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Investigation: Security

Posted on Mon Mar 4th, 2019 @ 6:41am by David Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Ensign Sadie Turner [Kavi]

Mission: Jarland
Location: Brig Control Room - U.S.S. Gladiator

/// ON ///

With purposeful strides Commander Neville Jarland, shadowed by his escort entered the security departments outer office to take a look around. He approached the on duty officer, "Ensign, I need a report on the last security test of the brigs." he said tightly.

Ensign Sadie turner looked up and opened her mouth, "Uh... I'm just watching the board, I don't have reports." she said.

"They should be logged and accessible to the on duty security officer." Neville said giving the girl a look.

Sadie looked to the higher ranking officers that were serving as escort, one gave her a nod, and she sighed and pulled the reports, transferred them to a pad and handed it over to the Commander.

"They haven't been tested since before the commissioning of the ship." Neville stated in surprise.

"That wasn't that long ago." Sadie said. "Like literally weeks... if that."

Neville arched his brows, "Do you truely feel safe not knowing who last tested the fields?" he asked her.

Sadie made a face and flushed a bit, it was a valid question. "Oh.. Um... I..." She saw the door open again and Lt. Treadagar walk in. "Sir maybe you should talk to the chief?" she suggested with relief.

Theo was in less than a jolly mood as some kind of bug was causing his necessary Cheerwine to replicate either soured or flat. Still though his ice blue eyes locked onto Ensign Turner and the Commander with her. "Talk about what Ensign?" He asked with a surprisingly calm tone as his eyes scanned the Commander and detected a note of pomposity...

A slight sigh escaped his lips as he turned his attention to the Lieutenant that had arrived. "I was requesting a report on the last time the security tests were done on the brigs. Even though this ship is brand new our of dry dock, your department is still required to have completed a security test of the brig safety settings prior to departure of the ship on its first mission," Jarland explained as he pulled up his padd and pulled up the Star Fleet Security Official Instructions with the proper section clearly highlighted.

Theo's eyes soured at the pompous Commander. "Do excuse me Commander, I only came aboard ship two days ago and have yet to fully familiarize myself with the ins and outs of Starfleet 'fresh out of the dockyard' ship procedures." His eyes flashed with a bit of venom. For being only a Lieutenant, Theo was definitely feisty. "Now let's cut to the chase, you don't like the fact that the brig's haven't been fully tested, I didn't even really know, nor was I ordered to test them as I answer to Captain Hawkins. I'll have the test run in an hour when my main shift comes on and any trouble you have with that can be directed to the nearest lavatory.." With that he smirked and proceeded to walk past and on his way down the hall, his heart absolutely pounding in his ears...

"Lieutenant Treadagar, as Chief Security and Tactical officer of this ship..." Neville called out loudly down after him. "... It is your responsibility to know all the ins and outs of your newly assigned starship and her crew for the safety and wellbeing of the crew. It is one thing to roll your nose up at me, as the IG inspector, its another to tell a Commander in Starfleet that you are not following your primary rolls as Chief, which is on a fast track to reprimands and demotions without further cause or proof."

Theo turned and looked at Jarland. "Just because I said I haven't yet familiarized myself with ALL the ins and outs of the procedures doesn't mean I haven't spent the week studying 14 hours a day getting familiar with this monstrous class of a ship Commander.." He then walked up to Jarland and stood nose to nose, his cobalt eyes burning with agitation. "You must have been a sailor in the Royal Navy in a previous life, given how pompous you're acting.." He then turned and winked at Sadie as he walked down the hall again and disappeared into the turbolift. "Bridge.."

/// OFF ///


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