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Reuniting Part 2

Posted on Mon Jun 10th, 2019 @ 6:21am by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Halan Zeti

Mission: A new perspective

When the doors were closed she felt Athas climbing over her to look out her window. “Careful!” she said hauling him back and putting him back in the seat. She looked over at Oryth and could tell from his body language he was beyond happy. “A year is too long with just phone calls.”

“Far too long,” Oryth agreed with his wife. The car started to drive away as soon as all three of them were settled. He glanced at the crowd and then looked forward. “I don’t know that I ever will get used to that. Have I been in anything lately?”

“You’re always in.” she scoffed. “Lets see.... Last stupid story I saw was a 5 or 6 months ago. We had a day off set, and me and Athas went to dinner with Craig, the co star in the last movie, with his kids. He’s a widower. There were dozens of made up stories about me and Craig, and of course they dragged in what you were up to. Of course that just happened to be the time when you had to cancel your visit, some one on set overheard me complaining about it.” she looked down at Athas, “Silly made up stories right?” He was too distracted with the passing scenery.

Seza shrugged and smirked at Oryth, “Even if I retire it will take years for them to stop. No doubt soon there will be one all about our ‘last ditch effort’ with me taking time off and joining you on the ship.”

“It could be worse,” Oryth said, his antenna moving in towards each other in a shrug like manner. “I’m not concerned with you retiring, I know many actresses stay in that line of for for many years. It will be likely that I will retire before you, at least then I will be able to properly assist in the action movies so that they are not so far fetched.”

Seza laughed, “You’re too critical.” she chided him. “I hope you’re not a wet blanket to everyone who likes action movies! We have had some great advisors on set you know!” she teased. “Have you even watched any of my movies yet?” she demanded.

“You’ve made me watch them,” Oryth replied stiffly, he narrowed his eyes for a second before he looked over at her. “I can’t help it that they were doing things poorly on the last set I was at, if I had been fighting them I’d have won without even increasing my heart rate. I do believe that was considered one of the best action scenes in the movie according to some critics.”

“Oh you are so proud of that! It has everything to do with the fact you humiliated the fight choreographer in front of the director, and the director listened to you, and not the fact that we performed amazingly, and had great set support and editing? It’s all about your changes to the fight!” she said. “Nothing to do with the fact I’m an amazing actress! And I really kicked ass in that scene!”

“Yes it is, because I brought the scene from being really good to being great. You are an amazing actress, but I’ve been in live combat,” Oryth growled at her playfully. “You really enjoyed it when I worked with you closely.”

Seza smirked at him, giving him a coy look, “Oh I look forward to you working closely with me again.” She bit her lower lip, “Maybe you should think about retiring early so you can join me more often. Of course we will need to reinforce my green rooms or trailers.” she said.

“I always figured we would have a bigger family,” Oryth grinned at her. “Give me a few years as the Captain of the Gladiator. If I do well, I’m likely to make admiral which would give me the ability to pick my assignment. Maybe pick one closer to where you are most likely to film.”

She looked over at Athas, “I would like to give him a more stable home life.” she said. “Especially if we’re going to talk about expanding the family.” Seza said, “We have to be more careful with timing than we were with him.” she chuckled. She’d caused some issues with her stomach and restrictions when she was pregnant with Athas, nothing that couldn’t be taken care of but it did cause filming issues. “So where are we staying while we are here?”

“I have a penthouse apartment in one of the buildings on the other side of the island. It’s got a beautiful view of the ocean and it’s right on the beach. I’ve been told there is a pool on the roof but I’ve not gone up to it yet. I guess being a Captain on a military installation gives me some privileges, much like when you go anywhere else,” Oryth replied, before looking out one of the windows. “We’re almost there.”

“A Pool on the roof!?” Athas asked perking up.

“Oh Now you are paying attention?” Seza said ruffling his hair. “Good thing you’re a good swimmer.” she glanced at Oryth, “I was resisting picking up a holonanny, but part of me feels we’re going to need one.” she laughed. “He’s an adventurer and didn’t really pick up on your strict adherence to rules.” she said, as Athas put his antenna back and tried to fix his hair.

“Believe it or not, but when I was a boy I hated following the rules,” Oryth looked over at Seza and flashed her a charming grin. “I’m sure you love the idea of making me feel like that boy, wanting to do nothing more than throw caution to the wind.”

Seza chuckled, “You were too straight laced when we met. Boring life, too many rules and no creativity.” she smirked, “I actually got you in trouble, that was a new thing for you.” she smirked at him.

“He got in trouble?” Athas said looking at his father in shock. “Like as an officer?”

Seza grinned, “Oh LOT’s of trouble! He got yelled at, and had to have lots of meetings… But he’s the boss now, so its harder for me to get him in to trouble.”

“I could still get into trouble,” Oryth laughed and leaned his head forward to touch his antenna to his sons. “And yes, your mother caused me to get into trouble with my commanding officer. I fell in love with her which made me want her more than following a bunch of rules. She’s helped me have a lot more fun in my life.”

“Never forget the balance of fun and rules.” Seza said looking out the window again as the car pulled in to the garage of their building. “Follow the right rules, and have fun whenever you can. And use your imagination as often as you can, without it the rules mean nothing.”

“She makes a good point, life is all about balance my boy. You have to be able to have fun and maintain a healthy respect for the rules. Your mother does not have that respect and I have too much of it. It’s why we are good as a team,” Oryth explained, before climbing out of the car.

Once he was out, he opened the door for Seza and helped her climb out. As his son jumped out, he took his hand and motioned for them to follow. “All right, let’s head up to our new place until we head up to the Gladiator.”

Seza took her time walking towards the lift. It had a glass wrap around and was large enough for more than a dozen people. She activated her cane and leaned against the wall as it swept upwards. The first 30 floors were mostly open, windows, and glass and plant life everywhere. Walk ways criss crossed everywhere. Normally she would love such a ride as much as Athas was with his face pressed against the glass. For now though, it was dizzying, causing her antenna to flatten. She couldn’t wait for her lost one to grow back so she could feel better and function again.


Captain Oryth th'Vaarik
Commanding Officer
USS Gladiator


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