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The Counterplot

Posted on Tue Apr 30th, 2019 @ 5:06pm by Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: Jarland
Location: somewhere
Timeline: idk

Zeti adjusted her uniform again, it was weird looking down and seeing red instead of the yellow she was used to. This was a big change and she wanted to prove that she could handle the responsibility of being the Executive Officer. With that thought in mind, she found herself down in the Marine barracks looking for the man that was in charge. She winked at one that was busy doing some maintenance on their equipment before heading into the back and hitting the chime on the Major's office and waited for him to answer.

Karbainov was in Marine Tactical Operations Center or MTOC, as the officers and NCOs of the detachment filed out of the room after some sort of briefing. He scooted into his office and opened the door. "Hello! Welcome to the land of the green shirts..." He said with a smile. His office was sparsely decorated, as he was still moving in. "What do I owe the pleasure Commander?"

"Major, I do believe the pleasure is all mine," Zeti replied with a smirk. "May I sit? We've got a few things to discuss and from what I've read and from the time I've spent with you I think you're the right person for me to discuss this with. I am up to no good and want to know if you want in."

"Oh yes of course... please sit.. also I have a drink replicator." He offered grabbing a hot cocoa. He raised an eyebrow. "Oooh it's been a while since I caused trouble..." he smirked. "I am interested, I will at least hear you out and keep it to myself." He sat down. "What is the plan?"

"It's still in the formation stage, but Jarland is here and is clearly here to cause us trouble. The captain can't get his hands dirty but we sure as hell can," Zeti grinned at him. "We need to shut him down."

The Russian leaned back in his chair and whislted. "Taking down an Investigator... with an admiral as an uncle..." He raised his hands in mock terror. "Oh the chaos it would cause..." He leaned over to a neat stack of PADDs and pulled out a red one, he entered the password. "This is what I have started on, I know David would not approve..."

He slid the PADD over to Zeti. It had personal information about the commander in the broad sense, as though someone had been investigating him. There was also a list of minor infractions and the complaints that could be sent up the chain of command about him. Nothing serious, just things to bog him down in paperwork.

"A little about myself, I used to be a proper Starfleet officer... I started in security, did some investigations work, some intelligence... worked for JAG for a stint... before finally getting my own command and playing the big game of Starfleet Politics..."

He turned the window to one way so he could watch as one of his units fell in to the training area. They looked like a mess. "I will be honest with you, I have a lot of work to do here, and on Gamma shift... but whatever I can do to help, I would greatly enjoy being involved."

Zeti took the padd and looked it over, there really wasn't anything on it that was usable and their may not be. She wasn't looking to frame the man for a crime he didn't commit, but she wasn't ready to let him off the hook. "He is going to be a pain in our ass, wants to prove the ship is mismanaged. This is a multi prong move, first I'm going to keep the ship running properly and second I'm going to make sure whatever he does find is useless because he looks tarnished. The first part I have, the second not so much. I'm not going to frame him but I'm not going to back off either."

"Always nice to have the option with someone like the commander though..." Karbainov winked. "But I understand your position." Karbainov thought for a moment. "So,I was a Lt, and the ship I was on was undergoing a refit once... and we had a very similar officer, another CO, that was just in everyone's business... made it miserable for everyone else on the starbase... we basically did a honeypot... distracted him with his preferred companion and when that relationship became public we just all acted surpized." He laughed a little. He remembered the chaos the whole thing caused... eventually that man would loose that command and it would go to a much more deserving officer... Sulu...

"If that's not your style we can always do things the old fashioned, watch and listen way... have someone shadow him and take detailed notes... people always say stupid things, and someone like our commander friend is bound to let his feelings known... especially because the other officers are not going to enjoy his presence..."

"I like the idea of a honeypot trap, as long as we're careful about how we do it. I don't even know what his type is, does he like men or women? Any idea?" Zeti asked with an arched brow. "And I swear to the prophets if you tell me he likes dark haired Bajoran women I'm going to deck you."

"Maybe I like dark haired Bajoran women..." Karbainov teased with a wink. He did have a fondness for them, but wasn't about to date within the chain of command on this ship. "No, I don't have any idea what his interests are, but my contact can look into it. She is studying to be an intelligence officer, so this is one of her projects I am mentoring her on.."

"I have a sister who you might want to talk to, but this ship is my girl," Zeti smirked at the Marine. "Although I think I'm starting to like this whole command thing. Might change where I'm headed. Who is this girl you're helping? Maybe I can work with her."

"Command is... probally one of the best things, excpecially of a starship... just wait till we get a real taste of the unknown." He said with a smile. "But the woman is my executive officer, I can set up a meeting between the two of you. She comes from an family full of Intel officers."

"If she can help, it would be useful," Zeti smiled at the Russian. "And I would owe you a favor, a rare thing for me to owe someone and there will be a big list of things you can turn that favor in for."

"Sweet, I love favor shopping..." he smiled and winked at her. "I will have her get in touch with you, but I have a meeting with my NCOs in a few minutes."

"Of course, I'm sure I'm putting something important off," Zeti nodded before she rose from her chair. "Good day Major."


Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
Acting Executive Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator

Major Karbainov Gennadiyvech
Marine Commanding Officer
'Gladius Detachment '


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