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Investigation: Medical

Posted on Mon May 13th, 2019 @ 11:04am by Emmah [Kavi] & Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D.

Mission: Jarland
Timeline: back post

Neville Jarland strolled in to the Medical department and looked around seeking one of the medical officers. "Helloooooo?"

Xander, sat in his office, which overlooked Main Sickbay. He was engulfed in a variety of crew evaluations before a familiar, unwanted voice echoed from the main entrance. Not now! He thought to himself, grinding his teeth to suppress his annoyance. Putting his head in his hands, Xander let out a big sigh, before composing himself and taking to his feet. He gingerly made his way out into the main floor and noticed Jarland poking around his Sickbay. He cleared his throat before forcing a smile. "Commander Jarland. For what do I owe this immense pleasure?" The sarcasm in his tone could not have been more obvious.

Neville arched his brows, "Doctor...." he glanced at his padd, "Bori. Nice to meet you." he said trying not to be annoyed at the cold reception. "I'm here to take a look around the medical bay AND the hospital, which is under your jurisdiction as well?" he asked.

Xander discreetly rolled his eyes and sighed again - a frequent involuntary movement whilst he was around this man. "Yes, Sir. That is correct." He closed his eyes briefly and coughed, preparing himself to deal with Jarland. "Feel free to take a look around. Some of the Sickbay files are restricted due to Doctor/Patient confidentiality. If you provide me with the relevant authority from Starfleet Command, I'll gladly grant you access." He smirked, reminding the Commander that he was a foe to be reckoned with.

Neville waved his hand and smiled, "I'm glad you started with that Doctor, I have no desire to impede upon HIPAA regulations. I am pleased to hear you are concerned about ensuring noting is being violated." he nodded, "I am more looking to get a look around, ask a few process questions, and get to know you a little."

Xander smirked a little. He took an instant disliking to the Commander and his abrupt attitude. The last thing he wanted was to get to know the man. He could even sense his pompous attitude through his empathic abilities. Being half Betazoid, Xander could usually work out a persons' intention from about 5 mintues after meeting them. Captain Hawkins had often asked Xander to accompany him on away missions purely for that reason. "Just don't interfere with any of my medical staff please, Commander." He said icily - this was such an uncharactersitic trait for Xander, which mirrored his friendly and gentle nature, but for some reason he could not help himself. "They've got alot of work to do. Especially as we're taking care of both Sickbay and Memphis Hospital."

"Of course, I'm not here for that." Jarland said waving a hand. "How long have you been running the medical department?" he asked looking down at his Padd.

Xander rolled his eyes away from the Commander, so he couldn't see his annoyance. "A few years. Captain Hawkins accepted my transfer when I had a few issues on my last posting." Xander felt he should always be honest, even if he didn't particularly like who he was being honest to. He just hoped that Commander Jarland wouldn't prise any further into his past.

"Ah, And what could the command staff do to support the medical department better?" Jarland asked.

"Nothing much really. I have a good relationship with Captain Hawkins and the rest of the Command staff." He cleared his throat. "You forget that I'm a Senior Officer myself, Commander - and it's in the best interests of the Captain to support me otherwise he'd be short of crew members."

"I did not forget, just wanted to confirm what I assumed was true." Jarland grunted. "I will take a look around, and let you know if I have any questions. I certainly do not want to interupt functions. keeping the crew healthy is very important." he said holding his hand out to shake Dr Bori's hand. He met the mans eyes with expectation that they could establish mutual respect.

For the first time Xander sensed sincerity from Jarland, as he held out his hand to him. His narrowed eyes, swiftly turned to a slightly shocked expression as he extended his own hand out. The two men shook hands, firmly, and for a split second, in solidarity.

Neville released the handshake, releasing the man to return to his duties. "Thank you." he said before heading away from the doctor to explore on his own.



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