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Posted on Mon Jun 24th, 2019 @ 8:35am by Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D

Mission: A new perspective
Timeline: Before Launch

The Russian had managed to grab some sleep and woke up surpizingly rested. He shuffled over to the shower and freshened up, changinging into a simple all black robe with some fine, but simple silver embroidery. He had always been partial to robes off duty for some reason... off duty fashion had come a long way from some of the ridiculous things they had worn when he had started in Starfleet, however the plain jumpsuits that were pretty much the duty uniform without color drove him nutz.

Musing to himself if he could ban such attire from the off duty dress of the Marine Detachment he strolled along the cooridors of the new ship. Although she was new, the familiar hum of a starship and her pulse was still familiar to him. She had her own fingerprint to be sure, but there was still a lot in common with her ancestors than their looked.

Reaching the rendevous point, Mel's quarters he hit the door chime. He was running a little early, but was prepared to wait if she wasn't ready. He knew that this would be intresting, if not exactly what he intended when he started flirting with her.

The door swished open, and behind the door was Mel, though at the moment only one of her. Dressed in off duty attire, comfortable and free. "Major." she offered in greet with a smile, still cautious to avoid showing teeth. "I'll be ready in a moment. Having a little trouble with a shoe." she paused, then her other form joined the two of them. "There we go."

The pair, now united, were more at ease than just a few moments ago. The distance from her bedroom to the door might have been a hair out of her comfort zone, but she seemed fine now. "So, shall we?" she offered.

"Yes, we shall." He said offered a warm smile to each of them. "So, I'm an fan of all sorts of food, spent ten years in the Klingon Empire so... whatever you pick I probally will be able to digest." He said with a smile.

"Letting the lady pick? How progressive. "she offered with a pair of smiles. "I'm partial to Earth food from the Mexican region. Lots of spice and so many interesting flavors." she offered.

"Though, I'm also a very big fan of meat and fish. If that helps." she offered. "Can't imagine why." and with that, the pair smiled. This time, beyond any other, she showed teeth. They were predatory teeth. hardly any use in mashing vegetable matter until you got to the furthest teeth in the back. Until then, daggers and knives. Holding, tearing, cutting, vicious teeth. Such a lovely smile for such a lovely lady.

He smiled. "Mexican food sounds like a good choice for both of us." He didn't seem phased by her showing of teeth, infact a little intrested in it. "So what brings you to Starfleet?" He said starting to lead the pair of them down to the starbase. He knew the way to the mexican resturant from his short time there, it had already become one of his favorites.

"Well, the first thing you really need to know about Dalacari is that, as a people, we're very curious. We want to know WHY things are the way they are. I mean..."

"... ever since we could form higher thoughts, they say, we've been curious about the world and how it works. Then, as we grew smarter and explained the world..."

"... around us, we formed new questions. Fast forward to current day." she explained with a pair of simple smiles. "Now, as for me... I'm very interested in the way..."

"... life outside the local cluster works. Single instance organisms? Fascinating." she smiled still. "So when I was offered the chance to study abroad, and really get to..."

"... work with some of the more interesting people in Starfleet, I jumped at the chance. Six transfers, a month in customs, transit, and then transfer into Starfleet later..."

"... and here I am." she motioned around. "Loving every minute of it. How about yourself?"

He shrugged. "Your run of the mill farm boy story... I grew up on a farm outside Moscow, Earth. My one of my uncles was in Starfleet, his son, my cousin and I joined togeather..." He shrugged thinking about how very long ago indeed that had been. He suddenly felt very old as he walked down the halls with her. "I am glad to hear you are loving every minute of your time here..."

She gave a pair of nods, "Interesting. So a marine, and a farmer? Fascinating." she paused, "S.. Sorry, didn't mean to analyze. Just that we've distanced ourselves from labor that, well..."

"... the prospect of it is odd. See, since we've taken everything we DON'T want to do, and built drones to do it for us, that leaves us with everything we WANT to do. So a Dalacari should always..."

"... be doing something they find enjoyable. Right now, the Gladiator is hectic and stressful and dangerous, but it's where my friends are, and I love doing what I do to help you..."

"... all, so there's really nowhere in this arm I'd rather be than here."

"I'm not easily offended, so don't hold back the analysis... I could see why a preditory species would not want to cultivate green leafies, but do you still have hunters? I enjoy the hunt as much as I enjoyed farming... one of the benifits of growing up in wide open spaces..." He thought for a moment about how diffrent her viewpoints on a lot of things would be because of her diffrent cultural norms. "And sometimes you get into a place, with the right people, and they become part of your family... I can understand that." He said with a smile.

She actually giggled, "Hunters? Us? No no no, we've refined the art of food production to an actual science. We actually used to have megaacres of land just set aside for farming. Primarily meat stock but..."

"... if space permitted we'd build vertical fish nurseries as well. A lot of our food requirements were met with the invention of the two-pass biofabricator. We just call them Fabricators..."

"... for short, but the theory behind them is very similar to the replicator units you have here. The standard fabricator had already revolutionized industry, you see, but with the invention of ..."

"... the biofabricator we could fabricate, well, food." she said with a pair of smiles. Food seemed to be a good topic for her. "And sure, we still have a few yahoos who like to go out and hunt down a big..."

"... game animal, no offense, but most of the time it's some super wealthy eBit mogul who has their personal drone do the hard work and then they get to pose for the infoweb."

She paused for a moment. "And you know what, I take that back, I *do* mean offense, but I also know that you're not the kind of person who would do something like that needlessly, or take the glory and have someone..."

"... or something tap the trigger for you. You're a people, possessed of the capacity for such ingenuity, and yet you never forgot how to sharpen a stick if the need arose." and at that, the pair of them smiled warm.

"You're some of the most violent people I've ever met, and I've never felt safer. More welcome, more.... yeah, I guess family does sum it up."

"One time on Ara Ten, when I was a Commander, my shuttle crashed and I had to survive a year with only my knife... lots of sharpened sticks." He said with a laugh. "But that is a pretty accurate discription of humans..."

They arrived at the resturant, and were shown a seat. Menus were passed out, and drink orders were taken.

"Sorry, eating for two." a pause, and Mel just giggled. "I didn't mean for it to sound like THAT." she giggled again, before relaxing and making her order. Orders.

A steak, and a seafood platter. Two things that couldn't possible taste any more different. Her drinks of choice reflected her food order, with appropriate drinks for each separate dish. "Where was I? Oh right, humanity. I have to be honest." a pause, "You're a remarkable race."

"You've accomplished so much, so quickly comparatively. It's almost like you're daring the universe to notice you. Like the whole of the universe was..."

"... like 'hey, you can't do that' and humanity, collectively, dared to dream." she offered. She had such a poetic way of putting things.

Karbainov nodded. "I think that is why so many species inter marry with humans. I am only half human myself."

"Really?" the pair said in unison, then a smirk spread from one face to the next. "Well, now I'm curious. What's your other half, if you don't mind sharing?"

Then she thought for a moment, "Is that a racist statement, I wonder. A Dalacari asking about someone's other half." she mused...

He laughed a little at the pair, he thought the way they would suddenly do something in unison charming. "I am half El-Aurian... near human species, more robust metabolism, much longer life span, some other things." He said with a shrug. He knew most of the crew probally didn't know he was only half human. He kept it a low profile, not that he was ashamed of it, he just didn't get very close to anyone anyomore.

"It's your story to tell, so I won't share it. Truth be told, I'm not much of a gossip monger. Can't even share with myself." she giggled. "Though if you ever *want* to chat about..."

"... anything, come find me. I mean, you bought me dinner, you're definitely on the nice list." she paused, "It's the Nice list, right? I got that reference right, yes?"

"Yes you got the referance right." He said with a smile. "From the legend of Father Christmas..." He nodded and ate a bit of his food. "You can tell people, It is not exactly a secret, it is just more that I don't get very close to anyone anyomore... I know that probally sounds like typical macho Marine nonsense... But it is just tireing forging new connections with people, and then to have them be broken."

"The Ts'usugi would say 'That's why all the planets worth visiting have moons'. No matter how impressive someone or something..."

"... might be, it's the company they keep that details the depth of their character. You, along, brooding? Oh man you'd..."

"... be terrifying. Surrounding by friends, though, and you're far more approachable." she paused, "Which, I guess, means..."

"... that me being around throws off the whole Macho Marine nonsense." She giggled. "And no, I won't tell anyone. It's not my..."

"... story to tell. Dear Dia listen to me, quoting Ts'usugi nonsense." she giggled again.

Karbainov smiled. He liked hearing sayings from different cultures. He would do his best to commit this one to memory. He felt that he should be having more fun with Mel than he was, but felt like something was holding him back... something always was holding him back. He took a deep breath and was silent for a moment.

"Uh oh. He's gone quiet." She remarked after a bit. Then she decided, to hell with the protocol. "So, do you dance? Cause I can't dance, and if you and I were to dance then half of me would..."

"... be just standing around watching idly but... do you dance?" she offered.

"Sorry, sorry, I am being a poor companion. " he said shaking his head and startling out of his pensive moment. "I used to dance a lot actually... I just haven't since my wife passed..."

He looked up and over to the dance floor. "There are some Denobulan dances that require three parties, that's their norm for relationships. "

"Well, we could just dance casual." she smiled, each form standing, but only one offering her hand, "And... I'm not two parties." she giggled.

"Well your twice as much fun as I normally have." He said with a smile, accepting her hand and heading to the dance floor with her.


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