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Visit to the Ship's School

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Mission: Shoreleave: Kaslau - Submission
Location: Ship's School, Deck 7

Lizzy had been in the Medical Bay with one of the nurses, Petty Officer 2nd Class Terryson, for about twenty minutes, reviewing the current medications list prescribed on behalf of Counseling, when the comm system chimed,
[Ship School to Sickbay.]

Terryson tapped her combadge, "Petty Officer Terryson here. How can we help you?"

[Two of our young boys, Billy Jackson and Sam Illuto, had to be pulled away over a fight. Billy has a bit of a bleeding nose.]

"Oh, okay. Will send one of the medical staff down ASAP. Sickbay out."

Lizzy smiled, "Petty Officer, I'm cross-trained in Medical and can look after that for you. We are finished here anyway. Besides, I'm sure that Counseling will need to be called in anyway."

"Thanks, that would be good. I'll get you a portable kit."

~ A few minutes later ~

Lizzy arrived on Deck 7 and made her way through to the ship's school room. Back on the Odyssey, she had visited the school regularly, and enjoyed it.

Entering into the school, she noticed all the hand-drawn pictures around the room and was impressed with how well the teacher had made it seem so different to a cold ship. This was definitely a happy place.

Over to one side, Lizzy spotted the teacher holding a cloth to one boy's nose, and headed over with the med kit, "Hello, I'm Lieutenant Junior Grade Caldera, the chief counselor, although I'm cross-trained in Medical."

The lady smiled, as Lizzy pulled out the medical tricorder & sensor wand, "Hi, I'm Jenny Borgia. It all happened before I could break them up. This is Billy Jackson."

Lizzy smiled, "Hi, Billy. I'm Lizzy. I just need to scan your first. It won't take long."

He nodded a little and Lizzy watched the tricorder panel as she used the wand over him, "Billy, try not to move. Blinking can work - two for yes, one for no, ok? I will just ask yes and no ones. "

He blinked twice.

After a few moments, she continued, "Good news is that nothing looks broken. Also, it doesn't look like you hurt yourself much when you fell or bang your head. Does your nose hurt?"

Billy blinked twice and Lizzy nodded, "I can give you a bit of low level painkller medicine for that. I can see on your medical record that your mother noted that is okay."

Jenny looked a bit more pleased as Lizzy asked, "Okay to move to your office? and has his mother been alerted?"

Jenny spoke, "Sure and yes, I did. Warrant Officer Jackson from Engineering will be here as quick as she can. She is a sole parent."


She turned to Billy, "Just want to move you to the office. I'll just carry you to be sure."

Once in the office alone, Lizzy loaded in the meds to a hypospray and adjusted the settings before using it on his neck, "That should work soon. "

"Okay. Billy, I just need to see if the cloth worked okay. "

Billy blinked and Lizzy removed the cloth, checking that it had clotted okay.


Billy smiled, nodding.

The office door opened and Billy smiled as his mother came in, giving him a hug.

"Warrant Officer, I'm Lieutenant Junior Grade Lizzy Caldera. Your son is okay. He just got a bit of a bloody nose, but nothing is broken. I had to give him some of the recorded painkiller in his file."

"Call me Celia. Thanks, Lizzy, and that is okay."

"I'm actually the chief counselor, but as I also have medical training, I volunteered to come help as I was in Sickbay at the time. I was worried when I heard about the fight."

"That was nice of you. Billy has a tendency to get in them, I'm sorry."

"It is normal for boys his age. I would like to help him though if I can."

"If you can, it would be good."

Lizzy knelt to where she kept a few cards in the top of her boot,
"Sometimes, I wish Starfleet put pokets in uniforms."

Taking out a card, Lizzy handed it over to Billy, "Since your mum is okay with you taliking to me, yf you ever want to talk to anyone about anything, this has details on how you can contact me any time of the day or night."

Billy took it as Lizzy spoke to Celia, "Per normal Counseling policies, you will have access to Billy's counseling records and I'll arrange regular meetings to discuss things. Is there anything in particular?"

"Thanks. He does okay mostly with getting on with others, but he is more quieter."

"That can happen. I can help him with strategies to help. We will also be talking to the boy that hit him, and at some point, we should probably get them together to talk about things -maybe tomorrow."

"Okay. How should we go from now?"

"Billy is okay but probably a bit rattled. When does your shift end?"

"About an hour."

"That isn't long, so I'll let Lieutenant ch'Koro know that I would like you to finish early so you can look after Billy."


Once Billy and Celia left, Lizzy packed up the med kit and headed out into the classroom.

The children were reading and Jenny came over to Lizzy, "Thanks. I had a talk to Sam's dad, Petty Officer Harry Illuto from Science, and he is going to deal with this. Sam is sorry. Harry would like to have a meeting with us, Sam, Billy and Billy's mum for an apology to Billy. H"

"Okay. I will have a talk to Petty Officer Illuto later about it. I was going to suggest something similarly."


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