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A prince and a lady

Posted on Thu May 1st, 2014 @ 4:45am by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: A test of Patience

Amity Hemlorac sat in a chair with her feet crossed, next to the massive windows looking out in to space she felt like home. On the tablet in front of her she was reviewing news from her home world of Alcar. So much political unrest, it made her even more grateful that she had not accepted her cousins invitation to be introduced formally in to high society a few years ago, before it turned her cousins were traitors. Her brother and his new wife could take all the noble house pressure they wanted, she wanted nothing to do with it.

She leaned forward and picked up her hot tea and took a sip, her long red hair falling over her bare shoulder. She had taken a liking to wearing tanktops and jeans recently, it was relaxing. Her shoes were under her chair and her painted toenails, stink free, were open to the air. She let out a long breath and ignored the minds around her as she pulled up an article about her brother Tybalt, and his bonded Isa, who had recently begun taking over the house. Stupid nobles were still himming and hawing about mixed blood being allowed to lead a governmental position and house. Her brother, like her, was half Alcaren, half human. Isa was a full blooded Alcaren of noble blood, so why were they throwing such a stink? Any children they had would be mostly Alcaren, wasn't that enough? It seemed nothing could satisfy the morons that ran her home world. Once again, she thanked Eyeam, for leading her brother to Alcar and to Isa, so that it didn't get passed down to her. Her other eldest brother married a human, and couldn't stand Alcaren crap any more than Amity could.

Kelson Brink wandered into the ship's lounge and glanced around. Nobody was here except one red-head sitting by the windows and a young couple curled up together in a far booth. The ship had told him that his sister was here, but she was not. Perhaps she had just left. Never mind. That red-head looked cute.

So, instead of looking for his sister- who still didn't know he was on board- he crossed to the red-head and grinned down at her. "Hi," he said. "Kelson Brink. Mind if I join you?"

Amity glanced up and blinked a couple of times while her mind focused on the new guy. "Uhhhh." she stammered before she relaxed and offered a kind smile, "If you'd like, but if you're looking for a date you might try the ships dating ring." she suggested and then smirked back at her tablet, although she looked up at him through her red lashes. He had a familiar sense about him, but she couldn't place it. He was certainly empathic if nothing more.

"Nothing like that," he insisted, taking the seat opposite her. "I was just looking for my sister, but she's alluding me. She doesn't know I'm here, yet."

Amity set the tablet down, "So you decided to approach me? This is a federation ship, every one has a communicator, or attached communication device. Just ask the computer where your sister is. Who is your sister by the way?" she asked curiously.

"I did ask," said Kelson. "It said she was here. She must have just left. Her name's Ash Coi. She's the pilot, I guess."

"You guess?" Amity laughed, "What you don't know what your sister does for work?" she asked folding her arms. "Ash was here not along ago, but she left when she finished her dinner." she said.

"It's like she knows I'm looking for her!" he laughed. "Was she with anyone?" he asked, suddenly curious if she was still with this Liam character.

Amity tipped her head, "And you claimed to be her brother, not a jealous boyfriend." she teased. "No she was alone, I think her boyfriend is busy with the demand of another ships guest." she laughed.

Kelson grinned impishly. "Brothers like to check out boyfriends, you know," he said. "I gotta make sure he's suitable to date my sister." He studied the red-head for a moment. "You're.... I'm going to go with Alcaren," he said. "Betezoids aren't quite that strong and you feel all wrong for a Telino. And Deltans are bald. So, by deduction- Alcaren. Right?"

"Could have also been the eyes." she said tapping the corner of her steel gray eyes. "Yes, I'm half Alcaren, you are clearly Telino." she said. "Go ahead and hang out with me if i'm more interesting then hunting down Ash and Liam." she smirked.

Kelson grinned. "Right now, a beautiful woman is a lot more interesting than my sister," he assured her.

She smirked, "Sounds like something my brothers would say." she chuckled. "I'm Amity Hemlorac." she said reaching her hand across to shake his hand.

But, Kelson scooped her hand up and kissed the back of it. "Nice to meet you, Amity," he said, giving her a wink.

Amity giggled, "And you are?" she demanded. "I can't say its nice to meet you just yet." she smirked.

"Kelson Brink," he said. "I said that when I first came over."

Amity smirked, "You didn't." she said, even though she knew full well he did. "Doesn't matter... I could have gotten you to think your name if I had wanted to..." she said with a challenging voice.

"Oh, could you, now?" asked Kelson, grinning. "I always forget Alcaren are telepathic. What am I thinking now?" he asked.

Amity blushed, "Nothing fit to be repeated outloud." she said with a laugh. "You're cheeky." she said.

"Nah, I'm just Telino," he said, sitting back in his chair. "We're far more open that most species. I can make Betezoids blush."

"I'm not easy to make blush." Amity laughed, "You should meet my mother and my uncle, dirty buggers they are." she nodded. She sipped at her tea, "So are you hitching a ride some where? We're leaving Kaslau..."

Kelson sighed. "Yeah, the Queen sent me to this diplomatic conference on Starbse 47," he said, clearly unhappy about it. "I can't stand this sort of thing, but what are you going to do? I mean, she's the queen, right? And she's also my cousin, so that doesn't help matters any."

Amity made a face, "Yeah I can relate in a sort of way. My family is part of one of the noble houses on my home world. Luckily they hate mix breeds enough not to harass me a whole lot." she grinned. "But given the opportunity they would make my life hell I bet."

"That's the beauty of Yegorah," said Kelson pensively. "There's no such thing as a half Telino. If you've got one Telino parent, you inherit the full measure of Empathy. In fact, the Telino have been going to Earth for many centuries. There are a few Telino who believe they are humans with special abilities, but the truth is that they actually have a Telino ancestor back about, oh, 12 generations or so. It's pretty remarkable."

"That's longer lasting than the Alcaren gene." she said. "My people also visited earth generations ago, and it's said that some stayed behind and bonded. But the Alcaren gene and telepathy is full strength to the fourth generation, and then begins to fade each generation after that, but a measure of empathy and mind bonding remains forever. We have found some Jartzian DNA in some humans. Oh... Jartzian is the name of my root race, we split in to the Alcren and Vicorian many many generations ago..." she explained. "But the ruling families on Alcar are just vying for power, and don't like outside influence... the Queen is trying to open them back up, along with some of the noble families, but there are some with sticks up their bum." she laughed.

"I think the issue is that there IS no Telino gene," explained Kelson. "There's nothing genetically that makes us different from humans. We can't even find a gene that controls the Empathy. It's strange. It makes me wonder if humans could be empathic and they're just not trying hard enough."

Amity chuckled, "That seems rather strange to me." she shrugged. She had no doubt her father would think there was something to that, but she was a counselor, not a doctor and she wasn't going to get in to that. "I suppose any thing is possible. So are you connected?" she asked him looking him over. "Ash told me all about it."

"No," answered Kelson. "There was a girl, but I hesitated and... well, when one hesitates, it's usually not a good sign." He shrugged. "I guess it wasn't meant to be," he added, trying not to sound too disappointed. "How about you?" he asked. "Married, bonded, whatever you call it?"

"Bonded for us." Amity nodded. "And No... got close a few years back, but like you, it wasn't meant to be, he and I are still close, but he's happily married and I think despite the fact we would have been happy as could be I was only meant to comfort him in a time when he was trying to find himself again. He had been a POW in the war, lost his first love... He was a mess. I think the first level bond he and I had through the mild romance helped him sort things out in his head, because mine was his rock for a time." she smiled wistfully. "I still find myself being protective of him." she chuckled remembering how guarded she had been when she met his now wife, who was an absolute joy and his perfect match. She shrugged, "So I'm still waiting around, eventually I'll bond, I'm not in a rush."

"Nor am I," admitted Kelson, wondering what Connecting AND Bonding at the same time would be like.

Amity heard the thoughts as if they were spoken aloud since they were directed at her. "Bonding would be the dominant portion." she said casually. "Because bonding is fully permanent and a full telepathic link. In essence any one who bonded to me would become a telepath to me alone, and would often hear the echo of whatever I heard." she said with out even thinking she was responding to thought not word.

"That's amazing!" responded Kelson, smiling. "I knew you were telepathic, but, seriously, without even missing a beat!"

Amity blushed, "We are very strong in telepathy, and considering you and I are speaking and your thoughts were directed towards me... its like it was spoken aloud." she said softly.

"Don't be embarrassed," he said, picking up on her emotions. "There's nothing up here," he tapped his head with one finger, "I want to hide. If I did, I know how to keep you out." And, as a demonstration, he blocked his mind.

Amity nodded and smiled a bit, "Not many people know how to raise a wall, it is a useful skill. I know that Telio dont really do that, but for Alcaren we need to sometimes. Its like being in a crowded room with a lot of chatter, blocked minds relieve some of the noise for us. Of course we can put up walls too." she said, "except with whoever we are bonded too. No blocking them out."

"The Vulcans taught us," he said, dropping the wall. "It's to help us sort our own emotions from those around us. Of course, once we've practiced long enough, we don't really need the wall anymore. I haven't had to use it since I was about 8 years old. We also can't block out our Connected, but by the time we are connected, we can tell our emotions from theirs."

Amity nodded, "Just after bonding it can take any where from a day to a week for Alcaren to sort every thing out. Its a common joke among my people that they have to figure out who it is that need to go to the bathroom, because they are so interconnected that sensations translate between them, just a little while. Even still when my mother stubs her toe, my father says ow." she laughed.

"That sounds fantastic," he said. "Sounds better than Connecting. I might have to give it a try," he half joked.

Amity grinned, "Maybe you should. Alcare is full of girls who might want to give it a try with you." she grinned. "Our first level bond is about the same as your connecting, just not as longer lasting." she said. "They can be formed in any romantic encounter." she said. "It would give you a taste of what you're getting in to, so you should try that first." she nodded.

Kelson doubted that an Alcaren first level bond could be anywhere near as good as a Connection, but he didn't say so. Instead, he leaned across the table slightly and winked. "So, wanna give it a go?" he asked.

Amity grinned, "Oh I'm not so easy Kelson." she grinned, "Like I just up and kiss a stranger?" she laughed.

"I'm not a stranger!" he defended, laughing. "I'm Kelson Brink. You also know that I'm Telino, unconnected, a diplomat- much to my chagrin- and a cousin to the queen. And, you can deduce another thing from that last bit of information, too."

"What that you're a royal pompous ass?" Amity teased leaning forward, placing her arms on the table as she grinned widely at him.

Kelson threw back his head and laughed. "Oh, I wish I were!" he chuckled. "That would make life so much easier. Don't believe me? Just ask Ash. She'll tell you." He sighed. "Better yet, to be common," he mused. "What joy!"

"I understand that!" Amity laughed, "Hence why I avoid going home." she told him. She propped her chin on her hand and smiled at him. "I might be privileged but I do not want more of the fancy crap my title can provide me. Tis a shame you can't just walk away like I've been able to."

"Fancy crap!" scoffed Kelson. "If only. That would actually make being royalty worthwhile. Nope, none of that for the Telino. Not even the queen gets perks. Oh, she's paid by taxes, as are the rest of us, but we have to buy our own houses, food, clothing, just like everyone else. And- get this- government officials are paid the mean wage of the rest of the population. We have enough, don't get me wrong, but it's a hard job to do for that amount of money,

"But, of course, the fact that we don't take more than we need endears us to the people," he continued, "which, in turn, makes them send us gifts and pay for our dinners when we're out at restaurants. I haven't paid for a dinner in... well, I don't think I've ever paid. Not that I would mind if I went out with my friends and nobody in the restaurant paid for my dinner- no big deal, I'd pay for it, I can handle it- but, it seems like there's always at least a dozen people who tell their waiters to bring them my bill as well." He chuckled. "Just last week, I had a gentleman in the grocery store offer to pay for my purchases. I told him it wasn't necessary, but he insisted. Well, my father always said not to say no to a gift, so...." He shrugged.

Amity chuckled, "Its the same depended upon where I am on my homeworld. We're welcomed in some places, and chased out of others." she chuckled. "Its rather interesting, our lives of the privileged, and yet we know how to work hard." she said. "In truth I grew up on a merchant ship, with a smidge of smuggling, we all worked hard every day. My title granted me no more than the education of my choice, because my parents were wise." she said.

"There's few places the royals aren't loved on Yegorah," Kelson said. "Well, there's only one. The city of Braensgoro. They're a bit backwards. They believe that knowledge is evil and progress corrupts. They tried to take over a few times, but Queen Nualan the tenth told them that if they kept to themselves, we would leave them alone. So, they built a wall around their city and only come out to tend their gardens. We haven't heard from them since. That's been eight generations they've kept to themselves. Anyway, that's the only place none of us are welcomed."

Amity raised her brows in interest. "That's fascinating really. Do you know much of the internal culture?" she asked.

"Of Braensgoro? Not enough," he answered sadly. "Prince Conlan's Connected is currently on a covert mission there. She's pretending to have defected. Hopefully, with more information, we can reach them."

"We recently discovered the world the other half of our race went to, the Vicorian." she said. "They are fairly closed off as well, but we do wish to reach them as well." she said. "They hate us and Eyeam, and its rather sad. It seems they still have a bent to try destroy us." she said.

"Some people just can't let go of hate," said Kelson sadly. "It's like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die."

Amity laughed, "My aunt says the same thing. Its a great line." she said. She ran her fingers through her hair. "So you'll be on the ship until we get to Starbase 47?" she asked a little coyly.

He grinned at her. "Yes, I will," he said. "I'm sure I wouldn't mind if it were a long trip."

She made a sad face, "Its not long enough I fear." she said meeting his eyes. She liked the guy, he was easy to talk to. Nothing may ever come of it, but what would be the problem in entertaining a little interest? It wasn't as if he wasn't leaving in two weeks.

"Unfortunately not," he agreed. "But, there's always subspace. And Hoppers. I'm sure I could come up with a reason to get the queen to give me a small one for a week or so."

She smiled, "Perhaps," she grinned. "I guess it all depends on how you play your cards." she smirked. "Whats hoppers by the way?" she asked.

"Telino ships," he answered. "We use quantum technology. We can get all the way from one end of the galaxy to the other in about an hour. In fact, no matter where you go, it takes about an hour. Quantum mechanics are weird. Even our engineers don't fully understand it."

Amity frowned, "Well I don't much understand or like the sound of that. It would make what my family does completely useless." she grunted. "Any way." she chuckled. "I should get going, but I wouldn't mind seeing you again." she suggested.

"Yes, I should find my sister," he replied with a sigh. "I'm sure she's loaded the new Doctor Who Holonovel I sent her by now. Wanna go? Say, tomorrow, after your shift?"

Amity grinned, "Doctor Who huh? Its been a while since I've seen any of that." she said. "Yeah I'd like to." she said. "Meet me at my office after my shift." she said grinning. She stood up and nodded to him, "Its been a pleasure Kelson." she said with a friendly tone.

"Likewise," he said with a wink, also standing. "I'll see you tomorrow."


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