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Breaking the Law!

Posted on Tue May 21st, 2019 @ 4:27am by David Hawkins & Emmah [Kavi]

Mission: Jarland
Location: Deck 12 - U.S.S. Gladiator-A
Timeline: During Battle

/// ON ///

As the crew of the Gladiator rushed about as the repair response teams continued to work on the hall breaches caused by the pirates, David rushed through the corridor on on of the lower crew decks with Emmah in tow. He had told her to stay back and leave it to him, but it was almost to late as he turned around a corner to find security officers standing now before him and Jarland's security officer of choice, Lieutenant Minnick.

"You traitor!" Minnick raised his voice along with the weapons in hand. The security officers did the same as David glared at the man.

"This was a setup, by Jarland and this Uncle, and you know it. What did your lackeys do, pay them off?" the captain countered as he looked the man over.

"They would never stoop so low. I respected you Hawkins! I was really starting to believe in you!" the security lieutenant said the hurt of betrayal evident in his voice.

Before anyone could say another word, a broad band phaser blast knocked out the three before him and stood behind them were two marines. "Sir, we were told of the emergency code and responded quickly. What do you require?"

A deep feeling of respect and honor arose from within Hawkins before taking a deep breath and shaking his head. "You all know that you will be reprimanded for this action."

"Internal sensors have been disabled due to the protocol you activated and we knocked them out from behind. We have been training for this possibility, sir," the sergeant in charge responded as he handed Hawkins a backpack. "Your bug out bag. The command staff are going to have a hard time following you and will be cleared of any actions due to all this, as laid out. But as far as Emmah, she has to activate her protocol as well. She can not go with ya."

"Why can't I go? I am an aide, not an official member of the crew! I can't stay here!" Emmah protested.

David looked at her and nodded in agreement with the marines. "You helped me design this into the computer system, with ch'Koro and Kavi's assistance. Only a hand full of new crew knew about this protocol, after the last C.O.I.L. attack. You knew this day could happen."

"COIL still lives clearly, which means if I am here, I will be a source of danger to the crew." she looked at Hawkins, "I should leave the ship as well." she said.

Hawkins took a long pause that he didn't have time to spare to way it all out before nodding and agreeing with her. He knew all to well that he was the last on the ship that had her back, enough through it all. She was his responsibility, and she would only be tampered with and treated like a tool. "First sign of them trying to hack you or track you, lock them out of your system and disconnect from the main computer."

Emmah nodded, she shifted her eyes for a moment and a small transporter signal showed at her feet, leaving a case behind. Her back up emitter and a few small personal items she had collected. She picked up the case and looked at Hawkins. "Ready sir."

"Sir.. What are your orders?" the sergeant asked as he and his comrade gripped their weapons ready to go.

"Stick to the plan. Is our transport prepped and ready?"

"Yes, sir. As planned," the other marine piped up.

Emmah looked at the marines, Boldoc and Kluharis, respectively a small transport of supplies might go unnoticed but transporting three people would be much harder to hide, It was better to run through the corridors before someone noticed him missing. The fact these men were helping was a testament to Hawkins being prepared for years, these were some of the older Marines, who had been around for a long time.

It was easy enough to cause simple reasons for people not to be in the halls, a stopped door, a delayed lift, Emmahs connection to the computer helped. She did her best to keep every one out of the halls as they tried to casually but quickly make it down the hall way to the shuttle bay. That is where things might get a bit more difficult.

They entered the large room, and the control tower was still manned, those people wouldn't leave for any thing. It was their job to stay.

The two marines paused as Hawkins nodded to Emmah and watched as she closed her eyes. Within seconds, the primary power systems of the area quickly disengaged before the four quickly darted into the darkness of a corner of the shuttle bay. As everyone was frantic, trying to figure out what was happening, David stopped cold in front of what looked like a cargo supply. He turned to Emmah and apologized before disengaging her program. He then turned with the holoband and placed it between to containers. He tapped a couple codes on the band, and the sound of a power flowed and a type 11 personal shuttle craft came to life. He nodded to the marines, who quickly took position at the entrance of the shuttle before Hawkins, with the band in hand, rushed over and entered the shuttle.

"Computer, engage engines," David called out as he tapped the band, bringing Emmah back to them. "Boldoc, Kluharis, take your positions. Emmah, final order, open the hanger bay doors, and scramble communications and sensors of the Gladiator and surrounding ships. Once things are started, disconnect yourself from the Gladiator computer core."

Emmah woke up with a start, but heard the orders. This was complicated as she was not designed to run the ship, nor mess with it. She could do it, but it wasn't easy. She closed her eyes, and began the process as he ordered, concentrating hard. The alarms went off as the doors began opening, She sent a number of errors through Gladiators systems, just enough to confuse sensors and coms for at least three minutes before the computer would be able to catch up. She pulled herself out of the computer core and shuddered a bit. She hated the feeling of being small when she was disconnected from the large ship. But this was her life now.

"Ready. lets go, we have three minutes." she told Hawkins as she followed him on to the shuttle.

Taking the helm of the runabout, he nodded as he engaged the systems across the board. THe sound of the engines and thrusters came to life as weapons fire started to hit the shuttle. "Don't worry, we will only need one," He responded to this assistant as he throttled the engines and the launched forward as the ship lifted up enough to be above the personal and shuttles. The runabout's beacon lights flashed as he brought the beams of lights alive, blinding the security officers, and technicians. The emergency lights at the end of the hanger, came to life as the shuttle bay doors started to open. They got half way before the stalled, forcing the experienced fighter pilot to engage the thrusters, rotating them 90 degrees skimming the doors.

As the found themselves in space, the battle raged on between the Gladiator and the pirate ships. He cringed at the thought of leaving them behind but there was only one ship left for the sovereign class to handle. He fired the phasers of the runabout and caused the enemy ship to turn its attention on them, just long enough for them to loss focus on the Gladiator and the cargo ship. The blue glimering torpedoes flew from the underside of the Gladiator and curved in the darkness of space, quickly before slamming into the pirate ship, shredding its skin, and causing multiple explosions before it blew up from the inside out, sending debree in all directions.

Taking a moment to look out side of the runabout, David and the rest of his group looked at the beauty they called home for several years turn in space slowly showing all its glory. A deep not in his throat grew as he fought the temptation to turn back and face the full force of what was to come. He knew deep down that each and every member of that ship's crew would back him and even die for him. But in the end, they would feel the full force of Star Fleet Command, and a fleet of ships if they were to all rebel. He wasn't ready to do that to them, or even give them the chance to do such a thing.

Taking a deep breath, he turned back to his console and brought the warp core online "Time to go."



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