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Coloring In-between the Lines

Posted on Tue May 7th, 2019 @ 11:14am by David Hawkins & Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D

Mission: Jarland
Location: Bridge - U.S.S. Gladiator - A

/// ON ///

Bridge - U.S.S. Gladiator - A

On the bridge of the sovereign class starship, the bridge crew saw the darkness of deep space out of the massive view port. The holographic display over the view port flashed on the border of the layout over the view port information of operating systems and general statuses of the ship while leaving the center open. The bridge was filled with personal working and sounds of consoles with slight sounds of buttons being pressed as they all kept to their work to make sure things ran smoothly.

"Sir, I was was able to confirm that the ship is leaking plasma and is for sure dead in space," the hesitant Ops officer called out to the man in charge. He looked over his shoulder to the marine officer sitting in the command chair. "Orders sir?"

"Yellow alert, bring fighters to ready to launch and inform Command. Let's get a good sensor scan of the ship and inform sickbay they may be getting casualties. " Karbainov said confidently, looking at the stricken ship.

"Continue on intercept course with best possible speed. Any response to hails?"

”No, sir,” the ops officer stated as he allowed his fingers fly across his console looking for answers.

”Oh sir, we are being pinged...” the female security officer called out. ”... Something's out there.”

"Red alert but do not power weapons. Shunt that energy into shields and engines." The Russian said calmly. He knew that he didn't know what was going on yet and to assume the situation was hostile would set them back if it was a first contact situation. 90% of which started with a misunderstanding....

”Helm is starting to act glitchy!" The bolain helm officer called out in an irritated state before slamming his fists on the console. ”Engineering should have fixed this by now!”

"Helm you are doing good, just keep us pointed at the ship in distress and we will be fine." Karbainov said reassuring the helm officer. The aura the Marine was giving off was supremely calm and reassuring, almost serene.

"This is what we are out here for.... the unknown. " he said to his bridge crew with a smile. He hit the PA system and started to speak.

"Crew, this is the Captain speaking, we are responding to a disabled vessel. Stand by as we are going to get busy fast."

The bridge crew seemed to calm slightly as the ship moved closer into position near the vessel that was dead in space. As they did, the sensors started to flicker to life and forced the ship's automated systems detect danger. "Sensors are picking up lethal radiation, not just from that ship but we are now detecting it from either side of us!" Without even being called, the klaxon alarms and lighting kicked in. The bridge darkened just enough as the klaxon lights flashed red and the consoles around the bridge and ship flashed red.

"Full reverse! Back us straight out, I don't want to get into any thicker pockets." Karbainov barked quickly. He looked over the display at the stricken ship. "Ops, magnify on the vessel and try and figure things out visually. Science, give me a full scan for life signs and then a work up on the radiation... particularly a source.." the Russian sat and looked over the data the ship was giving them. "Oh, and ready some probes... lets poke at this a bit..."

"Sources..." the engineer called out from the side rear of the bridge. At the engineering section, the young officer was already running systems checks. "Shields are holding steady, but they are losing power."

"Whatever is out there, we are being drained of power. Its not a lot, but its just enough," the operations officer called out in concurrence.

The ship shook hard as helm officer slammed his hands on his console. "Damn controls aren't responding the way I want. It's like the ship is going another way every time I tell the engines to do something."

"Ever drive a wheeled vehicle in the snow? Turn into it to gain traction from the momentum... you will just have to play around with it until it works." the Russian said standing up. "Is the drain proportional to the amount of energy we are putting into the shields? Is there a way we can reduce power to them and let them recharge?"

Karbianov made his way over to the science and engineering stations to see what was going on.

"I have a class 3 probe prepped for launch," called out the tactical officer from her station on the opposite side.

"Send it." Karbainov said turning to the view screen.


The three at the science consoles watched the monitor before them as the probe launched into the forward space before the ship. Data started to come in and the science officer started to mess with the controls. After a moment, the engineering officer jumped in on the secondary controls as well to assist in tweaking the sensors. "It looks like the power drain has nothing to do with our output. It looks like we have been experiencing a power drain from the time we entered the asteroid field."

"Captain, I think I have figured..." the science officer paused and twitched a moment before speaking again. "Major, I think I have figured out the reason why we are being pulled. I think we are in a river like phenomena," the science office stated as she allowed her fingers danced over her controls.

"Captain works, its naval tradition to refer to whomever has command of a vessel, regardless of rank to be refered too as captain." Karbainov politely interjected. "A little bit of history, but thats not what we are here for... we have some science around us..."

He looked over the computer screen for a moment before speaking. "Are there... like... in a normal river... you have eddys and currents... do the asteroids provide any shelter we can use?"

"It looks like the asteroids are reflecting the radiation and light from the sun," the science officer spoke up. As the information was still poring out on the monitor, the ship shifted hard and sparks flew as severe power fluctuations flew through the systems and knocked some people over.

"Helm is non-responsive!" called out the helm officer as the ship rocked again and the engines could be heard humming hard and heavy with nor response at all. "We are getting pulled even more."

"Hall breaches on the forwarding decks and the nacelles are rubbing up against something, causing stress on structures!" yelled the engineer.

"All power to structrual integrity fields!" Karbainov said. "Comms get a distress call sent out!"

"Sending out, sir!" an ensign called out, as the ship started to shack even more, causing more sparks to fly.

"Start evacuation..." the Marine said, he had not given hat order yet as he was unsure to the survivability of the escape pods.

"Computer, end program!" Jarland yelled out from the rear of the bridge. Within seconds, the bridge vanished and he, David Hawkins, and the major stood in the holodeck room."This was a total waste of time. This Marine has no idea how to handle this kind of command."

"Unlike some, he is willing to learn to fail in order to learn. At least its on a holographic simulation. Not much can be said about the Norsana," David countered as he crossed his arms and glared at the commander. He knew about Jarland's short time as an acting captain, which turned out to be a total wreck.

Karbainov straightened his uniform and took a deep breath. "I have been quite patient with you thus far commander, however such remarks and actions are wholeheartedly unprofessional, un called for and slanderous in nature. If you were privy to my bio you would be aware of my long history as a commanding officer. Do you have any constructive comments?" Karbainov asked waiting tapping his foot.

"Yeah, don't quite your day job, Major," Jarland countered as he shook his head. With that, and before anyone could ever say another thing, he turned and exited the holodeck.

"You did fine, Major. He has nothing on you or this program," David admitted as he nodded. "I programmed the computer to test your skills and that of Cor. If you two want to compare notes, go for it. You will need to pass this to make bridge command rights and the rank of Lt. Colonel. Just a heads up. Any questions for me?"

"Oh I know that, don't expect me to play nice with the likes of him for too long... when I was with the Klingons as an exchange officer.... let's just say I behaved in a way that very much fit in..." the Russian thought for a moment and shook his head. "I am fine, I will get back into the swing of things. The.... issues... I have after being a POW make me think it's a miracle I made it to Major... I'm very rusty."

"Just... watch your back with that one... he could turn on you rather badly."

/// OFF ///


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