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Reuniting part 1

Posted on Tue Jun 4th, 2019 @ 6:52pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: A new perspective

Seza Th’vaarik closed her eyes as the shuttle settled down, she felt her five year old son Athas bouncing next to her. “Easy boy.” she said softly. She was feeling dizzy from the landing, of course missing an antenna would do that to an Andorian.

“But we are here!” he said pressing against the window, already looking for the face he wanted to see.

Seza smiled, “I know.” she said. “Get your bag.” she instructed as she stood up with her cane. With her injury coupled with space travel, she needed it to keep her balance. Oryth didn’t know yet, with talks of him taking a new command on a family ship, ending their period of separation she didn’t want to distract him from getting done what he needed to get done. It was too important for him to get the command. Several years of surviving on visits was not how she wanted to live life.

Athas took her hand, being a caring little boy, as excited as he was he was careful to make sure she made it off the shuttle alright. They stepped off the shuttle on to the landing pad with a few other passengers.

Seza smiled a bit feeling the sun on her blue skin, it felt nice. She felt Athas let go of her hand and start running. She shifted her eyes seeing an Andorian exit the terminal, in a crisp uniform.

Oryth knew what shuttle she was coming in on and was happy to be reunited with her. The chance to command a Sovereign class ship, to be able to actually live with her for more than a few months at a time made him incredibly happy. As Athas came running up to him, he scooped him up and touched his antenna to his.

“Athas!” He grinned. “It’s good to see you again my boy. Where is your mother?”

“She’s over there,” Athas turned his head towards where he’d run from and pointed.

When Oryth spotted her, he quickly walked over to her with Athas in his arms. “Seza, are you all right? What happened?”

She lifted her shoulder, “Just an onsite accident.” she said. She was a movie star, and recently closed up shooting on an action film. “I fell during one of my last scenes, and a rig fell on me. Got a little bruises, but I’m no worse for wear.. Well once my Antenna grows back I’ll be right as rain.” she said reaching for Oryth.

Oryth moved close and leaned down as his free arm went around her. He touched his antenna to her one before kissing her lips. There was a calmness that fell over him as they got close to each other. “I have an apartment already set up for us while we are here. It will remain ours even when the Gladiator isn’t in port.”

She smiled, “I hope it’s a little fancy.” she said. “Me and Athas have been living in a beachfront cabana for the last six months.” she said touching her sons face. “We’re getting rather used to it.” she said. “At the same time the little warrior here is excited to live on a ship, aren’t you?” she asked.

“I’m a Captain in Starfleet, it is a fairly nice apartment. The building is right on the beach and there is easy access and we can see water for miles,” Oryth chuckled softly.

“I can’t wait to see the ship! My Poppa will run the whole thing!” The boy grinned.

“Something like that Athas,” Oryth smiled, before looking over Seza. “I put in the order to have your things brought to the apartment, we can head back there if you’d like.”

“I’ll need a few hours to recover from the drop.” she said, “I’m a little dizzy and off balanced.” she said her solo antenna going flat on her skull for a moment. “So yes, it would be nice to go back there.” She leaned on her cane a bit as she stepped back, “Maybe a rest a bit… let Athas watch a movie so we can spend some time together.” she winked at Oryth.

“That sounds divine,” Oryth kept Athas in his arms, who seemed content to just be held by his Poppa. “Would you like my help or are you able to make it on your own? I have a car waiting out front, so it’s not far.”

“Oh as long as he’s not tugging on me I can make it.” she said. “It’s why I have the cane, although…” she touched a button and the cane disappeared into a small tube in her hand. “I’d rather not be seen on it, if I can avoid it.” she said her one antenna laying flat for with irritation for a moment. It was humiliating.

“She got mad when someone took pictures of her before we left!” Athas said. “Like REALLY mad!”

Sezas cheeks flushed a little purple, “I may have hit him with the cane…”

“As your husband, I’d say they’re lucky that’s all that happened,” Oryth chuckled softly. “Sadly, I don’t think you’ll be free from paparazzi here on Memphis Island either. This has become a bit of a vacation spot for some celebrities and you have your own fan group.”

“Well I’m going to try to ignore them. Time for some recuperating and spending time with my husband and son.” she said. “I dismissed my aide for a vacation of her own, so it’s just us until I send for her.” she said. She started to walk forward, taking slow, trying to brush it off as casual. Before they got to the terminal she pulled a small disk out of her pocket and flicked it open. It made a nice wide sun hat that matched her outfit. She pulled it on her head and offered a smile. “Sunhats are my new best friend.” she winked, in a rather human gesture, born of being among them for so long.

“If it works…” Oryth said with a shrug. “Will you be needing an assistant? Once we’re on the Gladiator there won’t be a lot of things an assistant can do I don’t think… Maybe you can better educate me.”

Seza offered him a look, “I won’t need her on the Gladiator, but she’s been helpful to me the last year and half. Doing everything from helping keep Athas from running me wild, to doing some of my hair and makeup, arranging my schedule so I can keep it straight.” she said. “When I start working again, it’s possible I’ll need her, but I’m looking in to keeping her wherever she wants to be. I hear Gladiator has advanced hologram technology, if we have emitters in our quarters it will be very helpful.” she questioned.

“I believe that we do,” Oryth answered her, she was always so focused on her work and he on his. It was the hardest thing about their relationship. “It’s a state of the art ship, I’ll be able to have an engineer install them even if we don’t have them.”

“I can’t wait to be on the ship!” Athas said proudly. “We only ever go on this big passenger ships. I want to see a battleship.”

Seza rolled her eyes as they walked, “I doubt we will be seeing a lot of battles Athas.” she said. “And if we do, there will be rules, especially for you. No going off and trying to be a hero.” she said giving her five year old a look. The kid was already fierce enough she wouldn’t put it past him to pick up a phaser and go looking for the fight. His holoprograms proved it. “Isn’t that right?” She said looking at Oryth, expecting his support in talking the boy down.

“It is right my young warrior, there will come a day for you to fight in your own great battles no matter what they may be but until you are older you will listen to your mother,” Oryth said firmly, giving his boy a look. “I’ll keep training you and turn you into a strong warrior.”

Athas grinned and turned to look at his mother, “Yes mama. I will stay in our quarters if there is danger.”

“You better.” Seza said. They were quiet as they moved through the terminal. She was grateful Oryth was taking a fairly slow pace as to not mess with her balance so badly. They were through quickly and to the car, as she was loading up she glanced up and noticed the fan club her husband had mentioned looking at her.

When the doors were closed she felt Athas climbing over her to look out her window. “Careful!” she said hauling him back and putting him back in the seat. She looked over at Oryth and could tell from his body language he was beyond happy. “A year is too long with just phone calls.”


Captain Oryth th'Vaarik
Commanding Officer
USS Gladiator

Seza th'Vaarik


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