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The Bridge

Posted on Mon May 13th, 2019 @ 7:03am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti & Lieutenant Commander Mel Torma & Major Karbainov Gennadiyevich Ph.D & Lieutenant JG Theodore Treadagar IV & Lieutenant JG Laural Mackenzie & Lieutenant JG Xander Bori M.D.

Mission: Jarland

/// ON///

Commander Neville Jarland stepped on to the bridge curious how the next few hours would go. Both Captain Hawkins and Commander Zeti were transporting over to the Romulan Cargo hauler to try and make friends. Emmah was set to send back transmissions to keep an eye on things if needed. The Captain left a Marine in charge, that should be interesting.

Standing next to her station on the bridge, Laural made sure to keep an eye on Emmah’s feedback as well as the sensors. She was not comfortable with the CO leaving the ship, but that was for the XO to worry about.

The turbolift doors opened and Theo stepped out, making for his station, drink in hand. He saw Commander jarland and figured he'd best bury the hatchet while he could. "Excuse me Commander, I do apologize for my actions yesterday, I fear we got off on the wrong foot so after this little jaunt is over if you want to join me for a drink in the lounge area, I'm buying.." He then gave a weak smile and made for his station, settling into the rather comfortable chair. "All tactical systems report ready, nice to see we didn't have to wait till Tuesday to get our quantum torpedos loaded..."

Lieutenant Bori appeared on the Bridge as the Turbolift doors hissed open. The Bridge wasn't his usual preference to conduct his shift, but it was the most ideal place to monitor crew life signs whilst they were on away missions. With the whole imposter palaver featuring a Romulan spy, his plan was to intensely monitor every aspect of the Captain and Commander Zeti with an eagle eye. He made his way over to the medical console and typed in a few commands, before several brain wave patterns and heart rates chimed on the screen. "All is looking good so far Major."

The Major had been pacing the bridge, reluctant to sit in the center chair. "Good good, Thank you Lt." He said. He normally ran Gamma shift from a station in the back. This wouldn't do today. He walked over and sat down in the center chair, trying not to look uncomfortable.

It was about that time when the alarms started to scream and the ship's automated systems kicked in as the Romulan starship, before them was hit by weapons fire, and an explosion went off on the cargo ship causing the ship to drop out of warp. Frantic, the crew on the bridge rushed to respond as the Gladiator was hit by weapons fire as well only for a short bit before disappearing as fast as it started.

Seeing the cargo ship be hit and drop out of warp, Theo shunted power to the shields from weapons for a few moments just to add a brief bit of additional cushion, thankfully even though the weapons packed a punch, it wasn't enough of a punch that the ship couldn't handle it. "Sir, reading one raider class vessel, they appear to have something of an outdated cloaking system. I should be able to track them once we're closer, get me in there and I'll make them regret their life decisions.." Theo said as he took a sip of his traditional Cheerwine...

Bori's bridge training quickly kicked in as the Red Alert klaxon echoed throughout the ship, which shook violently as the weapons fire struck the ships shields. As well as several of his bridge colleagues, he monitored the ships life support systems and any reports of crew injuries. He'd left some of his most talented doctors down in Sickbay, which kept his mind focused on the mission at large. Reports quickly came in of a few crew members that had broken bones and slight burns from overpowered systems from the weapons jolt, but nothing major. "Life support is at 98%. Minor reports of casualties from Deck 5, but nothing that the Medics cant handle." He yelled, updating the command staff.

"High Energy Turn, 180 degrees, exicute!" Karbainov said calmly. Engineering and Helm would have to work closely togeather, a high energy turn was a risky manuver, the warp field of the ship would be sheared in opposite directions, causing the ship to spin almost on a dime...

But this would cause the engines to burn out, the EPS conduits could handle the strain after a cool down period, but warp would be unavailable to the ship for a few minutes.

The Gladiator turned, the warp engines died but carried her close enough to enter weapons range of the frieghter. The suddeness of the manuver would bring the Gladiator back into the frey much quicker than the attackers would expect. "Tactical, give me a status report, disable the attackers, fire as you bear."

"Weapons green and hot sir!" Theo reported as he scanned for the raiders. "Unable to lock on fully...time for some old school tactics.." Theo proclaimed as he worked the keypad at his station. After a couple seconds four photon torpedoes left the Gladiator, moving erratically like they were hunting. "Now...let's see you hide from this.." He said with a chuckle as the phasers began firing, but in burst mode like the old Enterprise used to do...

"They're obscuring our sensors with a software attack. Attempting to compensate." Mel stated as she started to run a few counter-programs to clear up the sensor data.

Quickly checking her feeds, Laural reported, “I don’t have any information on raiders in this area of space. Could be an independent”

"Tactical, I lived through the phaser bank era, please bring our weapons configuration to this century." Karbainov said irritated. He didn't need a buckaroo on tactical right now. "Helm, maunuver Liberty Omicron Four, Z plus four hundred, slow roll... launch fighters at terminus!"

The maneuver he had in mind would roll the ship as she dived between the attackers, giving all the shield arcs and weapon arcs ample exposure to each ship. The ship would then loop under the freighter, using it as cover as the Gladiator opened shuttle bays to launch a CAP. The ship would then turn to face the raider craft as the fighters formed up.

Commander Jarland braced against the wall as the ship lurched. He saw a cup tumble from the tactical station, spilling a liquid everywhere. Why were there drinks on the bridge, specially during a high alert security time? He was impressed with the collection of officers pulling information quickly and working together.

His eyes widened when five more ships dropped out of warp, closing in a full circle around them and the cargo ship. What a time for the Captain and the XO to be off the ship! He watched the fire patterns, the ships were keen to disable, not destroy. Clearly they wanted the cargo, and being able to take a federation ship would be a huge selling point as well. They'd clearly been tracked and hunted for this trap to work. He was here to observe but right now, the mission of the ship was more important. "Major if I can help, let me know." he called, not wanting to step on toes, but wanting it known he was an extra pair of experienced hands.

When Theo's Cheerwine spilled, his eyes filled with fire. "I just got the replicators working correctly you bastards!!" He screamed at the raiders. "SUCK ON THIS!!" He then worked his magic on the controls and over-rode the helm controls, immediately sending *Gladiator* into a high G horizontal spin, phasers, photon and even a small amount of quantum torpedoes being fired so that each of the raiders was hit by no less that 2 quantum torpedoes, 5 photon torpedoes and 60 phaser blasts..

Karbainov was standing up to ask Commander Jarland to assist Mel with the sensors. They needed to land some hits and fast. When the helm was stolen he was knocked to the ground hard. He got up and brushed himself off, using the center chair to prop himself up as he was fighting against the ridiculous spin.

"Helm unresponsive!" The helmsman said as his station erupted in a small explosion. Tactical exploded as well, but to a lesser extent.

The shuttle bay was not so lucky, part of launching fighters during combat was coordination, and the sudden spin caused one of the fighters to crash into the shuttle bay wall. Flight operations were crippled and the pilot was trapped in a now crippled fighter.

"Captain! I'm reading mass casualties in the Shuttle Bay, and Life Support is down to 87%!" Xander read from his console. He was eager to join his team down in Sickbay, but Percival was more than qualified enough to run things down there. He knew he'd call him back if he needed any help. "Sickbay reporting medical teams enroute."

"Commander Jarland take tactical.... what's left of it...." Karbainov barked. "Lt.Treadgaar, your relieved, if I had the manpower to spare I'd throw you in the brig! For now get to work doing first aid."

"Captain, with all due respect, if you're sending bridge officers to do first aid, then you don't need your Chief Medical Officer here!" Xander was taken back by Karbainov's comment, as almost if he had disregarded that a qualified M.D. was present on the bridge. Although he loved getting stuck in on command duties, Xander's heart was in ensuring the welfare and health of the crew - every single one of them.

The Russian sat down and checked the ships damage... weapons offline... helm offline... engines running on emergency power... shields at 70%... He looked at the raiders... they were ignoring the Gladiator as she helplessly spun out of range of the fight. They had taken some torpedo hits, but with the phasers in bank mode still they were unable to exploit it with any pinpoint damage.

"Mel, get with engineering and see if we cant get helm back... we are all Bismark crippled here..."

"On it!" both forms that composed the entity known as Mel Torma replied as they picked themselves up off the deck and made their way to the turbolift.

Working through the broken console, the helm officer swore before shacki g her head. ”No need, sir! I got helm back. Bringing us about!"

"What the hell is wrong with you people!!!" Commander Jarland yelled as he gripped a console to hold himself up as the ship came to. He growled as he shook his head. "Hawkins and all of you are unstable and unworthy of command in any capacity!"

In the center of the bridge, the emergency helm system lifted up from it's storage position and the helm officer moaned as she wasn't the type to really like to use this manual control of the helm system. But unlike the original designs, it was now a more larger, sturdier design with dual joysticks as she stood there almost like it we're a fighter. "Helm control is back, so don't steal my shit again, tactical!”

Theo stood at the back of the bridge, amazed that the targets had withstood the assault he'd hit them with and also impressed with the *Gladiator's* crew and how well they were able to get control back. The hardest part now was to not grab a phaser rifle and set it to maximum settings and vaporize Jarland..

"Damnit!" The helm officer screamed as the ship communication and navigational systems started to act up. "We are hitting the targets, only two more left!"

With the reason for her to travel to Engineering mostly resolved, Mel returned to her Science panel and, damaged though it may be she could still manage to aid tactical with the targeting. She turned on a heel and almost pounced back to her station. A few taps brought up the flickering display. It wasn't good, but she could work with this.

"Tactical, sensors still damaged. Manually adjust targeting by two point six three to compensate." the Dalacari advised. Her other twin spoke next, "I'm working on a workaround, I'll keep you updated on adjustment vectors."

"Commander Jarland, take tactical or get off my bridge." Karbainov growled. "The next outburst is going to the brig."

Grumbling to himself, he knew that it wasn't the time to pull rank during battle. If he were to, he would be acting as like those of the Gladiator crew. He wasn't about to lower himself to those standards. The Commander made his way to the tactical station, and huffed as he looked at the damaged primary station. So he turned to the wall station and looked at the systems as they were laid out in a new form for the primary systems. He sat at the station started to look over the information.

He turned his focus on the external sensors as the Gladiator came about and engaged the ships phasers. A beam of tremendous energy shot from the saucer section's top phaser bank, slamming into the nearest pirate ship, knocking it off guard and blowing up the ships engines. This caused a chain reaction, which sent multiple internal explosions until it blew up from the inside out.

"One target left," Jarland called out as he worked the systems before him.

"Sensors are erratic and the same with the transporter systems. From what I can see, the issue isn't from damage, but a computer hack..." he turned and shook his head. "Your damn computer A.I. isn't helping either. Some sort of protocol has been activated and has disabled multiple systems on purpose. But I am manually targeting the last raider ship. But we have another issue. A runabout has been launched, but communications aren't working at the moment and neither are the damn tractor beam."

Working away at her console, Laural was doing her best to fight the systems hack when her console began to spark, burning her hands. Quickly jumping back, she turned to the Major, “we’ve just lost our connection to Starfleet.” she reported, stepping to one side of the bridge

Shara was focused on organizing the damage control teams, keeping ships power to weapons and shields all while making sure she was paying attention to everything happening on the bridge. It took a lot of focus and she was grateful for the ops officer who was helping her keep it all together. "I've signaled a damage control team to check communications, I'm seeing if I can reroute power to it now."

THe runabout and Gladiator open fired on the final pirate ship and cleared all the threats. Once they did so, the Gladiator came about to head for the runabout. "We still do not have transporters or tractor beams, sir."

"What about the tractor beam projectors on the shuttlecraft? Or any of the other runabouts in the hangar?" Mel asked, calming down from the brush with physics.

"Don't think it matters," the helm officer called out as she turned in her chair and looked at the others. "The runabout just went to warp and deactivated their transponder. Additionally, they dumped a couple decoys with sensor scramblers. I don't think we are going to be catching up to them."

Zeti stepped out of the turbolift as the helm officer turned around and started speaking. She looked flustered and now she'd gone from acting XO to acting CO. The Captain had made the choice to run, something she might have done as well but for the moment she had to keep her crew focused on the task at hand. "We could, we have the runabouts to perform the search, but we are not going to. Our mission is to safely escort the freighter to it's destination. Helm get us back to that freighter. They need engineering assistance, Dasu organize the engineering teams. Lieutenant Treadagar, I want those engineering teams protected go with Lieutenant Dasu. Lieutenant Bori, signal medical to expect incoming Romulan injured. Major, you're now the acting XO. Commander Torma, you're now our acting second officer. Let the log reflect the Gladiator's new chain of command. I will explain more in time, but Hawkins is now a fugitive from both the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation. I need to reach command and update them. Everyone of you knows your jobs, we keep moving forward until we can get home to sort this out. Does anyone have any questions about our immediate situation?"

"Several, but lets talk in private.." Karbainov said standing up out of the command chair. "Lt. Treadagar, take an element from my Marines..." The Russian looked over to Zeti. "Ill get things set up for the Away teams, with your permission."

"Of course Major. Does anyone else have anything?" Zeti asked looking around the room.

"Aye Aye, Major.." Theo said and left the bridge to head for the marine barracks to grab a few of the jarheads to tag along with him..

"Good, then let's get to work. Major, Commander Torma, accompany me to the ready room. Lieutenant Mackenzie, as it seems I'm sending everyone else off ship, you have the conn."

Laural looked over surprised, but quickly snapped back, "yes sir" she said, making her way down to the Captains Chair, doing her best not to focus on the pain radiating from her hands.

Jarland glanced over at Laural and winced at her hands, "Get a medic up here right away to check those out. You can handle being checked in on while watching the conn." he said trying to be encouraging. He liked Laurel.

/// OFF ///

Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti
Acting Commanding Officer
U.S.S Gladiator


Major Karbainov Gennadiyvech
Acting Executive Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator


Lieutenant JG Laural Mackenzie
Chief Intelligence Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator


Lieutenant Theodore Treadagar IV
Chief of Security and Tactical Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator


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