, and shuffled a few bits of paper away, he glanced at his calendar and frowned, he didn't have any appointments for several hours. Curious he flipped on the viewer and grew even more curious. He tapped his door control and looked up as they swept open. "To what do I owe the pleasure?" he asked standing up.

The man shot the Admiral a smile as he strolled into the office, he took a look around the room before he offered his hand, "I just wanted to meet the man in charge of this sector of space and talk."

Charles took his hand, "Aden Phyr." he stated, wanting to be sure the other man knew he was in the know. He also had a fast system with facial recognition. "Are you certain you're not more interested in meeting the civilian government?" he asked arching his brows.

"Not at the moment," Aden replied, waving one of his hands. "Maybe later. For now I'm here to talk to you about two things. Well, one thing and a person."

Charles sat down and motioned to the chair across from his desk. "I'm intrigued. With all the recent events happening on Memphis Island I could use something positively interesting." he chuckled. "A thing and a person, which would you like to start with?"

"This will be interesting," Aden chuckled softly. "I've gotten word through some of my contacts that this little quiet backwater outpost is going to start seeing a lot more traffic. The Romulan senate is about to ease restrictions on cargo coming in and going out of Romulan space. For someone like me, that means a lot of opportunity. There are two islands I'm interested in using. The first would be a warehouse, storage and a lot of shuttles in and out. The second would be a compound for my PMC with a docking facility in orbit. Running security for convoys will be lucrative. It also means having an extra combat presence on the planet, most of my people are former Starfleet, I do have some KDF boys too. The civilians will sign off, but that's not who I'm asking first. I'm not setting up in your backyard without you knowing about it. Take a look at my record, I'll send you the profile of the people I plan on putting in place so you know who's going to be here."

Charles was a little stunned as he listened. His mind started to examine the avenues of this venture. He had no authority to summarily dismiss this sort of venture as it was technically civilian, and he would have to get the approval of the Civilian government for this. If Charles didn't like it however, his voice carried weight with the civilian government.

He suspected that part of the ploy of making Mercia grovel to the Prefect for her slight offence was a power move, adding in the additional cargo lanes, which Charles knew a little about. The Romulans wanted to solidify themselves even more so here. Tip the power from the slightly-in-favor-of-starfleet balance that had been made to one where Starfleet was the one who had to watch their backs or else loose this planet. Having a private military group close by, run by a former Starfleet man, and a business man with a good reputation was favorable to Starfleets position.

Charles folded his hands on the desk, curious about his plans. "There are a lot of political movements happening on Memphis Island right now Mr. Phyr. Would you be also having this same conversation with the Romulans?" he asked.

"Take a look at my file, the twenty years I did in Starfleet and what I've been doing since I got out of the fleet," Aden said with a shrug. "That'll answer that question. You'll even have access to what I did during the Dominion war, it's an interesting read. I'll be on the Island for a while, my wife wanted a vacation and this seems like a good spot for both business and pleasure."

This made the Admiral chuckle as he tapped a few buttons his screen pulling up his wifes file. "I hear that a lot here." He paused. His wife was a former starfleet diplomat who still held her diplomat status although she was retired. "Oh." he said. This man had aces up his sleeve. He looked over Phyr and watched him, he seemed unbothered by Charles scrutiny. Finally he nodded, "You were wise to speak with me before opening your doors on this planet Mr. Phyr. If you get Civilian government approval I will be keenly interested in knowing more. Obviously I will want to have contact with your PMC, to ensure they are not crossing the wrong paths and causing more diplomatic incidences here. We've had more than our fair share recently." he grunted. Genevive was still working on putting the hit spots of that fire to rest. He was momentarily distracted by the thought of that infuriating woman.

He shook himself out of it, "You mentioned a person?"

"You will have the XO, the CO and my personal contact information if something goes wrong but my people will behave themselves," Aden said with a nod. "You'll also find that they're a good group to have close by. As far as the person... I walk a certain line and could have ended up as one of your refit projects. I want to talk about Kavi, maybe there's something I can do to help."

Charles felt himself bristle at the mention of Kavi. He instantly cursed the media who was having a field day with this, tearing apart Mercia's life and behaviors. He would have rather kept her arrest and exam under classified wraps. Trouble was the event it all happened at was too public. He did his best to keep his reaction to himself but his eyes chilled considerably. "Unless you have access to illegal time changing technology so I could have intervened on her behavior I'm not sure there is much you can do to help her." he said his voice taking on a bit of a growl, his protectiveness coming out. He was wrestling with the fact he still saw Mercia as the nearest thing to a daughter he had.

"I do have one of the best PR firms in known space on retainer," Aden said with a soft chuckle. "But no, that's not quite what I mean. She's a good officer, has done a fine job for the Gladiator but went through some hell recently. I know a think or two about that and thought I could help."

Charles resisted looking at the mans file just now. He had it up, but honestly it was better to verify it after he told his story. "Hell doesn't begin to describe it." he said. "Why don't you tell me how you define hell and how you think that can help my officer." he said gruffly.

"I lost my fiance to the Cardassians, spent a good portion of the war with a company that didn't wear rank and made a whole lot of people pay," Aden arched one of his brows. "Then I got captures, spent six months as a guest of the Jem'Hadar. I still have nightmares. I've been to hell and made it back."

Charles swallowed, he heard rumors during the war about such a group. One of his boys he had high hopes for disappeared for a long while, the Admiral kept tabs on his people, at least he tried to. The boys intelligence and fearlessness made him a prime mark for that sort of group, now here was a man confirming what he suspected. His steady eyes made Charles believe every word of it. He was curious even more, just how much did this man know? Did he know about COIL and how they kidnapped her and used her until she was a shriveled husk of a person? He'd never forget how he saw Kavi when she was returned to Memphis Island. He'd seen war and he'd seen illness, but seeing that girl in that condition was shocking.

"How do you think you can help her? She has counselors that have dealt with trauma she'd been dealing with from her childhood." he said keeping his references to public record.

"I have connections, groups that have helped many people of all kinds shed their pasts and move forward. It'll take time, but she's going to need time," Aden took a deep breath. "I can help her, keep her away from the spotlight for a little while. Even teach her a few new things."

The Admiral eyed him, "She's still a starfleet officer Mr. Phyr." he said. "She's not been dismissed from service, and I'm not certain I can make a case for keeping her out of custody. That's step one." He stood up and moved to the replicator and ordered coffee, he offered the man in the suit one as well.

As he returned, he sat down across from him again. "I feel like you're being vague. If I'm going to let you offer her anything I need to know more. If I like what you have to say and we can solve the first problem, I can help you convince her, if I feel it is in her best interest, of course. If she set her mind against it, it will be hard to convince her, I doubt you've ever met a more stubborn, bull headed woman." He almost smiled with a little pride. Her stubbornness is what got her this far, but it was as much a weakness as it was a strength.

Aden couldn't help the laugh that escaped his throat, before he shook his head at the Admiral, "My wife and my mother are full blood Jewish women, I used to date a full blood Italian woman. I promise you I could write the book on stubborn bull headed women. I'm retired but that doesn't mean I've forgotten my oath or that I'm any less a Starfleet officer than you or her. I'm here because I can help her, I pulled more than one career off the scrap pile and got those officers back on track. Take your time, look into what I have done. There's even a couple of officers that work for you that you can ask."

"Is that a fact?" he asked. "You still haven't told me how. You going to take her away make her a private military agent?" Charles said as he tapped his finger on his mug. "You got kids Phyr?" he asked. "Imagine you have a kid who always seeks the most difficult path in life and resents everything you do. You offer them the world and they can't figure out what to do with the gift." he sipped the coffee wishing it was stronger.

"The gift coupled with their ignorance or stubbornness... maybe both... caused them to nearly destroy themselves." He raised his eyes to look at Phyr. "And here comes some suave wealthy man offering salvation, but isn't giving you details. What do you do?" he asked him.

"Take the bloody deal mate," Aden said with a smirk. "I'm not trying to sell you on anything, I have cards I could play to make this happen without you even breathing a word one way or another. I made a lot of friends over my Starfleet career. You want details, they're in my file. You can also talk to Captain Jirin Kirrox. He served with me on the Israel." There was a pause as he shook his head. "And yeah, I have kids. I know what you mean."

Charles chewed his lip for a few moments. "Alright, I'll look in to it." he said. "If I like what I see I'll arrange you talking to Mercia." he said. "If I can get her out of this current mess, she's going to need a chance.... purpose." he commented. He curiosity was deep, and there was something about the man he liked. The truth was he was right. He didn't need Charles to get to Mercia if he wanted. Hell he didn't even need Charles to authorize the business deals he was setting up. He was here out of respect. Charles liked that. "Give me the day." he stated knowing that the few other things he needed to handle today wouldn't take much longer, or would get shuffled till tomorrow.

"I'm here for the next two weeks. Take two days, make sure you really get to know me," Aden replied with a nod. "We are renting a bungalow on the east shore, it's a nice little place that's quiet. I can give her a purpose, help her recover... I can also help her understand how the woman she was, the one she is and the one she needs to become will come together. You're doing a good thing Admiral, not many people want to help the people you do. You ever need that PR firm, give me a call."

"You just have all the answers don't you?" Charles retorted though with a bit of humor in his eyes. "I appreciate your willingness to help. Not many people in the universe have that mind set." He nodded, "Is there anything else you'd like to discuss?" he asked curiously.

"No, I think we've covered it," Aden chuckled softly. "I'll leave you to your work Admiral."

~ Fin

Admiral Charles Grayson
By - Mercia Kavi

Aden Phyr
By - Helen Zeti


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