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Investigation: Engineering

Posted on Sun Jun 2nd, 2019 @ 4:04pm by Emmah [Kavi] & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: Jarland
Timeline: BACKPOST

/// ON ///

Jarland was looking forward to this one least. He stood inside engineering, having been informed by the on duty officer that he was not to step in further with out Lt. Commander Halan present. He stepped from foot to foot, growing more and more annoyed. Yes she had XO duties to attend to, however she'd been called nearly 30 minuets ago. With the ship in transit there wasn't much she needed to do right now that couldn't wait.

Zeti made the man wait, she didn't like him on her ship and even less in her engineering department investigating it while she wasn't in charge of it anymore. When she finally did arrive she came up behind him and folded her arms as she gave him a look. "Commander. Are you ready to look through engineering?"

"Commander Zeti, I am well aware you are not a fan of my job here, but making me wait to prove a point is childish and unprofessional. I do not appropriate it." Neville said as he waved his hand in to the room to allow her to lead the way.

"Oh, but purposefully trying to find evidence of mismanagement with the intent of getting us in trouble is a perfectly adult thing to do?" Zeti shot back, folding her arms under her chest and giving him a look. "I have a ship to run, you're the one that wants to dig into and question every minor decision that is made and judge it through the lens of hindsight. Now, let's just get this done."

"I didn't decide to do this, I'm just the messenger." Neville grumbled. He started looking around for things out of place or out of regulation. "How often do you inspect the supply kits?" he asked.

"I don't want to hear it, you're complicit and that makes you guilty," Zeti snapped at him. "Check the logs for yourself, that's why we do them. I'm here to take you around, not investigate engineering for you."

Nevilla set his jaw and moved closer to the woman, "You are behaving in a way I'd rather not put in my report Commander." he said. "Its my job to ask questions, and you are under orders to comply. No one is making it personal except you. Now would you like to start again?" he asked folding his arms. "Or shall we have Captain Hawkins present to keep in check?"

"You can bring Captain Hawkins down, I'll still tell you the same thing. Those records are available in the computer, but you already knew that," Zeti arched one of her brows, as she placed her hands on her hips. "You can put whatever you want in your report, I know who I am and I know what I'm good at. I will be respectful, courteous and make sure all information is available to you. But if you're going to ask me questions that waste my time and yours, we're going to have a problem."

Neville met the womans eyes, she was almost as insufferable as Kavi was. "You want to talk about wasting time? I set an appointment and you left me here 30 minuets!" he said. "I ask whatever question I want, some important, some seemingly innocuous. I have a reason for doing so, which I do not need to explain to you. If you are not going to answer my questions then I will need to talk to Captain Hawkins."

"I lived under the occupation, threatening me by going to get the Captain does not move me," Zeti said firmly, but quietly as she locked eyes with him. "You can ask whatever question you want, but I don't have to answer. I know my rights as a Starfleet officer and I make stubborn people look like they give in too easily. I am not denying you access and I am complying with the order given, but I'm not going to do it your way."

Neville remembered why Bajorans annoyed him so. They were often this stubborn. "What is it going to take for you to stop being so hostile with me Zeti? I'm not here to be your enemy, you need to accept that." he said trying to keep his voice even.

"If you are here to disrupt this ship and it's crew, then you are my enemy," Zeti replied simply. "Maybe not one I can fight, but one that I will not let succeed. I reviewed the order, I know this investigation is a load of garbage."

Neville folded his arms, "Lt. Commander Halan, the fact of the matter is you are disrupting the ship. I'm not here to disrupt, just to ask questions and look around. You're behaving poorly in front of other officers and crewman. Please do not force me to do things I'd rather not do. I don't want to be an enemy, if you could take a moment and take your head out of your ass we can work together, and make this smooth, painless, and totally in your favor. I shouldn't have to beg you for this. And if I was an enemy i wouldn't even ask you to work with me." he looked around at the dozens of staring eyes and looked at back the Bajoran throwing a public temper tantrum. "Can you take a deep breath for me and try to see things from another perspective Commander?" He asked trying to keep his own temper in check. The truth was he was struggling.

Zeti watched his eyes closely, measuring what he was saying as she stood there. She felt a fleeting moment of attraction looking into his blue eyes and that made her want to slap him. She folded her arms under her chest and took a deep, measured breath. "And do what, exactly? You're here to investigate, dig in to everything that was done. Question every decision that was made. I'm not obstructing you, I'm not stopping you I'm just not handing you everything you want. Take a second to see how this looks from this ship's perspective, your uncle sent you here to do this you have a history with a lot of us... Why don't we go to my office? There you can convince me you're not here to screw Captain Hawkins."

"Will anything convince you?" he asked dryly, following the woman in to the office. As soon as the doors closed he placed his padd on the desk and sat down in a chair, trying to be disarming. "Commander, I have a history with Hawkins, and not a good one. However his actions set me on a new path, a path which has helped me over all. I still have a temper, and I am trying very hard to keep it in check right now. My uncle wants Graysons job, and he's using my history to go after Graysons most trusted man. I want to make sure it doesn't work. If he fails I'll likely get approved for a transfer finally. I want to show the counsel that Captain Hawkins ways and officers may be unorthadox, however they display the spirit of StarFleet." he pinched the bridge of his nose. "Your attitude is making this almost impossible, because while I can present my findings with certain twists I will not lie. If I can show Hawkins in a better light than my Uncle, his bid to take Graysons position will be much harder to push through."

He looked up at her, "I'm not a man to ever beg for anything, but right now, you're the one screwing Captain Hawkins." he said bluntly.

"I was here, working under Khelev. I remember when you were on this ship," Zeti said firmly, scowling at him slightly as she considered her next move. "I'm a warrior, always have been and when I see a threat I go to war. I don't know Grayson well, but Kavi is one of my best friends and Hawkins has been a hell of a Captain. I would never expect you to compromise your integrity, nor would I compromise mine. I was legitimately held up today, I did not intend to make you wait and I don't feel like giving you answers to questions when we have logs that answer them. At the end of the day I don't know if you're lying to me, trying to find someone to turn and give you what you need. I would hope that you are not, but I am not a fool and this would not be the first time an admiral stepped well out of his boundaries in Starfleet. I want you to convince me that you have Starfleet's best interest at heart, not yours, your uncles, mine or even Hawkins'."

She took a deep breath, before folding her arms across her chest again. "And as much as I like Hawkins, he's my CO and being with him would be over the line."

"I would expect that he's not 'With' any of his officers." Jarland said. He made a face, "Zeti, there is nothing I can say that wil prove it. I'm not going to waste our times trying to grovel for you to convince you of something. You will either put a little faith in me or you won't. I would think your focus would be on doing all you could to ensure that Hawkins looks the best in the end of this. The choice is yours. Now if you don't want to answer my questions, then assign me an engineering officer who will answer things and give me the tour." he said. "Stop making this a fight, its totally unnecessary."

"I'm a Bajoran not a diplomat, we're either very spiritual or we turn everything into a fight," Zeti smirked at him. "I'll give you access to everything you need Jarland, but you have to understand I don't have the time to take you through every log for every piece of equipment that engineering has. Even if I were solely the Chief Engineer, I would have to look up that information."

"Then I suggest assigning me someone who the department can spare to look up reports for me when I call for them. I I have questions at a higher level I will contact you." Jarland said. He stood and held his hand out looking at Zeti. "Shake and lets end this." he grunted.

"Fine," Zeti said with a slight growl to her tone. "I'll try to be less... Bajoran towards you. That's the best you're going to get."

"I'll take it." he said before leaving the office



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