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All Hail Captain Red Beard!!

Posted on Wed Jul 17th, 2019 @ 8:02am by Lieutenant Commander Kordan Zak [Hawkins] & Captain Oryth Th’vaarik

Mission: A new perspective
Location: Conference Room Four- Command Tower - Memphis Island

/// ON ///

It took a long time to make Lieutenant Commander Kordan Zak's way through the island and its multitude of structures. But once he had found his way through the crowds, he got through the security and to the floor he had been ordered to report to.. He had been on the planet for only six hours before he was quickly summoned. This new commander seemed to really be the type to stay on schedule, no matter what.

The doors to the conference room four swished open and there was only one man at the long table. The trill made his way through and came before the table. "Lieutenant Commander Kordan Zak, reporting as ordered."

Oryth looked up from the PaDD he'd been reading, it was Zak's record all right but it was expanded on since the last time he'd served with the man. It was good that he'd be seeing at least one familiar face aboard the Gladiator. He set the devise down before standing up and nodding to Zak. "It's good to see you again Commander."

"Likewise. How is the wife fairing?" the Trill asked as he eased up a little before coming closer to the table and chairs, resting his hands on the back of one of the chairs head rest.

"She is going to be joining me on the Gladiator for a time, she was injured during her last movie and she wants to take some time to recover," Oryth took a deep breath. "I love her but hate her career choice. I heard about the joining, I'm sorry you lost her. I know, in some way, she's still with you and that you're not quite the same man I knew."

"Trill personalities can be overlapped when the blinding occurs. Nonetheless, I was a special case, and was forced to take time off to handle the blending and the loss," the Commander tried to explain but it was much more deeper than that. He wasn't the most open man before, but now he had over a dozen lifetimes in the back of his mind that caused him to see things in different perspectives.

"From what I read I'd agree, still it's good to have you aboard. We're taking on a tough assignment, a crew that is presumably still loyal to it's former CO and have been through some pretty tough missions. Normally I'd recommend mixing them up and rebuilding the crew, but with Memphis Island becoming more and more trafficked we don't have time to sit the Gladiator on the side lines," Oryth motioned to the chair. There was a carafe on the table with two mugs, one of them was full and had steam rolling off of it. It was a cup of katheka, an Andorian stimulant beverage that was much like human coffee. "Why don't you have a seat? We already have an assignment and have a lot to discuss. Would you like some katheka?

"Sounds good, sir," Zak responded as he remembered that he used to dislike the unusual taste. But now, he had one personality that was in the back of his mind, that desired it. It was almost like it was crack to one of his previous lives... their life. He sat down and took the cup, examining it in great detail questioning himself what he was getting ready to take in. As he did, a quick 'huh' escaped his limps before he looked at the Andorian Captain. "Sorry... Everything these days are new experiences for me. Its been a while sense I have had katheka.

"Anyway, I was personally briefed by a Commander Jarland on the Gladiator's past couple weeks as soon as I arrived in the sector. It was odd but I guess understandable as I had accessed the intelligence briefings on the ship and her crew for a further detailed analysis before arriving. It looks like my top secret clearance is still valid from my time as an Intelligence Officer," He paused as he found himself rambling on, which was unlike himself. "So yeah, I do not believe I need much catching up to do on that part. But you said a mission."

"We don't have much to go on," Oryth tapped a couple of commands and a sensor readout popped up on the holographic interface. He let it sit for a minute to give Kordan time to look it over. "Our deep space sensor buoys have picked up a spherical object heading towards federation space. It was traveling at warp five when it was picked up, the analysts have already determined it is not borg in nature. This thing... It's twice the size of earth's moon. It's a planet traveling at warp."

"I am unsure where to start, but I am sure Starfleet Science and Engineering Divisions are drooling over this. How is this possible? What is powering the warp engines for this planet to fly through subspace? Are their even warp engines causing this? Where did it come from?" The trill shrugged as he over the hologram before looking over the data pad before him. "I guess the primary question would be, why the Gladiator?"

"She's the power in this part of space, there are a lot of police ships but the Gladiator is the ship that can bring them all together into a fleet if needed. You can bet the Klingons and the Romulans will be wanting to send ships of their own. We're also the most advanced and she's already got a full compliment," Oryth pointed out. "It won't be easy taking over someone else's ship, but I think we're up for the job."

Zak thought about that last statement for a moment as he knew all to well that there was more to all then than the mission at hand, but the mission would give them something to rally the troops around. "Sounds good, sir."

"I've given you access to all the of data we've gathered regarding the planet so that you can review it. I'd like to assemble the senior staff and have a briefing at 0700 the day after tomorrow," Oryth said. "Do you have any questions?"

"No, sir. I'll make sure the Gladiator is prepped and ready for launch by then," the Commander responded as he took in a deep breath. "Let me know if I can help out with anything else."

"I will," Oryth stood up from where he was sitting. "Spend sometime reviewing the data. If there's nothing else, you're dismissed."


Captain Oryth Th'vaarik
Commanding officer
USS Gladiator


Lt. Commander Kordan Zak
Executive Officer
U.S.S. Gladiator-A
(played by Hawkins)


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