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Magos Targets

Posted on Tue May 20th, 2014 @ 5:36pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: A test of Patience
Timeline: Backpost

Along with a list of other cadets that Mercia was working with, Mago was one of them. This was the first time she'd met this particular cadet, and wondered how it would go.

They were on the holodeck and in an open western field with classic looking bullseyes at various distances, hitting the targets would be difficult, at least for the first shots, Of course there was a reason for that, Mercia had set the phasers off center just a small amount. As many young ones these days Mago was likely depending upon his technology, and not compensating for the off kilter weapons he had been provided. She wondered if this cadet would fair better than the others.

Perhaps a larger problem for Mago, however, was that his aim was pretty bad to start with. As Mercia suspected, he relied heavily on the targeting software for any phaser weapon he handled, and even then, he ranked near the bottom of his class for marksmanship. The ancient gunpowder firearm felt heavy and strange in his hands, and nearly bowled him over as he pulled the trigger. He stumbled backwards two steps and dropped the weapon as if it had burned him. "It's so loud!" he exclaimed.

Mercia smirked, "Yes, you think battle is a quiet thing?" she said arching her brows at the guy. "You picked the weapon." she reminded him as she swept her hand over the table laid out with an array of guns. "You have to hit a target to move on to the next one." she said. "Take the gun of yoru choice, and take your time."

"I had to pick it," Cadet Barca mumbled to himself. "It's the same gun that Captain James T. Kirk imagined having when he was caught in a psychic hallucination by the Melkotians in 2327." He abandoned the larger sidearm for the smallest one. Even if he was a bad shot, he understood the physics of the powder weapon. "Okay, I'm ready," Mago said, more as an affirmation for himself than an actual statement of fact.

Mercia smirked, "How the hell do you know about what Kirk imagined?" Mercia asked. "Are you part of one of those Kirk fan clubs?" she wondered. When she was in training most of the kids in her group picked an accomplished or renowned officer to research and strive to be like. She refused to do the project, because she didn't want to be like any one. She wanted to be herself.

Mago looked at Mercia, confused. He couldn't recall if he hadn't yet told her about his collectible Starfleet Officer card project. He thought he had. "If you dig into personal and duty logs far enough, there's an endless wealth of information! Say," he said reaching into his pocket, producing a copy of Mercia's card, complete with rotating and changing action shots and her official personnel photos. "Is there any chance I could get you to sign your card?"

Mercia grabbed the card and looked at with wide eyes, "What the hell is this?" she gasped. She examined it quickly, "I have an officers card?" she asked in surprise. "I have no bloody idea what to think about this..." she said. "What am I supposed to sign it with?" she asked. This felt so weird, she was not some sort of super star, why did she have a collectable card?

"It has a... you see there..." Mago delicately reached forward and tapped the top edge of the card, which caused a holographic pen to generate above the card's surface. "It allows the card to preserve the authenticity of the autograph without disrupting the card holder's access to the vital stats and biographical information," the cadet explained. And there was a lot of that; it seems that every publicly-accessible piece of data about Mercia was scrolling across the card's cryon.

Mercias mouth was about gaped open as she took the pen and signed it. "How many of these do you carry around with you? Or did you bring it because you knew I was going to be conducting this exercise?" she wondered. "Are there cards like this for every one or do you make them?" she wondered. She had seen a couple for the really famous legendary people, but she expected that, they were famous! This? Who was she to have a collectable item made of her? She was torn between flattery and offence.

"Well... I... you see," Mago stumbled over his own tongue as he considered the many approaches to responding. None of them seemed particularly safe. He took a deep breath in and settled on honesty. "My friends and I, at the Academy, we started making them after first year Introduction to the History of Starfleet. It was a lark, to start, a way to make studying for the exam more interesting that static flash cards. But I figured out quickly that there was more interest in them than just as a study aid. We all agreed to keep making them; I kinda took on the quality control role. So when we got our shipside cadet cruise postings, we all agreed to create expansion packs. Help us learn the officers we'd be working with, but... well, you'd be surprised by how much demand there is to know more about Starfleet officers. Not just among cadets, I mean."

"So you make them? This is the only one of me right?" she asked. She licked her lips, "Uh lets not forget about your target shooting too." she said giving the card back and motioning to the target range. it was interesting that was for sure! Maybe it wasn't all so bad, having a card, "Can you make me a copy of a few of them?" she asked softly.

Mago was again unsure of how to answer. "The Gladiator expansion pack is, er, in production. I'll be happy to get you several of the first print of your card."

He looked back up at the targets and did his best to remember his basic training. He lifted the gun, and breathed out as he slowly pulled the trigger. The bullet flew far to the right of the target, but Mago's eyes were still searching the blank target to see if he had hit it. "Did I get it?" he wondered aloud.

Mercia smirked, "If you have to ask then you have to go and take a closer look at your target." she said. She motioned to the field, "ON THE DOUBLE!" she barked.

Mago ran down toward the target, spurred forward by Mercia's bark. He knew as soon as he got up to the target that he had missed it completely. The question was, where had the bullet gone? There was really no way of knowing, so he trotted back to his instructor. "I'll watch more closely next time," he apologized, eager for another chance.

He leveled his gun again, and this time fired off three rounds, his eyes getting used to tracking his shots. They were, he noticed, all veering sharply to the right. "My aim is bad, but not that bad," he muttered to himself. "I think maybe this gun is broken," he complained with a bit more volume to Mercia.

She scoffed, "Oh like an enemy will stop and pity you for a weapon that doesn't aim well." She decided to see what he would do, and didn't hestiate, "Computer go to Level 3." she ordered.

Two klingons came rushing at Mago, yelling and firing their weapons. "Defend yourself Cadet!" she barked.

Mago began firing rather haphazardly at the oncoming Klingons, terrified and responding out of fear. Surprisingly, some of his shots seemed to make contact, and the Klingons fell backward, temporarily stunned by the ballistic weapon. Mago now took his time, aiming more carefully at the paused assailant on the left, and fired carefully, but his bullets flew far to right again and hit the Klingon on the right squarely in the chest. "Ohhhhhh...." he said in recognition of the test, and adjusted his aim before felling the target on the left as well.

He turned back to Mercia. "That was part of the test, wasn't it?" the cadet asked.

Mercia clapped, "Good job!" she praised. "Of course it was part of the test." she said tapping a tablet on the table, freezing the program. "You pick up a little slow Mago, you need to work on that. Enemies will throw you curve balls, and weapons may not be perfect, but you still have to survive." she said. "If you take nothing else form this exercise then take that." She took the weapon from him and laid it on the table, "I suggest you run throw some targeting holo programs that have a randomization aspect to it. Learning how to roll with the punches will help you with your weapons proficiency tests, which... I see your scores are so far very bad in." she said.

"It's, um, not my strong point. But, I'm going to be in Ops, so... how much do I really need to know how to fight, right?" Mago tried to smile.

Mercia arched her brows, "Oh sure, the ship gets invaded, security gets over run, and its just you and your injured captain left... 'Oh I'm just ops so how much do I need to fight?'" she mocked him. "Nice try. I dare you to repeat that sentiment to Stele, ask her what she thinks." Mercia grinned.

Mago's eyes widened. "Please don't tell her," he said, sounding genuinely afraid. If nothing else, he wanted to finish his cadet cruise without disappointing the Chief Ops. Not to mention that he was slightly afraid of her.

"Well then there is your answer. If you expect to be on the bridge then as a ships XO, I would expect you to know how to defend it." she said firmly. "And there you have it... you have your advice..." she said. "Unless you have any questions Cadet, you're dismissed." she said.

"Thank you, sir," he said. "I'll... practice." He turned to leave, and then, with a smile and walking backwards, added, "And I'll get you some of your cards!"

"I'd appreciate it." Mercia said with a grin.


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