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Picky Picky

Posted on Tue Apr 15th, 2014 @ 6:44pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Kaslau

Patience looked in the vanity as her servant places the head piece in her hair, and straightened the beads. “The center is not straight.” She snipped.

The Caitian servant took a deep breath, “Yes my Lady.” She said and adjusted the wire again. If that the only complaint the lady had she would be lucky.

Patience looked herself in the mirror with her chin held high and stood when she was ready. “I will see him now.” She said clapping her hands. She strolled in to the sitting room of her suite, although not exactly satisfied with her temporary accommodations.

Before her stood her new chief of security, sent by her government as her former chief died in an attack several days earlier. The Kaslau officials were calling it a mugging, but she wasn’t so certain. Her eyes swept over the man. “I don’t like the color of your hair.” She commented.

“The color of my hair will not change how well I protect you my Lady.” Trean said, although he was going under the name Gili Nal.

“I asked for a silent man with brown hair.” She humphed, “I’ll be needing to make some phone calls.” She sniffed.

“Call if you so choose Lady, but we will be leaving for the USS Gladiator in a couple of hours, I don’t think there will be time to find any one close who can do my job,” he said tightly. How he hated this woman. He narrowed his eyes at her, she was pretty, but she was demanding and snobby, and she had destroyed his family.

She sat down and took a bite of the food on the table near her. “We shall see, have you been to my new escort ship as of yet?” she asked.

“Ma’am your instructions were to meet with you first so that you could convey your expectations.” Gili said struggling to keep his temper in check. If he didn’t follow through, then his sister wouldn’t be cared for.

“Well at least I know you can follow instructions.” Patience snipped.

She snapped her fingers and motioned, “These are the expectations I have laid out. Ensure these are followed, or else the Federation will have to deal with me.” She said darkly.

Gili took the tablet that was handed to him by another aide. He opened it up and his eyes nearly fell out of his head, “Ma’am is this a joke?” he demanded. “This list is incredibly long.”

“Yes it is, and the Federation will comply with every thing on that list.” She said. “Or I will not board that ship, and they can make a deal with another system for their dilithium.” She said. Her world owned a massive dilithium export, and she had no end of major organizations wanting to make deals with her world.

He glanced around and the other aides just shook their heads, warning him not to persist. “Very well My Lady.” He said bowing a bit. “if you will excuse me, I do have an appointment with the Gladiators chief of security. I’ll ensure this list is passed on.” He said before strolling out.

“My Lady, Mr. Nal is new to your team,” the Caitian aide started.

“And at this rate, he’s not going to last long.” Patience said. She gasped as the doors opened again, “My babies!” she grinned opening her arms as the tired looking nanny brought her kids in to the room.



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