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How Annoying is Annoying...

Posted on Fri Apr 25th, 2014 @ 10:48am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant JG Liam Callaghan & Lieutenant JG L'Nivek & 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD 1 - 0715 Hours

The Cargo Bay doors to the Man Engineering slipped open and Hawkins walked thru in his casual style. There wasn't anything that really got him to excited to even try getting all professional except for keeping the chain of command.

"Good morning," David replied as engineering personal and Operations officers alike were respectful and kind to greet him as he looked around and kept himself in check along with others around them. He stopped at the Warp Core and looked it up and down as he leaned over the Core in marvel. It purred as they were only about a half an hour away from leaving orbit and continuing their course for Starbase 47.

Mercia yawned as she strolled quickly for Engineering. She held two cups of coffee in her hand. She had David had formed a habit of having a coffee every morning, and she had a feeling he wouldn't expect her to show up with some, even though it was her turn to do so. It had been a good leave, and she was almost sad to be getting back to work and leaving Kaslau, this place had many wonders, and she was glad she'd found some, but wished for more time to keep exploring. She spotted the Captain near the warp core and came up behind him, "Energy for the ship, energy for the Captain." she grinned coming up next to him and handing him a cup.

He looked over at the new arrival and grinned as he took the offered cup of coffee. "Thanks. I spaced on the coffee and I'm not completely sure why."

She shrugged, "Late night?" she winked and turned around as others started to filter in. She grinned behind her cup as she took a drink.

L'Nivek came in very different lot than usual: she looked calm, relaxed, and even a little "chill". She gave both the Captain and his executive officer with gentle nods. "It is a pleasure to see both of you." Whatever the different piece was, it sure had mellowed her out: she even had a muffin in her hand.

Ash bounded in, chipper as always. "Good morning, sirs," she said cheerfully to Hawkins and Kavi. "Good morning Ensign," she added to L'Nivek.

Lizzy wasn't really sure why she was being called down to Main Engineering, but didn't have any problems with meeting there. She had been feeling in a bit of a happy mood so after she had dressed, she had replicated a beautiful red Waratah flower and stuck it in her hair before putting in a few of her silver hoop earrings.

Entering into Engineering sipping a banana, oat and blueberry breakfast smoothie, she spotted a group of senior officers standing nearby and headed over. Smiling, she grinned, "G'Day, Commander, Lieutenants, Ensign. Hope everyone had a relaxing shore leave."

Khelev didn't need to arrive, Engineering was his home and he'd been there since 0630, working on making sure the ship was ready to leave orbit. He was a little tired but it wasn't anything that couldn't be solved by massive amounts of katheka couldn't fix. He was standing at the pool table going over a couple of things when an deep toned alert started ringing through engineering, which had his attention and his antenna pointing straight up.

"Bryanna, what in the sphincter of hell are you playin' at?" Khelev barked at one of his techs. "Half the coolant system just went red and it's saying I've got a massive leak."

The alarm shut off and a dark hair trill poked her head out of cabinet she was in, "Sorry cheng I pulled the wrong circuit. It should be back online."

"It's back online, please stop trying to blow up the ship!" Khelev shook his head, Bryanna was working on a diagnostic of the warp engines before they pulled out of the station. He turned and finally noticed some of the senior staff was there. "Ah welcome, I'd have made refreshments but I've been busy making sure the ship works. Never mind the minor "almost" warp core breach."

Lizzy had jumped when it first happened, but felt a bit of amusement after as she called out mischievously, "Don't worry, Lieutenant. I'll teach her how to do more effective practical jokes later on for you. A bit of fake smoke and flame would have really got it going."

Mercia glanced at Lizzy, chucked, then look back at Khelev, "This ship don't crash! She crashes you crashed her!" She complained.

Khelev pointed at Lizzy, "You stay away from my staff. They're bad enough as it is." He turned to Mercia, "And the ship wasn't crashing it was blowing up."

Ash snickered. "Between you, Liam, and Kavi, we should have a lot of fun on this ship," she told Lizzy.

Lizzy giggled with amusement at the chief engineer's comment, and her mind started figuring through ideas.

"Oh wow," David shook his head as he then took a drink of his coffee. "By the way, Khelev. I believe the counselor wanted to install some poles in her office for professional uses only."

L'Nivek had remained quiet, up to that point, but decided to smile, a little, at the Captain's quip. "Professional use only, Captain? I would only wonder what other, Human purpose they'd serve...I'd have to look it up, unless you'd be so kind as to enlighten me?"

A rare point of humour from the usually stoic Vulcan, and an off-colour one, at that.

Khelev let out a soft chuckle as his antenna faced each other in amusement, "A couple of brass poles aren't hard to set up. I thought I saw a work order for your quarters as well Captain. Seems like we've got a lot of talented pole polishers on board."

"That was supposed to be a surprise Big Blue!" Mercia smirked, folding her arms. "Nice going! The offer for a show in exchange for install is off the table now." she smirked again.

Lizzy smiled, "Ensign, when Engineering installs them for me, everyone is welcome to come see how they are used."

"Perhaps I ought to volunteer, then, to participate, in lieu of just watching." L'Nivek almost smirked. "I would believe that a far...more effective lesson, considering what my research has said they're used for, after all."

Ash grinned at the Vulcan. Being so used to Vulcans, she was able to catch their subtle humor and even though this wasn't as subtle as most, it would still have gone over the heads of anyone who wasn't paying attention. "Actually, I hear pole dancing can be a very good workout," she said. "You have to use a lot of muscle, you see. I'm Ash Coi, by the way. I don't think we've met, officially."

L'Nivek was rather pleased, it looked like someone -had- caught on to what she'd said. "L'Nivek, and I don't believe we have, actually." She nodded. "It's a pleasure, if I may, Lieutenant."

Ash gave L'Nivek a "Vulcan" nod of respect, though she was grinning as she did so. "Likewise," she said.

"Hmm maybe we should just start up a class...?" Mercia giggled.

Khelev sighed and reached up to rub his temples, this was turning in a bad direction. "What comes after usually is a work out too. Also, my quarters are available if you'd like to hold the class there."

"I would think location would be up to Lieutenant Kavi...but I admit, the idea is rather intriguing, even if only meant in it was said, my research says it's an excellent workout, in addition to an unusual Human mating ritual." Well, seems SHE, at least, hadn't any issue flat-out stating it!

Ash grinned again. "Well, at least Vulcans aren't prudes," she said, half to herself.

"I get the feeling no one here is a prude!" Mercia laughed. She sipped her coffee and gave David a smirk, "What kind of crew do you got?" she smirked.

L'Nivek had caught what Ash had said, and let a tiny smile lift the corners of her mouth. "Of course they're not, Lieutenant...not when it comes to the mating rituals and preliminaries of other species." She turns to her, nodding. "It's a facinating study. You went through the Academy, I presume? Quite the..." She paused. "...learning experience."

"Of course," laughed Ash. "But, I wouldn't know about mating rituals. You know, The Connection and all. Well, saying I don't know is really not true. Of course I know; people talk. But, you understand."

Lizzy grinned with amusement, having spent the past two years in a quite passionate casual relationship with a Vulcan science officer, so she knew exactly what they could be like. She knew full well that Vulcans hid some pretty strong emotions underneath. Even so, she decided that making any comments could be a bit cheap, especially considering her own incorrigible openness was really what had caused this.

Robert Shadowfox entered Main Engineering. Hands behind his back,wearing his off-duty outfit (outfit seen in profile),walking around at all the systems. His ear twitched as he heard some chatter and walked over to the fellow morning people. "G'Morning peeps." He stuck out his hand. "Robert Shadowfox, Chief Diplomatic Officer.. how are you folks today?"

Lizzy smiled to the newcomer, who she hadn't met before, "Hi, I'm Lizzy Caldera, the chief counselor. You just missed an interesting discussion on stripper poles that started because I'm a promiscuous tart. Also, and one of the engineers decided to fake a warp core breach because they didn't think Lieutenant ch'Koro has enough stress in his life as second officer. How has your day been?"

Robert blinked a few times at the mention of a stripper pole. Then smiled at the mention of a fake warp core breach. He was happy at the notion that he was around silly people instead of super strict people. "Well my morning was alright until I was beamed up. I was beamed in upside down and hit the pad rather hard. Hopefully not a sign of things to come." He chuckled a bit as he glanced around. "So.. Sovereign Class... looks sleek and deadly from the inside out I see. "

"Deadly is one way to put it." she smirked. Mercia looked the new guy over, she had gotten a report they were getting a new diplomat. She glanced over at Liam, their former diplomat and then back at the new guy. "yeah, I don't think it was faked, someone goofed. Looks like you'll have to make sure the transporter pad is working right. No one needs to be transporting me upside down, thank you very much." she said.

Ash glanced at Shadowfox. What was it with good-looking diplomats on this ship? "Hi," she said to Robert. "Ash Coi. Chief flight control officer. Don't mind them," she added, indicating everyone else. "We're a bit of a hodge-podge crew, so we tend to goof off a lot. It doesn't help that our Captain and Executive officer are right there with us." She grinned at Hawkins and Kavi.

Robert chuckled at the mention of hodge-podge. "There's a description I haven't heard in a long time. I like goofing off sometimes,makes things interesting. In Diplomacy school we learned humor creates a better bond than most. I can forsee this assignment will be my favorite alright." He gave a little polite nod. "Ash Coi, nice to meet you."

"Don't listen to a word that Lieutenant Coi has to say..." David spoke up as he looked around at the group with a slight grin before nodding and raising his glass to the new member. "Welcome aboard the newest ship of the fleet. She is state of the art and we lead the fleet with the new holo crew to test out their use. Just not much re report at the time. We will sit down later and go over our one on one. But for now, make sure you get settled in. Then I'll throw you to the pack of wolves we got coming aboard soon."

Mercia glanced over at David, "A pack of wolves huh?" she asked, she had a few interesting thoughts go through her mind, about night time howling, but she decided to keep it to herself. She smirked behind her coffee cup though as she took a long drink. "So we have someone coming aboard?" she asked.

" Yeah we have some special guests coming aboard for transport to Starbase 47," David murdered as he sighed. That's the primary reason we met here in engineering, critical areas are off limits to the Lady and her wolf pack."

Robert nodded politely to the CO. "I'm sure we'll find a way to ease the wolves and then our enemies will be twice as afraid" he raised a cup of orange juice one of the engineers offered him as a welcome gift.

Liam entered the room, as he was sure he would be dead last. It had been a long night, and frankly he had no plans to get up at seven in the morning. But here he was semi-awake and coffee in hand. He nodded to several people in the group, paying attention to the CO and XO. While he didn't know what he had missed he planned on rolling with the punches and seeing what was going on.

"Oh!" Robert said as he remembered something. he lifted up his shirt a bit to reveal a weird thing on his belt,he pushed a button and a box materialized in front of him. He opened box,showing it crammed full of cookies "Who wants COOKIES?!"

"No, thanks, it's too early for cookies," Ash said. "But, I'm totally getting one of those! Cookies built right into your belt- Fantastic! The only thing better is a Centaur; who wouldn't want their own built-in horse?"

"I would be careful with those cookies... People are known to bite off hands for cookie," David grinned as he went on. "Anyway, our guests is a dignitary and her two children and her guards. Our security guards will guard their people and keep them out of critical areas. Simple and sweet. Oh and we are required to make her happy... so prep the holodeck to recreate the whole crew and ship and we will lock them in there."

"Well then" he smirked "I know two kids that will eat the cookies.. " He grinned playfully "Dignitary? I have to work? Well,okay then.." He chuckled a bit "I wonder if the guards eat cookies" he put the cookies away back into his belt device,looked at Coi "Don't be so coy Coi, cookies are good at any time." He leaned in and whispers to her "Terralites would KILL for MY cookies"

Liam's mind played back to his meeting with their guest's Security Aide, something told him this would not be as simple as the Commander was hoping for. But something else had caught his attention as well, a new guy. Liam never considered himself the jealous type but he didn't really care for this intruder putting any moves on Ash. Stepping, no forcing, his way in between Ash and this guy he stuck his hand out, "Liam Callaghan, Security Chief," he introduced himself with a smile.

Robert shook his hand. "Robert Shadowfox,nice to meet you. I got curious and read up on you. You've done some impressive stuff man. Wouldn't mind swapping stories sometime. "

Ash had been about to make a clever reply to Shadowfox when Liam actually pushed his way between them. At first, she was going to roughly push him out of the way and tell him off, but then she realized that he was reacting to Shadowfox's attempt to flirt and instead, she had to suppress a grin. It was really quite adorable, actually.

L'Nivek avoided the cookies: the others had rushed in, and she'd already taken her daily caloric intake, but it was he emotional byplay between Liam, their standing Sec-Chief, and their new diplomat, Shadowfox. That alone was an interesting enough name to warrant future investigation, but it was the SCO's action that was odd. Regardless, she had to ask.

"Lieutenant Callaghan...I was just intending to see you, actually." She nodded at him, tilting head gently to the side, deathly serious. "I get the feeling you and I are going to get to know one another well, on this next assignment. My...research," she paused, " says that we're dealing with someone who'll want to see everything, and will not react well to being told no."

Liam nodded to both, "I don't know if I would believe everything," he emphasized the word, "you read in someone's report. Sometimes the person is very different then a report." He was about to add another comment when the XO interrupted his thoughts..

"All you chuckleheads can talk about that after wards," Mercia waved her hand. She hadn't heard much about this woman but protocol with guests is enough. "We're still finishing cleaning up the plants, and repairing damage from our last fight. So there are areas of the ship we don't want a guest going to... I don't care if she's the princess of Telino." Mercia smirked at Ash. "She doesn't go there." she teased. "We need to be our charming selves, and yet represent the federation well." she held her hands up, "I'm talking to myself as much as any one." she said. "We will let you know if we need any thing from your department to keep her happy, but honestly Liam, and its Shadowfox right? Will be pulled on a lot in this. Liam we'll want to show that her security is important, so make good use of your holograms for patrol." Mercia said.

"Yes Ma'am," Liam replied while internally sighing. He knew already how difficult this would be, but the Lady was demanding a meeting with the Commanding Officer; he smiled. "Looks like the Executive Officer just bought herself a ticket to said meeting too," he told himself. He looked to Shadowfox, "We will be very busy with this one," he mentioned.

"I'll be checking in with each department today as well, we can go over details that arise, each of you will be sent an information pack on our guest if her needs fall under your purview." Mercia nodded. "Any questions for us before we head our way?" she asked. She already had a list of things to get done in her own mind. She glanced at David and felt her shoulders square a little more at his approving look. She was getting the hang of this, now... she just couldn't mess up with this Lady.

Robert nodded to Mercia " I guess I'll wear my nice shirt. " He gave liam a shoulder-pat "Want to review protocols? Or did you wanna wing this?" He kinda smirked,he could tell something was going on between Liam and Coi, he didn't want to offend anyone. After all that was his job,to not offend.

Liam nodded, "Sure."

Lizzy was chewing away at a cookie, knowing that with the sugar hit, she was going to be high as a kite, but didn't stop her. She added into the conversation, "If anyone needs to vent privately, Counseling is available. I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard to rig up some covert 'Use Holos of Guests
as Punching Bag' programs too."

Robert pulled a padd from nowhere,pushes a few buttons and hands it to Liam. "So Security calls for a guard for each guest, usual Diplomacy calls for half that so the guests don't feel pressured or like they're in trouble. Which race are we bringing on? I didn't get the full memo."

Mercia piped up, this part she knew in the brief moments she had to read the mission. She had only gotten maybe the first paragraph before having to rush here. "They're from Merinasu." she said proud she remembered the name. "They're allies, no federation members." she said. "Shadowfox I'll make sure to touch base with you first, and make sure you have access to the information you'll need" and then Mercia needed to find some time to read the whole thing herself. "any more questions?"

"Let me remind you that all that the ship and her comes first in my book. That also goes for the safety of it as well. These additional group of people are to be respected, but I'm not ordering you to slave over them. Their safety along with ours is more important," David remarked as he looked at the group of senior officers.

"I'll try not to fly her into any asteroids, then," said Ash, with such an air of seriousness, it could almost fool a Vuclan. Almost.

Lizzy chimed in, "I'll try to make sure no one gets so frustrated with our guests that they decided to go Freddy Krueger on them."

Leo the new MCO was walked around Engineering, looked down over the overhang and realized he was on the 2nd floor instead of main floor where everyone else was "damn.." he mumbled to himself, without a second thought he jumped over the rail and landed right behind Lizzy on his feet without a problem "Freddy Krueger? Oh I love that guy! The best movies!"

He grabbed his right wrist with his left hand and with right hand extended his fingers like claws "gahhhh..spooookkkyyy"

Khelev let a deep chuckle rumble in his chest, his antennae turning inward, "You humans and your attempts to scare yourselves with creatures like Krueger are amusing. Much of your horror, as you call it, wouldn't even make an Andorian child bat an eye."

Lizzy laughed, "I accept your dare."

"Me too." Mercia smirked at Khelev. "Alright, So every one keep an eye out for your information, I'll touch base with you at some point during the day." she glanced at David and he nodded firmly, "Then every one is dismissed." she announced. "And can continue your introductions and weird conversations on your own." She smirked.



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