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Investigation: Intel

Posted on Thu Apr 4th, 2019 @ 7:49am by Emmah [Kavi] & David Hawkins & Lieutenant JG Laural Mackenzie

Mission: Jarland
Location: Chief Intelligence Officer's Office, Deck 5


Sitting in her office, Laural was looking over the most recent Intelligence feeds as they came in from HQ. she wasn't comfortable with this investigation. especially as she hadn't been informed before hand. Starfleet must be looking for something, or possibly someone. sitting back in her chair, Laural closed her eyes and considered dosing off.

Neville strolled through the doors of the intel offices and arched his brows as he observed a rather sleepy looking Officer. "Lt. Mackenzie?" he asked. "Are you in need a nap?" he asked flatly.

Giving a sigh, Laural sat up in her chair and looked up at Neville, "I get my sleep sir, don't worry about that" she said, leaning forward and switching her information feed to safe mode so only non-classified information was displayed, "is there something I can do for you?"

"Yes I want to have a sit down with each department head." he said sitting down on the other side of the desk. "I want to get your take on this ship. How long have you been here?

"long enough" Laural said, leaning forward onto her desk, "as for the ship, she's a fine vessel. could use some stealth systems, but that is not my call" she said, looking him over, "now how about you tell me why you are actually here so we can get down to business. Starfleet doesn't send someone to 'investigate' a starship without good reason"

Neville smiled, He liked this woman. "This ship has had a command team in charge of it for years which has long bucked the norms of Starfleet. What do you think about that?" Neville asked leaning back in his chair casually.

Laural shrugged, "Every Starfleet Captain plays around with the boarders of what is allowed. Some of the greatest Captain's in Starfleet have been accused of violating several of Starfleet's regulations. Ultimately, if it get's the job done with a minimum of casualties, than I see no problem with it. Remember you are talking to an Intelligence Officer"

"Then why would we have a rules only for people to be allowed to break those rules?" Neville knew where she was going with this, but in the end, that didn't matter.

"Because these Captains are the exception to the rule. the rules are there for a reason, which I'm sure is your point, but not every situation can be covered before they are encountered. For a front line vessel, first contact may not go as smooth as the rules may want to" She said as she stood up and turned around to the wall display behind her, “than again, those rules have also made us mere bystander in the genocyde of several races simply because they existed on the other side of a line on a map, or didn’t have a specific piece of technology, but I do believe that is why Starfleet Command applocants go through some serious training before becoming qualified to even sit in that center chair. So ultimately, the answer to your question is as complicated as the Federation’s relationship with any other power in this galaxy. It works, but needs improvement”

"What about Hawkins in particular. Do you think he commands by the spirit of the law or does he defy it when it suits him?" he asked.

“A little from A, a little from B. Now answer my question, what are you looking for? Command crews playing fast and loose with registrations is not an uncommon occurrence. Hardly worth an internal investigation. So why are you here?”

Neville crossed one leg over the other and smirked a little. "The politics in this area are not very stable. We need to represent ourselves well, The federation needs for this project with the Romulans to be successful. There are a number of people who are concerned that this ship and its leadership are not reflecting the Federtion well." he commented. "Despite popular belief I'm not here due to some vendetta. As I told Captain Hawkins, I asked to not be assigned to this investigation." Neville waved his hand

"Any way. The higher ups want a report on the behaviors of the crew." he added. "They will take the reports and observations and decide if this crew and command is the best for this sector. Does this make sense?" she asked.

Laural sighed and shook her head, “political motives give me headaches” she said, leaning back in her chair, “well, there’s no use causing trouble for you at this point, you’re already here. I will say one thing, crews like this one tend to forge strong bonds with one another, asking them about other crew members especially command staff might cause them to close ranks. Just so you are aware of what you are up against”

Neville laughed, "I've been doing this work for four years. I'm not a fan of it, and hope to move out of it soon." he admitted. "However I often experience one of two extremes. A fiercely loyal crew who go above and beyond to hide and defend possible issues in their command structure, which leaves no room for improvement. People like that do a disservice to their command. Problems will flush themselves out in time."

"The other extreme is people who have nothing but complaints, and back biting, which I find annoying." he said. "I want feed back, observations. The best of all worlds is someone who can provide constructive feedback that I can use to show that there is room for improvement, yet nothing so serious that warrants a change in command. No one is perfect, but to be honest, it is healthy to stir the pot a little once in a while. Other wise the good bits burn on the bottom of the pan and the whole pot comes to ruin." he said.

"So with that said... what constructive feed back do you have for this ship and command? Or even your peers?"

"I have seen nothing worthy of note" Laural replied "though the Captain didn't seem to have any issues with my interrogation techniques the last time I had the opportunity to stretch my skills"

That caught his interest, he leaned forward for a moment, "I know you can't tell me exactly the details of the case but tell me about the interrogation? what techniques did you use that may make other Captains cringe?" Neville asked.

“Depressurisation Than hyper O2 saturation” Laural answered simply.

"Oh Shit." Neville let out. "Thats evil. Did it work?"

“Unfortunately not. Klingons are tough customers” Laural replied, giving a defeated sigh, “if you had the proper clearance I’d tell you more fun techniques but you don’t so...” she said with a shrug of her shoulders

Neville chuckled, "I'm even more curious." he said. "But I wont press you to bypass your clearance requirements. How do you see yourself on this crew? Especially among the senior staff?"

“I’m still a little new to the crew. But I believe I am starting to find my place” Laural replied

"Have you ever felt that you were unable to properly perform your duties?" Neville asked next.

Laural smiled, “there’s no one on this ship that can stop me from doing my job” she said, as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small black Starfleet badge from the mid 23rd century. Putting it down on the desk in front of her, she looked up at Neville, “do you know what this is?”

He arched his brows, looking the badge over, "Been a while since I've seen one of those." he admitted looking up at her. "I'm not sure if this makes me like you more... or less." Jarland said, "This doesn't exactly foster a lot of trust, given history." he chuckled, but then he was used to not being trusted.

"Trust is earned, not given. I wouldn't expect any less from you" Laural said, "however, if you need anything else from me, you know where I am. Anything..." She said, giving him a seductive look and a wink.

Jarland stood up, satisfied with this interview, he was sure he would be back to chat again, at least he wanted to. He nodded to the woman, "Thank you Lt. I'll be seeing you around, and If I happened to see you in the lounge when I take a few hours to unwind tonight with some drinks, I wouldn't be upset." he said casually before offering her a smirk and exited the office before he got himself in trouble again. On this ship, the ball had to remain securely in the womans court, he'd made assumptions of intentions before and it nearly cost him everything, he didn't want that to happen again.



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