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Added orders

Posted on Wed Apr 23rd, 2014 @ 7:16am by Commander Mercia Kavi & David Hawkins

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Captains quarters
Timeline: MD1

Commodore Bena Jokal tapped her desk, waiting for Commander Hawkins to answer the call. This was a last minute thing, and the Gladiator may not be ready, but due to the danger presented, they didn’t have much choice to but to pass this assignment on.

=^=Commander, you have an incoming communication from a Commodore Jokal.=^= a young voice from his Ops department informed him as David worked his coat on over his under short of his uniform. =^= Would you like me to transfer it to your quarters? =^=

“If you don’t mind,” David responded as he left the coat unzipped as he sat down at his desk for a moment and thought about what to expect before entering in his codes. “Can I help you?” David responded without thinking of the respectful way to speak to ranking members.

“Commander Hawkins, I’m Commodore Jokal.” the older woman said blandly, “I’m calling you because the Gladiator is being instructed to pick up a passenger on Kaslau, you are still in orbit?” she asked him.

“We are but I never received any order to taxi anyone at the moment. We are undermanned and still running the Project Phantom, So we don’t completely have that time to taler to people at the moment,” He replied not really hiding his interest in pampering people whatsoever.

“There isn’t much of an option. You’re the only ship tough enough in the area, and this is a bit of an emergency.” she explained.

David looked at her for a moment some what tired but not really caring. “I’m sorry to hear that Commodore. We just had our own little shake down which have put our crew on a double shift already. Adding additional protection will push my crew pretty hard. What is this emergency you speak of?”

“Lady Patience Maeru is a dignitary from Merinasu heading for StarBase 47, she was attacked on her way and now requires a Federation escort for her protection. She’s stranded on Kaslau, and you will be bring her along with you to the StarBase. Just a simple addition.” she said. “I’m certain you have proper quarters that can accommodate her and her staff?”

David sighed for a moment as he rubbed his temple, "How many are we talking about here?"

“The Lady, a couple of aides, personal aides and her own security.” she said. “Oh and her two children.” she said. “Keep in mind Commander that Merinasu is a federation ally, but not members.” she said. “And we need to keep them as Allys.”

He looked at her for a moment as he thought it through. He wasn't completely sure as this wasn't what he and his crew had truly signed up for. With the Wasp issue, he had to worry about the health and well being of his people. But now they had to worry about some random hotty totties high level dignitary. "Sure, if you give me Captain."

“I’ll see what I can do Commander.” the woman said flatly. “I’m warning you though, You will keep her safe, and you will make her happy whatever it takes. I mean it. We can not lose her support.”

"Commodore, if you want a cruise ship, you are choosing the wrong ship and wrong commander. If needed, they can be locked in the holodeck until we get to our destination."

“If that is what the Lady wants.” she said. “Just keep her happy, and keep your crew informed of the fact they need to keep her happy as well. This is on your plate Commander. If you want a shot at seeing Captain…” she spread her hands open, with her eyebrows raised. “Her security will be in contact to make the final arrangements, she will need to be transferred on to the ship before the end of the day, for her protection.”

"I'll keep that in mind, but while on my ship, her security and the good Lady will follow what is expected by my Security Chief. There is no debate on that, Commodore. I am sure you understand that, ma'am," David replied as he rubbed his temple. "I'll take good care of the guests, but the security of this ship and the Project will stay in tact. I am sorry, Commodore but there is no way around it."

"I expect you to handle both. If I could get any one else I would. Your project is important, but so is this woman's safety." she told him frowning, at him. He kept rubbing his head, "Are you feeling alright Commander? If this position is too much for you to handle, maybe I should look for a replacement?" she suggested, looking rather unhappy.

"I am more than capable to handle this position, Commodore, thank you for your concern," he sighed as he looked up at her and had a weak grin on his face. "I stayed out on the planet a little late last night enjoying the sights. I guess that may have been a bad idea. I get a little agitated easily and I am sorry for my lack of professionalism with you as well, ma'am. I do not mean to insult you."

She grunted and shifted a few padds around, "You and many member of your crew certainly have a reputation for forgetting formality." she narrowed her eyes, "I'd like to see that changed. Perhaps hosting an important friend of the federation will urge you to do a better job." she said flatly.

For the first time since he started talking to the woman, he grinned slightly as he responded. "I wouldn't hold your breath Commodore, but we will take care of this important friend. Is there anything we can assist you with Commodore, please allow my supervision communicate our orders, Commodore. We can not allow our formality and chain of command be broken down."

"Of course not," She said. "I just wanted to convey just how important it was personally." she said. "You should receive the orders through the proper channels any second." she said nodding. "If you have any questions, feel free to send my office a message. Like I said. Its imperative you keep the Lady happy."

"Roger that. I'm known for making Ladies always happy," the Commander remarked with a nod with a serious look on his face.

Bena cracked a grin, "Good to know Commander." she said finally dropping the serious expression. Maybe this wouldn't turn out so bad. "Have a good day." she said before she closed the channel.


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