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Double Vision

Posted on Tue May 7th, 2019 @ 11:19am by David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: Jarland
Location: Bridge - U.S.S. Gladiator - A

/// ON ///

Bridge - U.S.S. Gladiator - A

On the bridge of the sovereign class starship, the bridge crew saw the darkness of deep space out of the massive view port. The holographic display over the view port flashed on the border of the layout over the view port information of operating systems and general statuses of the ship while leaving the center open. The bridge was filled with personal working and sounds of consoles with slight sounds of buttons being pressed as they all kept to their work to make sure things ran smoothly.

"Sir, I was was able to confirm that the ship is leaking plasma and is for sure dead in space," the hesitant Ops officer called out to the female(s) in charge. He looked over his shoulder to the twin form officer sitting in the command chair and the 2nd Officer's position. "Orders sir...s?"

Sirs. It still boggled her that they could see her as anything aside from a whole and complete Dalacari. Though to them, she was two biological forms. Ahhh, the joys of stellar pioneering. Meet new life and new civilizations and boldly explain to them that you aren't twins. To her credit, though, she smiled.

"Scanners on high. We don't know if this was an accident or an attack. Could be bait to lure..."

"... in any help. So, keep us warm and ready. Any lifesigns on the ship, or signs that they..."

"... jettisoned their escape pods?" were the next questions she asked.

"Aye, sir!" Called the operations officer.

From the tactical officer station, from the side of the bridge, the young lieutenant turned in her chair and activated her advanced scanners. "I are picking up a debris field scattered across the area. The ship is adrift, but I am unsure..."

"Take a moment to allow the sensors to work." Mel advised, more in a 'calm down and take a moment' matter than actual concern over the sensors.

"... I don't know if its an shadow or what. But its like there are energy signatures."

"It could be the unusual asteroids and the twin stars in the system. They are acting funny, like the energy pulsating from the suns are being reflected off the unique space debris."

"Hmmm..." both forms struck a thoughtful pose. "Helm, bring us up along the Y-Axis outside of the elliptical." Mel commented, intending to bring the ship up and over the actual disk of the debris field.

"Should give us a less garbled image. Prep the sensors to filter out any background energy from the..."

"... suns in the sector. We'll be in the direct feed of their energy pulses, but we won't get getting so many ..."

"... phantom images."

"Aye, sir!" Helm officer called out moments before the officer's fingers moved over the console, and the ship's thrusters kicked in, in line with the impulse engines. As they adjusted, the ship started to shack almost violently, causing the ship's klaxon to kick in. All the consoles came to life in red and the bridge darkened. "Ship's engines are working, but the ship seems to be meeting some resistance out there. Its almost like we are stuck on a track and the ship doesn't want to go another way."

"We have breeches on the starboard side of the ship. Emergency force-fields are holding, but we seem to be losing power. Systems are showing a power drain. Its minimal at the moment, but the more we move forward, we are starting to feel more of the effects," the young officer from the engine shop called out as he turned to the center of the bridge.

"Full stop." both forms toned in unison. "Dispatch damage crews and evacuate compromised regions." now that the initial panic was over, the order came from just one form.

"Well, if we're stuck on a track, the least we can do is see where it leads. Sensors at the ready, steady as..."

"... she goes." inwardly, the Dalacari felt a twinge of regret. The ship was damaged on her watch, and she didn't really know what to do. She wanted to dispatch the repair drones, but Federation ships didn't have those.

"Prepare a probe. Full suite. See where the tide pulls it, and hopefully it'll give us a little insight..."

"... to where we're going. I think we figured out what caused the debris field." she suggested.

"Class 2 probe prepped and ready, Captain," called out the tactical officer from her station. The crew all were now semi focused once again as they all were back on track trying to do their best they could. "Ready when..." without even a chance, a bright explosion from the crippled ship caught their attention, causing the ship to rotate on its Y and Z axis and move away from them, slowly but still away from them.

The door to the side of the bridge opened and Commander Neville Jarland strolled on to the bridge. He glanced around and then moved over to a side station and sat down. He waved his hand over the console to get an idea what was going on. He was here to watch how Hawkins tested and trained his officers... even exchange officers. He looked at the twin form being, still trying to settle in his mind that they were one being. Of all the strange things he'd seen in the universe the Dalacari still confused his senses.

The flash of the detonation caught everyone's attention, most of all Mel. "We need to hurry. Gentle on the thrusters but see if we can just go with whatever ..."

"... ebb and flow is happening. Launch the probe, neutral propulsion, and follow it through..."

"... whatever tides are here. We can't risk being damaged or pulled apart again."

The shaking and rumbling eased up a little as the ship started to flow with the tide of the unseen drift. The ship turned ever so slightly and the view of the bridge was shifted as well. The helm officer frantically worked hard trying to fix it as he looked up, then back to his controls... then back up again. Stress was obvious, to say the least.

"Steady." she cautioned. "Instruct the probe to increase in speed by the next bend, see if it can slingshot out." and she turned to the panels where Science and Engineering would be manned, "Suggestions?"

"Well... we could..." the science officer started to talk up when the ship shook and the sound of massive hammering was heard on the exterior of the ship.

"We are under attack!" the helm officer yelled as he tried to catch himself from flying out of his chair.

"Shields at 89%! Reading two... no make that three bogies! It's a trap!" called out the tactical officer.

The shock threw Mel from her chairs, and she gathered herself up as she called up, "Damage report. Return fire, disabling fire only." while her twin started as soon as she finished, "Get me a visual."

"Bringing it up!" The tactical officer called out as the holographic screen flashed and zoomed in on one of the attackers. There were seven midsized ships, about the size of a defiant class darting straight for them with weapons a blazing. They seemed to also not have been effected by whatever was effecting the ship, as they darted dabre with ease.

"Hail them!" "Shields!" "Eva..." she stopped herself on that last one, then gave a thought, "More speed, keep us in the current. Tactical, target weapon and propulsion systems. If they don't respond to a hail..."

"... then you have the all clear to fire."

"Copy that!" the tactical officer replayed before the ship rocked hard, and her console burst in her face. The enemy ships quickly opened fire as they rushed against time to cripple the flag ship. Deafening alarms screamed as the bridge crew were frantic trying to keep things a float.

"The shields are dropping quickly, engineering rerouted the weapons systems to helm!"

"Got it, opening fire!" the helm officer yelled as they were able to see the ship's phaser banks come alive in a show of light as they exchanged their own fire power. "We can't continue this for long. But we were able to knock out two of their ships with direct hits. Their shields are effected as much as ours!"

Nothing on the hails, no way out, literally backed into a corner. Mel froze for a moment, perhaps a moment too long. The Dalacari in her wanted to launch drones. The Starfleet in her knew that that wasn't an option.

"Signal a cease fire. We can't afford to keep this contest up. Hopefully neither could they." she ordered. She hadn't noticed Jarland so far, and didn't seem to still. She sat in the central chairs, deflated... defeated.. but with hope everyone would make it out intact.

Neville leaned back a little steeping his fingers, considering the choices the twin forms had made. This whole thing had been fascinating. He liked this officer. He met eyes with Hawkins as he stood up from where he'd been watching. He nodded with a small smile and headed for the door. Stuff like this would make his job of making Hawkins look like a better leader than he'd been perceived to be in the past, much easier.

"Computer End Program," David called out before the Holodeck interior came two. He sighed and waved at the twin form. "You passed for now. We will call it quits for now..." With that, David and the twins left the deck leaving Neville behind. He was simply looked at them in complete surprised. Now what...

~ fin ~

/// OFF ///


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