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The Sisterhood

Posted on Fri Apr 12th, 2019 @ 8:34am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Jarland

Frost took a deep breath as she looked at two of her 'sisters', Eira and Kap. They were among the three who survived the hunt by the Andorian after the experiments on the Kavi sisters. She was the more experienced Snow Queen, as their collection was called, the two before her were close, and angry. They wanted vengeance, they wanted to systematically destroy everyone involved with disrupting their plans.

"You already put plans in to motion with out consulting the sisterhood." she chided them. "Right now it seems you are heading for success, but I have a lot of concerns... Mainly how does discrediting someone help our long term goals?" she demanded from behind her desk.

"We wasted time and resourced with your experiments Frost, we need a direction approach." Eira said rolling her eyes and tossing her long white braid back. Every sister was born with white hair and light eyes. A few of them dyed their hair, but most, along with the Snow connected names, wore their white hair with pride.

Frost glowered, "I made a lot of progress with the Kavi twins, and we gained a lot of intel." she said.

"And we lost one of our larges ships in their rescue because it failed."

"It didn't fail!" Frost yelled slapping her hand on the desk and standing up. "You have a need for vengeance, that does not suit our goals. Do not make an enemy of the sisterhood!" she warned them. "Going after that ship is pointless now unless it will get us to our primary prey to shut it down."

Kap laughed, "And where do you think it will end up if we flush out its protectors? Unprotected... unguarded... exposed. We can do our part to rid the universe of the false people, AND get revenge. Think outside the box dear sister... before you find yourself locked in one." she said before the pair turned and marched out of Frosts office.

Frost slumped back in her chair and steepled her fingers considering what Kap had said. Even if her sister was right, actions unauthorized by the sisterhood was dangerous, and stupid. Still.. if it worked Eira and Kap would rise among the sisterhood ranks, and Frost might be on the losing end of that deal, since she had always opposed the brash and risky actions of the two. She would have to tread carefully from here on out.



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