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Final Words

Posted on Tue May 21st, 2019 @ 11:32am by David Hawkins

Mission: Jarland
Location: Hawkins' Runabout

/// ON ///

Sitting in the back small quarters in the back of the runabout, David looked over the small monitor on the wall. It hadn’t been the first time he sat before a console looking at the database waiting for the next words to come out of his mouth. But this time, his logs weren’t needed anymore. Why he was going to continue this didn’t make sense. But deep down, he felt that it would be good closer to himself and others.

“Computer, continue log…” his voice spoke as he tried to understand why it sounded foreign to him now. All he could think of, was that he had lost himself in thought over the past decade or so of service. He sighed ever so slightly before he looked at the screen in front of him. “… Where was I? Oh yes, umm…

“So the mission started off with it supposedly being a simple escorting mission for the Gladiator-A’s first madden voyage. During the madden voyage, Admiral Jarland insisted on having the Gladiator and her crew go thru a I.G. Inspection under the oversite of the inspecter, Commander Neville Jarland… only… With Commander Mercia Kavi arrested, awaiting trial, I forwarded Lieutenant Commander Zeti up to acting first officer for the time being until Mercia was cleared of wrong doing.

“While in transit to meet up with the Romulan Cargo ship, Commander Jarland did his ‘one man show’ IG investigation. It went as well as expected, some people listened, some people butted heads against Jarland. All-in-all, it was no different than any other times we dealt with the commander. But there was nothing that caused any issues to the point of failing any true report. Just the normal complaining from Neville, which wouldn’t be a surprise whatsoever.

“It all went sideways as we arrived at the romulan cargo ship. Emma, Zeti, and myself transported to the romulan ship to conduct a security briefing and discussion with them for the escort at hand with their Captain. But when we got there, we were escorted into a small room, and locked up till I was summoned … Like a puppy…” He sighed as he tossed a pen at the monitor and allowed it to bounce off before sighing. “Delete that last line and continue…”

The computer responded with a couple chirps before sighing and thinking deeply before continuing.

“… when we got there, we were escorted into the room, and placed in a securely guarded room. It didn’t take long before I was summoned before the ship’s captain, as he wanted a one on one meeting. At least that was how it came off. When I got there, I was greeted by the captain, or so I thought it was. “

He had thought long and hard as he tried to shack the thought of failure. How could his decades of training and know how have let him down as he had. Now he sat there, on the run in order to clear his name over all of this, was starting to already eat him inside. There were several things that could have caused them to fail but they have almost always found a round about all this. Now that it had blown up in their face, he was lost.

“The man told me of his plan, that he wasn’t the captain, but that Jarland had been waiting a long time for this. He transported off the ship as soon as the attack took place, and was replaced with the murdered romulan captain with a duplicate of my combat knife. The first officer rushed in to report to her captain, found him murdered, and quickly blamed me. Wasn’t a big surprise as, hell. I mean, who wouldn’t.

“Well at that time, Zeti and Emmah rushed in. They saw that I knocked out the romulan first officer, and the dead Captain. I explained what happened, gave my badge and pips to the Commander, and ran… The commander had no position in this and she has my badge in which hopefully has the recorded> But more than likely, there was a E.M. field in place or dampener,” David explained as he looked at the monitor for a moment as he knew it was recording a video as well as his voice. “I didn’t mean to leave you all like I did. But ever since we met the C.O.I.L., we have been expecting such a thing. We thought we defeated them. But it is obvious that they have burrowed so deep into our culture that we never fully understood the depths or scale of these people are willing to go to accomplish their desires.

“… I don’t know where I go from here… TO be honest, all I want to do is strangle those damn Jarland’s. But I can’t risk the safety of you all. I now know that I have to go under hiding and uncover all this myself…” He looked at the monitor once more and looked sincere. “I promise that you will be ordered to hunt me down and that I am a traitor. I know you all know better, and you would all would bend over backwards as my family. But they want me, not any of you. So… I’ll be in touch… Don’t forget me, as I won’t forget you all… Hawkins out.” With that… the monitor went blank. “Computer transmit through the secure settings laid out to the Gladiator…”

/// OFF ///

David Hawkins


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