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Crimes of Passion (Backpost)

Posted on Mon Jun 2nd, 2014 @ 11:24am by Lieutenant JG L'Nivek

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Counseling Offices
Timeline: Backpost before blackout

Lizzy arrived at her office with plenty of time before her next appointment, and walked over to the replicator.

"One jug of water, chilled with some lemon slices, a few glasses."

Once it was replicated, she carried them over to her desk and put them down.

Heading over to where the stripper pole was, she knelt down and tapped the concealing button, waiting until it retracted down and disappeared from sight before she moved her wing-backed chair over it.

Now -this- was something L'Nivek was not pleased about having to do. She'd been ordered, directly, to report and under evaluation and 'make small talk' with the Chief counselor. Seems that last Counselor she spoke to on the Gladiator was either concerned, or less than impressed with her: either way, she had -this- to do, now.

She chimed the office door, sighing heavily, brushing an invisible speck of dust from her uniform shoulder.

Lizzy walked to the door, and took a moment to think of calming thoughts. From her experiences with T'Madh, she knew that Vulcans found overt displays of emotion to be off-putting, so she was hoping to try to tone herself down by a few degrees.

Opening the door, she was about to smile to the Vulcan intelligence chief and caught hersef.

Instead, she spoke in Vulcan, giving the Vulcan salute, {Live long and prosper, Ensign. Please come in.}

Now that caught L'Nivek off-guard; she hadn't heard Vulcan outside of a Holodeck program in almost a year. She returned the gesture with an additional respectful nod. {May your days be long, and hardships few.}

Moving into the room proper, the CIO almost sighed. Lizzy's attempt was admirable, even if her accent was pretty bad, but L'Nivek appreciated the attempt. She did, however, deign to use Basic instead.

"I was...ordered, to see you, Lieutenant?"

Lizzy nodded, "Yes, I was informed that you would be coming to see Counseling under orders. Call me Lizzy and I would like to use your firs name too, ok? I'm not good with rank usage and this is a counseling session, not bridge duty anyway. Have a seat."

L'Nivek already didn't like this counselor, in particular. She enjoyed the laid-down, strict, rules-ordered set of calls and responses with rank. There was a reason she continually called everyone 'Lieutenant' or 'Mr', or 'Ms'. It was an ingrained habit, and she wasn't about to drop it.

"I...alright, Ms. Lizzy."

"First, I need to inform you that I am empathic and my abilities work on Vulcans. Is it okay if I use them or would you prefer not? It is there to help, nothing else."

The Vulcan would have shrugged, had she not been, well, Vulcan. "You are welcome to try, Ms. Lizzy, albeit something that you won't find particularly useful, considering who I am."

"Okay, I don't believe in beating around the bush at all, so here goes.. I have access to the records and know that you are suffering from Pon Farr. However, I have experience with that as I was in a casual sexual relationship with a female Vulcan for a good year and a half. I know you do not currently have a mate, which is why you need help. I don't believe in just talking as that isn't going to help. So, I would like to help work creatively on methods and activities that will stop the situation for you. Long term use of drugs isn't viable as it doesn't stop everything and just leaves you struggling."

Now -that- was surprising. While it was true that heterosexuality was the norm with Vulcans, homosexuality wasn't all that uncommon. L'Nivek however, hadn't met, or heard, of the idea before, and truth be told, it made her slightly uncomfortable. The only outward display of this, however, was a slight, slight widening of the eyes: and she allowed that to happen. Her emotional makeup was still rock-solid and strong, deliberately keeping Lizzy out.

"The chemical cocktail Starfleet has concocted for this particular situation, Lieutenant, has worked prefectly well in the past. I see no reason to change my behavior."

There it goes, using rank instead of personal names. It's clear she prefers it for a specific reason.

Lizzy knew L'Nivek was going to be a hard nut to crack, so to speak.

"So you do not mind being left simmering underneath? There are other ways which might not actually involve physical contact or other people being around."

"It has worked so far, Lieutenant, and it should work from here on." She was letting her irritation show, in her tone and in her eyes.

"Maybe, but medicating you honestly isn't the best thing. It is pretty obvious even without my empathy that you are well.. likely to show violent tendencies. How have you been with going with meditation?"

L'Nivek looked offended, at that: and she felt it, too. "Meditation has been going perfectly well...and I am rather offended, Lieutenant, that you would believe I would become violent."

Lizzy nodded, "I"m sorry.. That was an exaggeration.. But I can tell that you are becoming irritated and it wasn't what I meant to do. I think that the best way to proceed with this situation is to take things slowly and see how it goes. I can tell that you seem to be rational and able to continue with duty as long as you stay on the medication, which covers the need for this session."

She sat forwards a little for the but part, "But, it will need monitoring from Medical and I would like both myself and Ensign Hemlorac to be kept in the loop. Does that sound okay?"

"Does that sound okay? Your subtle attempts at mockery are noted, Lieutenant, and aren't appreciated." Clearly, this wasn't going well now, and the idea that it hadn't gone well for the other counselor more apparent.

"You and I know full well that your recommendations and orders are going to trump whatever I could produce, otherwise. There isn't any need to treat this like anything other than another review session, copy-and-pasted. Let's be done with this as soon as we can, I've got real work to do."

She's certainly testy, and something says that it isn't just irritation: rather, a deeper unease with the Counseling office, and the officer in question, too.

Lizzy blinked in surprise at what she was being told and spoke out, getting irritated herself, "Hey! I am not trying to be mocking and I know this is serious. You obviously seem to have something against me and my department for no reason which I would love to find out, and I don't want anyone dying. Yes, I know this is a very private thing but damn it, we are trying to help."

As she spoke, she drove her hand down on the table, which sent one of the glasses to bounce a little and fall off the edge, "If you don't want our help or willing to even contemplate other ideas yet, fine - there is nothing I can do. But you can be sure that it will be on record that we tried and most likely will not be the end of this. If I at all believe that you have become dangerous to yourself or others, I would have no problems with requesting you be relieved from duty. You can leave if you want."

L'Nivek looked pointedly down at the glass on the floor, and the slowly spread puddle of water. She cocked an eyebrow, looking back up at the Counselor, then sighed aloud.

"I am resistant to the idea of changing how things are going, Lieutenant, because I have...already solved most of the problems. Most of my...experience, if you will, has faded. That is one of the things I would have wished to speak about..." She trailed off, looking down at the floor.

"But if you're going to slam things around, and knock over glasses, I'm not entirely sure I would be comfortable sharing something this...shall we say, personal? It's my own business, to be sure, but it also involves...well, one of my subordinates." She, again, looked pointedly up at the Counselor.

Lizzy blushed, "I am sorry. I envy Vulcans at times coz I'm not very good at keeping my emotions in check. I know that some people think I am a whore or slut, and it hurts even though it is probably true."

With the mention of her subordinate, Lizzy suddenly realised what she meant, and managed to catch herself before blurting out something more inappropriate.

Instead, she added, "Since it sounds like you have already come up with non-medicational ways, that is good enough for me and I have no problems signing off that you should not be bugged about this. If it helps, I never really ever believed in that rank fraternisation stuff. And honestly, anyone that complains on this ship should not be throwing stones in glass houses."

"I...appreciate your forthcoming nature, Lieu...excuse me, Lizzy," she made the effort to use her name, "But I could use some...advice?" She sighed heavily, looking down into her hands, somewhat embarassed. "I...I believe the term is 'made the moves', on him, the other night, and...while it was no means unpleasant, mind you," She blushed pretty hard, "It's...I'm not sure what to feel about it. The moves I played were done in the throes of passion, and the like, but...I find myself attracted, to him, outside of the hormonal onslaught of Pon Farr."

Pausing, she spread her hands in the universal gesture of confusion. "It''s strange. I suppose I've got a 'crush' on Kanson..." Her eyes went wide, and her blush increased. "I mean, excuse me, my subordinate," she stumbled over her words, "And...I believe," she rolled her hands over one another in midair, "I believe that it's...reciprocated."

Lizzy nodded, "I can try to help. My advice is to go for it. I know that everyone believes that Vulcans are emotionless, but it isn't true. Your species feels them just as much but is better at hiding them. I actually envy you at times - I wear mine on my sleeves as that glass found out earlier. Honestly though, I have never seen any wrong with relationships with subordinates or superiors.. Whatever happens between consenting adults is fine by Counseling and should be private. I do admit that I have been in a relationship of sorts like that. The captain of the Bellerophon was very surprised at first when he found out his wife was having an affair with me instead of a guy, but he got to enjoy it after the shock wore off."

Thinking how to put it, she went with honesty, "One thing I should mention. When I was down on Kaslau waiting for the ship, I had an interesting chance to meet him completely by accident in the middle of a prison yard. Bit of a long story, but he seemed genuinely nice if not a bit unlucky in life. It may take time for both of you."

" may be right, Counselor." She looked at her long, and hard. She then sighed, looking away, swallowing. "I...don't exactly know how to say this,, I believe, is the Human term." She looked back at her.

"I am totally unsure how to proceed. I...should I pursue this? I...simply don't know." She spread her hands, feeling oddly helpless. "I...well. I do not wish it to be like the last relationship I was in, you understand." She made a mildly unpleasant face.

"Well, there is nothing wrong with infatuation. Vulcans do have feelings. I would say yes, go for it. Not every relationship works out, and no one can tell that before hand. When it works, it works good. When it doesn't, well.. a swift sharp kick between the legs works as a good deterrent. Do you think it is reciprocated though? That is something to think about."

"Oh, it's certainly a two-way street. That was very clear." She smiled, folding her hands in her lap and sighing yet one more time. "He came on to me, you know." She trailed off, lost in her own men worked. "He...well. Certainly knows what he's doing, if you know what I mean." She blushed hard, colour clear on her cheeks.

Lizzy nodded, "I'm glad for you, and know what you mean. I am pleased that you want to talk.. But I don't want you to be uncomfortable either. You don't need to jump in totally in one giant leap - it is fine to take things a bit slower."

L'Nivek crossed one leg over the other, nodding to herself. She looked at Lizzy, tilting her head. "Well...alright. But I suppose I've another question, and request for advice: what...what should I -do-?" She looked away. "I recreational activities aren't exactly things that can be -shared-, very well. Reading, model-building, aircraft simulations on the Holodeck...they're rather difficult to do as a pair."

Lizzy thought for a moment, "I'm not really sure. I'm more of an outdoor sports sort of girl, although, my quarters is kinda chokkas full of all manner of self-made art. Have you thought to ask him?"

L'Nivek smiled. "I think he'd tell me he'd be fine with whatever I chose...he's really quite the charmer," she gushed, smiling gently. "He's...I don't even know how to explain what I'm feeling. I must sound like some errant schoolgirl," she snorted.

Lizzy shook her head, "Don't worry. Trust me - I have been in exactly the same situation and was worse. Kinda embarrassing but one potential boyfriend of mine had got stalker charges put on me and a restraint order. That's why I wanted to make sure he was fine with it."

"Heh...well. I don't think he'd do that...he's a charmer, but a goofball. He hardly knew what to do!" She shrugged. "I was suddenly glad for the specialty classes, at the Academy...I wouldn't have had any more idea than he did if I hadn't."

"When it comes to affairs of the heart, everyone is just as clueless as anyone else. Even me. The only thing I can really suggest on that is that there is nothing wrong with looking stupid so its best to jump in without a parachute."

"Jumping without a parachute...I assume this is another one of those idioms, like leap, not look?" She chuckled, before shaking her head and sighing again. "I just hope nobody gets hurt."

"Yeah, its an idiom..The thing about love is that you have to put yourself out there. There is the risk of being hurt, but you have to accept that for the reward. Anything else I can help with?"

L'Nivek slowly stood up, running one had against the back of her head, sighing softly. "I...don't think so. Thank you again, for the help...and for getting me to ask, in lieu of simmering."

"Glad I could help. If you ever want to talk or ask advice, I'm always around - day and night."

L'Nivek smiled, which was a rare enough thing itself. She nodded, before closing her eyes and focusing, reaffirming her neutral, logician, exterior. "Very well, Lieutenant. If something arises, I all firther seek your counsel." With that, she turned on her heel and walked out, feeling a little warmer beneath her cold, dark exterior.


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