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Clear as Mud

Posted on Tue Feb 19th, 2019 @ 8:40am by Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: Jarland
Location: Captain's Ready Room - U.S.S. Gladiator - A

/// ON ///

The ship just about to launch, but before he gave the green light, David was going to make things straight and to the point. That was why he found himself now standing inside his office, with his acting XO, and Jarland who was already showing his old huffy and puffy attitude. Unlike five years before, David had learned to tolerate and even deal with the man, but the man hadn't learned much, from what he had noticed over the years. So now, before it became a pissing contest, he was going to clear the air, so to speak.

"Alrighty, Neville, Let's get this on the road. Please debrief me on what your official requirements are for your report. Remember, I have the same report, so don't leave or add anything to the I.G. Report," David stated as he sat down in his chair and pulled up the same orders to which outlined the generic I.G. report that was being accomplished on the Gladiator, and the other ships of the task force and Memphis Island.

Neville eyed the Captain, "Before I do. I'd rather not be referred to so familiarly Captain. We have not been friends for years." he said. "I also feel it is important you know that I did not request this assignment, nor did I want it." he said letting his angry guard down just for a moment. "We butt heads too much, and I have worked very hard to excel at my career and settle my anger. I don't need it derailed." he said biting back the need to direct that at Hawkins himself. Neville had ambition, and if his uncle had his way Gladiator would be his soon. While Neville nearly salivated over that idea he didn't appreciate that his uncle forced this observation on him. It could mess with his plans. There were days he wondered if Admiral Jarland was friend of foe really.....

"It's clear that none of us are happy about this situation," The Bajoran spoke up, looking between David and Neville before shaking her head. She really felt like she needed a drink. "You can't trust us and we can't trust you, so we're at an impasse unless we try to work together. So can we do that or you can antagonize us until you're no longer aboard this ship. Is that what you want?"

"My Mission is to prove that the Gladiator is mismanaged." he said. "I have to antagonize Commander, that is my job. If your officers conduct themselves correctly they will disprove the accusation." he said.

Before speaking, David took a deep breath and pulled up the official transcript. He motioned for Zeti to stand behind the desk over his shoulder and all for her to see the same order. ”Quote: 'An official investigation as been filled to investigate the professional effectiveness of Task Group 14 aka Phantom Fleet.' The way I read this, you are looking for the positive professional efficiency of my ship and crew. Your mission isn't to prove mismanagement, but to prove effectiveness."

Neville waved his hand, "Semantics." he said. "Perspective. Admiral Jarland knows how to word things when setting up these sorts of observations. I know what he is looking for, I've spent years working with him, an helping him prove or disprove 'professional effectiveness'" he said. "I know my job and I know how to do it. Pressure is proving, with out it I can't prove anything one way or the other. So yes, I will be antagonizing as a part of testing. Don't tell me how to do my job, I've been trained specifically for it."

"Are you officially telling me that you and Admiral Jarland are using an official Investigations Gathering to achieve personal gain?" David cocked his head as he calmly questioned the officer before them.

Anger started to grown behind the commander's eyes as he starred at the captain, but before he could speak another word, he stopped himself. It was obvious that he had chosen his words incorrectly and had almost forgotten how Captain Hawkins knew more than he ever lead on in front of people.

"Before you even speak another word, let me make this clear, Commander. You say you want to have no issues, and we are also in agreement with that. But that means that you have to play by the book by how the official order has been written out. This is an official investigation for professional effectiveness and efficiency. To hunt for anything else and openly admit that its a formality is out of line and that would mean that you are derelict of your duties as and I.G. investigator.

"Further more, you and Admiral Jarland set yourselves up in the worst way possible because you use an I.G. order to get onto this ship without a full I.G. Team, making up of all departments and specialties to do a full on investigation. Making this a weak attempt, at best, to try to show strength and over site when you are out of line in so many ways. Keep this in mind when you figure out your next words.

"If you keep down this road, you have set yourself and your uncle up as proof of breaking the same code of conduct and regulations you are stating we are breaking or Commander Kavi is breaking. All your uncle has done is pulled you into it so you are going to be held accountable if things go south. We have more than enough to file a motion against you and him. The only reason we haven't, is cause I believe that you were telling the truth when you said you have grown over the years. We are give people another chance, and this time, it is yours. Using official actions and investigations for personal gains are grounds for reprimands at a minimum," David sighed as he leaned back noticing that in the past Neville would have snapped at him by now, even threatened him and stomped out. But now, he was ... different... more mature. "I'll tell you what... For now, don't go down that road of looking for what you said, but what official I.G. teams truly do, and we will play by this game. You won't have any issues from us, and we will not have any issues from you. If you are willing to do it this way, I will make sure that you are treated like you should be, a full on Commander of the Starfleet and not anything less. I truly would like to see this as a new start."

Neville narrowed his eyes at the Captain, but held his tongue, which was beyond difficult. "I will do my job as is trained, Captain. I will not disrupt but I will be asking questions and poking at the crew to surface either their ability to perform under pressure as expected, or not. You can accuse me and the Admiral all you please regarding ambition, but the truth is I am just here to do my job. Maybe one day I'll get a command but don't fool yourself in to thinking I'm after yours." he said firmly. "The orders include the fact you are not to interfere or stand in the way of my investigation, Captain. Trying to influence or dictate HOW I do my job can be misconstrued. I'd rather not include that in my report." he said meeting Hawkins' eyes.

”As will our response report as well in which goes with the final report," David reminded him in a calm and positive attitude. He sighed a little bit before he leaned back. "I guess this is as close as we can hope for. Here is to a new beginning."

Neville nodded, a counter report was common, especially if things didn't go the way someone wanted. "New Beginnings, Captain."

"Alrighty, Commander Zeti, make sure that he gets the proper escort and access as needed," David nodded respectfully.

"I don't need an escort, Captain. I know my way around a ship. An escort will hinder me, but if I need to access a restricted area, I will certainly reach out to Commander Zeti and request an escort at that time." he grunted.

"Its not a request, Commander. After the last time you were here, you may have some enemies that you haven't reconciled with. You maybe investigator, but your safety is still in my hands," David countered in a calm but simple tone as he straightened up in his chair and sat tall. "Now, what of your pre-investigation briefing and the areas you are looking into, in detail."

Neville narrowed his eyes, and while he wanted to complain and say he could defend himself he bit his tongue again. In a day or so he'd likely be able to convince them the escort was not needed. He also didn't want to be spied upon all the time. Internal sensors would be sufficient.

He forced his hands to relax, "I will be requiring a readiness report from each department. Then at random I will be stopping by the departments, and just watching. I may do this one time or more than one time. I will not be disrupting work, but I may ask a few questions here and there if needed. I will then be interviewing each senior officer and a random selection of junior officers."

"I will be present in all senior staff meetings, and may choose to observe departmental meetings. If we encounter anything on this trip I will station myself at a location of my choosing depending on the encounter to observe." he added. "For example, if we encounter a medical emergency I may observe sickbay for a period of time. Or perhaps the bridge or engineering." He stood a little taller, "You need to be aware Captain that any attempt to order me to change my process will be viewed in a negative light. I do not normally offer such warnings, but I feel you need to be reminded. You enjoy antagonizing as you feel it draws out something new in your officers." he arched his brow, "You're strategic about it. I did leave Gladiator five years ago retaining some new tricks." he smirked.

The Bajoran arched one of her brows as she folded her arms under her chest, she looked between the two of them a couple of times before her eyes settled on Neville. "The scope of your investigation is, however, limited to the order that was written by your uncle. It gives you the scope to observe, question and investigate but that's it, it is absolutely not semantics you are held to the wording of that order. I'm going to remind you that everyone you look into has the right to counsel and doesn't have to answer a single question if they choose not to. On top of that, if you cause one issue with any of the officers on this ship while they are on duty, or try to interfere with this ship's chain of command you will spend the rest of this trip locked in your VIP quarters with security outside of it. This is a witch hunt Commander, if there was true evidence of mismanagement you wouldn't be standing here with a signed order from your uncle and your history with this ship would have precluded you from being assigned to this task. The fact that you're the sole officer assigned with no checks and balances means it will be easy to paint your opinion as biased. You are the one that needs to be warned, not us."

Neville actually smiled. He looked at David, "I like this one." he said. "Better than your last," he looked to the new XO. "I know exactly what this is, and I did request to not take this assignment, but I wasn't given a choice. I won't be interfering in operations, but you do have orders to order your crew full cooperation. You want to insist on wasting time with counsel as a measure of your resistance to this, so be it. It wont stop the investigation, you're not going to frustrate me out of my job Zeti. Spunky as you are we both have a job to do and we can work together. Hostility is not needed." he said. "I sure as hell am not here hostilely. I approached Kavi to apologize for our past. I mean that."

"I'm Bajoran, we annoyed a fairly powerful government into packing up and taking off. Don't underestimate my ability to frustrate you," Zeti said with a smirk.

"Alright, you two, settle down," David smirked himself as he waved at them. "You are both dismissed."

Neville rolled his eye mildly at Zeti before he nodded curtly to Hawkins, turned on his heel and left the ready room. The last few years he'd been unwelcome wherever he went, he didn't know why he expected it to be any different here.



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