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Progress would be nice

Posted on Wed Apr 30th, 2014 @ 6:45pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant JG L'Nivek

Mission: A test of Patience
Timeline: MD2

Patience looked at Gili with dissatisfaction, there were no leads on who had attacked her and Patience decided it was high time she just go and talk to the ships intel officer and find out what the federation was going to do about it all.

With Cadet Logan Hawkins leading the way they entered the intel department and approached the office of the chief of the department.

L'Nivek was at her desk. She was even in a good mood, considering the events that had transpired in her personal life recently. Things werne't going anywhere near as well on the ship, however, and that in and of itself was more than a little bothersome. However, she still was in a decent mood, until the Princess (in attitude, if not in title) walked in. Being a Vulcan, however, she masked it beyond perfectly: it was never a question of her face, or tone.

Instead, she cocked an eyebrow.

"And to what do I owe this intrusion?"

"Ensign L'Nivek?" Patience asked and took a seat. She sat down in a chair and looked the Vulcan woman over. "As you should know, i was attacked near Kaslau, hence why I am trapped, traveling on this sterile boat with the likes of you, rather than the comfort of my own cruiser. I want to know if there has been any developments in finding those who attacked me." she said gritting her teeth.

Gili stood behind her next to the cadet and rolled his eyes, Who didn't want to kill Lady Patience?

L'Nivek was a Vulcan. She was unimpressed, and unintimidated. She also did not appreciate the intrusion. She was going to have more than one word with the Junior Cadet once this was over. Several serious, unpleasant words about security, and his failure to do his job.

"Search and intelligence-gathering operations are still ongoing." She deadpanned.

She glared, "So you are as incompetent as you are ugly?" she snipped unimpressed. "There should be some information to provide to me by now, I can not believe your Federation is taking my security so lightly!"

"I am not at liberty to discuss ongoing intelligence operations. Commentary about my physical appearance notwithstanding, we're working to the best of our ability to determine what happened. Is that all?" She picked up a PaDD, beginning to tap away at it.

"Of course it is not ALL! I have a right to know what information has been found about my attackers and I demand that you share that information this very moment!"

L'Nivek gently placed her PaDD down, turning. "I am not at liberty to divulge information about an ongoing investigation, for the safety of the agents and investigators involved. I would put it upon your good faith that you would not wish to endanger the lives of the people involved."

"Its my life that is important Ensign , I was promised by the Federation they would assist in discovering who attacked me. I want to see your informtion, or do I need to contact your commanding officer and inform him how incompetent you are?" she growled.

L'Nivek sighed. "To see the information within my files, you're going to have to go above my Captain. My suggestion it to put in an information of request form with Starfleet Headquarters. If you have proper authorization, I can give you what I have...but without it, I would be breaking the law."

Patience was losing her Patience, "I DO have authorization from high officials in your federation!" she insisted. "THAT should be in your files. Look right now." she insisted.

L'Nivek spent a good minute looking through her PaDD, not minding Lady Patience. She didn't anything related to the Lady Patience. It was likely the fact that their computer core hadn't been updated with a dump from Starfleet for two weeks. Regardless, it wasn't there.

Looking up, she said as much. "I apologize, Lady Patience. But you're not authorized to view this information. Neither are you authorized to be in these offices, which I'm going to have to speak to our Captain about." She looked pointedly at Logan, then back at the Lady.

Patience glanced back at the Cadet then back of L'Nevik, "Then speak with him Ensign, and then I'll expect you personally to arrange a time to update me on what is happening in this investigation." she snipped

"I already informed you, Lady Patience. You are not authorized, at least, not yet, to view this information." She picked up the PaDD, crossing one leg over the other. "There is nothing more for you, here. Cadet Hawkins will escort you to anywhere else on the ship that you are authorized to be."

Patience stood up in a huff, she was going to be contacting an admiral of two very soon, if this was the sort of treatment she would have to ensure for two weeks then the Federation must not care for her very much! "Come along my dear Logan." she said hooking her arm with his and pulling him out of the room, with Gili trailing behind. Was she mistaken or did she see a smirk on her guards face?



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