Wakey Wakey!

Posted on Tue Jul 23rd, 2019 @ 9:20am by David Hawkins & Admiral Charles Grayson

Mission: A new perspective
Location: Admiral's Home - Memphis Island

/// ON ///

The light from the sun beamed through the window of the private bedroom, as the sound of snoring filled the room. Flickering and light, as the activation of a hologram came about next to the bed and the soon a man 'stood' next to the bed of the man's bed. Looking over his civilian attire, he continued look around the room to see what it all looked like. He took in a deep breath before he quickly turned when the man in the bed shifted in the bed. He smirked slightly as he leaned down and started to speak in a whisper.

"Wakey wakey, lemon squeezey, Admiral," the man's voice was crackling and broken from time to time as his firm also flickered with the simplist movements.

Grayson flipped over, a weapon in hand as he aimed at the man over his bed. "David." he growled. "Computer, lights 50%!" It was obvious this was a holographic transmission, he frowned, "Computer, trace transmission." Charles said as he set his weapon down and spread his hands. "You know I have to... Also... I think the term is easy peasey lemon squeezey."

David pondered for a moment as he thought to himself and his words before shruggling. ”Yes, well..."

The holographic man stood up, flickering and all as he relaxed his arms in his pockets of his pants. He breathed a moment as he waited till he heard the chirp of the computer.

”Unable to comply, there is no active transmission in progress," the female voice replied.

All David did was shrug again with a slight smirk.

Grayson stood up and rolled his eyes."So you still have a bag of tricks. " He said." Damn it, David why did you run? I can't help you because you ran! " he growled as he plodded over to a drink cart in his living room and poured himself a drink.

"Oh come on, Admiral. You damn well know why. They have been at this for years. And now, we have them trying to kill me, frame Mercia and myself. The crew have know need in being in the middle of this personal vendetta of COIL and the Jarlands."

Grayson put his glass down harder than he meant to, "David that is bull shit. You have taken matters in to your own hands. You proved what Admiral Jarland has been harping about you. I called you honorable, and your running has taken the wind out of my sails. If you had remained at your post I'd have had a fighting chance, now... hell if you don't end up dead in the hunt for you, you'll never command a ship again. Even if I could prove you innocent of this crime the fact you ran leaves me with NOTHING." he said. "Mercia could have ran, but she's still got her ass parked in a cell and she's working the correct methods to be cut free the right way!"

"Yeah, and how has that been going prior to this?" David countered knowing all to well that it was all going to hell. Mercia had been denied multiple times in multiple ways of getting cleared of those actions. The difference between the two was, she was drunk and hit an officer, unprovoked.

"I have angles." he reorted quickly. His normal channels were closing up. At least there was the Aden Phyr fellow. He had some good ideas, but it was going to require Mercia to take a year off, so far she was resistant, but open at least.

"Yeap... That's what I thought. I was framed, and they had planned it all down to every detail. They didn't plan on me running. So that gets them running after me, changing their focus."

Charles rolled his eyes, "You think you're so clever." he muttered. "I see your perspective, but I still don't agree with it. What do you think is going to happen now?" he asked before he took another drink and leaned against a counter, watching the flickering hologram.

"Do you really want to know, or do you want to have plausible deniability?" David asked as he looked around the room for a moment, before smirking before making it over to an open chair in the corner. He flickered a little bit as he moved something invisible into the same place as the chair before he sat down, making it look like he was sitting in the same room as the Admiral.

"Both." he grunted, "The truth is there is no plausible deniability. No one would believe I have it any way." Grayson as he walked over to another chair and sat across from him. "How'd you get out so fast?"

"I have a bug out contingency, in which, I have held in place for a while. Well a couple of us do. You know that part at least. It was a side project of ours from time to time," the hologram admitted as he relaxed in the chair. He started to lean through the back of the solid chair till it was to much and flickered through it. "... ouch..."

The Admiral arched a brow, "I'd be foolish if I didn't have my own bug out plan..." he admitted. "Now... I hear Emmah is also missing. Why did she leave? Either you kidnapped her, or she threw in her lot with you, which doesn't help her person-hood case."

Pulling himself up from the floor, and readjusting his seat, the hologram sat down again and looked at the man. "Either of those answers really doesn't make the outcome any better or worse. But she chose to come. She had no family left on the Gladiator, and you know it. At least not sense she was created."

"She could have come here. ch'Koro is here, and he's going to be pissed when he finds out she's on the run with you." he grunted. Grayson drew in a long breath and looked beyond the hologram of David. "Why are you calling, David? To find out if I'm hunting you?"

"I know that you won't be allowed to hunt me, but rather be disowned by Jarlands and questioned. Doesn't mean I can't check up on you from time to time," Hawkins replied as he blinked at the old man."But if you want to be a sour puss and complain about seeing me, then I'll leave ya alone and do all this myself."

Charles grunted, "So far Admiral Jarland is throwing a fit, but his Nephew is suspect about all of it, and has cast doubt on your treachery. For the moment they're battling each other through reports. I am tasked with finding you however, but I'm not the only one." Charles said. "So are you going to share your plan with me or?"

"Hunt those bastards down, and put an end of them, no matter what," He responded as he looked at the admiral. "I am done with losing good people over all this. Its now time to do what is needed to get done."

Charles held up his hand, "Which bastards? because if you are talking about Admiral Jarland I can not condone such speak." he said tightly.

"Oh so allowing them to kill our people is ok, but threatening to end their run of corruption isn't?" David countered as he glared at the man. "I have lost way to many people, close and they trusted me to protect them. C.O.I.L. is still alive and Admiral Jarland is part of it. You can't deny that, even if he knows to hide solid evidence."

Charles rubbed his chin, feeling the day old stubble scratching his fingers. "There is a right way and a wrong way to do this David. Its not ok that our people have died, but you have to play this smart. Discrediting him and those involved is best. Death may be the result, but with out the proof he will just be an assassinated Admiral... a martyr. No.... find COIL... find who is connected and the evidence, and then we can act."

"Who else do you think is actually behind this?" David wondered.

Charles looked at the hologram, "That's for you to figure out Davy. I really can't even guess." he said solemnly. "People surprise me. But hear me out... Genevieve is powerful... and while she is connected with Admiral Jarland I don't believe for a second she has anything to do with COIL. She'd take Jarland down in a second with the right evidence and she will hunt down collaborators." he said. "For the moment though she wants your head, so stay out of her way until you have enough to take down the Admiral."

David thought it through long and hard before nodding out of respect and trust in Admiral Grayson. He trusted the man with his life. "Yes, sir. She is off limits."

Grayson considered the words for a few moments. How he would love for Genevieve to be taken off limits for him as well. He was distracted for a moment thinking about her in ways he should not before he finally cleared his throat. "I don't know how I can help you, with out compromising my position so I can protect your crew and the base." he said honestly.

"That's all that matters to me, Charles," David admitted before taking in a deep breath before looking off to his right as though his attention was taken away. It was odd, but his holographic image flickered before he looked back at the Admiral. "I have to go, I'll give Genevieve a call. But we have some stuff to deal with. Take it easy, and I am sorry once again, but deep down, you know I am right."

"I'd rather you not talk to Genevieve until you have real evidence." Charles said quickly. "Check some how from time to time." he said standing up. He watched as the holigram flickered and dissipated. Charles rubbed his hand over his hair and sighed, what a hell of a mess.

Admiral Charles Grayson
Memphis Island Commander


David Hawkins