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Up and Coming (Backpost)

Posted on Mon May 19th, 2014 @ 7:21am by Lieutenant JG L'Nivek & David Hawkins

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Captain's Office

L'Nivek was only slightly perturbed. She'd already been bothered by Lady "Patience" (who was anything but), and had told her off more than well. All while being perfectly polite, however, and the record showed it: adding to it that the young Marine assigned to her hadn't done his job, she felt secure in her position. Nevertheless, she had to see the, she chimed the door to his office.

After getting off the comm with Admiral Greyson, Hawkins was now afraid he maybe having to throw their new guest in the brig for entering his bridge, let alone the only other place he could think of he could hide. This probably looked bad on him for being the one to hide while his crew were probably as bothered by her if not even more. If only he could lock her into an air lock.

"Come in," Hawkins sighed as he straightened his uniform before looking up.

L'Nivek strode into the office with a tiny little frown, on her face. "You ordered me to report, Captain. I have my full report on the incident with Lady Patience, and I would like to lodge both a formal complaint on Cadet Hawkins. He violated several standing orders, and I request permission to gather further evidence to his misconduct."

Damn, she's straight to the point.

"A full report... Explain what happened," he replied as he rubbed his temple. He wasn't completely sure how to handle this. This was his son, or could have been.

"Lady Patience stormed into my office, after being let in by Cadet Hawkins. She then demanded to see classified materials regarding the investigation into her attack, which, according to our records on board the Gladiator , she does not posess. After a slew of personal insults, and insults to the Federation, she took the Cadet in hand and left my office. All of which are violations of where she is allowed to be on board, and a violation of the security procedures that Hawkins is supposed to be following for a dignitary. I expect to make a full report to Starfleet Command upon his behavior and breaches of conduct, and I suggest that disciplinary action be taken on board the ship, herself. He is no longer able to be trusted with the security of Lady Patience, in my professional opinion."

She still wasn't happy about having to break off of her investigation.

"Quite frankly, sir, she came in demanding information about an ongoing investigation with complete disregard for the lives of those who were lost, and those whom are in danger now. Hawkins is led around like a puppy," the irritation is audible in her voice, too: this is either unusually bothersome, or she's got something else going on: perhaps her annual evaluation? "And her...manners, Captain, are wanting."

"Now you see why I locked myself up in my office," David replied as he rubbed his face and sighed before looking up at her. "I'm so sorry Ensign, I guess I'm not as good at being Captain as I was before."

"Your competence is not in question, Commander." She had a feeling she sounded like an Academy instructor. "An unexpected visit by a -most- unpleasant head of state would put anyone on edge. The part that matters is how you power through it, I believe is the term. As it stands, you would be wise to remove Hawkins from his post. I believe that he is now an active danger to the mission...and I will write such in my report to Starfleet Command. I am almost certain that he is the one who misled the Lady into believing she had access to classified information. I will also be reviewing security tapes, as I would not be in the least bit surprised if he's led her into other restricted areas...and she was -most- unpleasant to me." She looked a little sad, at that.

"What was said that made you unpleasant?" David looked at her for a moment trying to figure it out.

"Said...said I was ugly." She looked at the Captain: if she couldn't ask him (or the Counselor, honestly), who -could- she ask?

...Ugly?" he looked off balance to this thought. What was this so called 'Lady' doing?

" don't think I am, do you, Commander Hawkins?" Even in her time of weakness, she resorted to name and rank: it was what was familiar to her, after all.

"Not in the least," he smirked slightly. "Honestly, if I wasn't taken, I would be known for hitting on his subordinates. Not anything out of line... at first. But still."

L'Nivek was suddenly glad that the Commander was, as he out it, 'taken'. She wasn't sure how she'd react to getting hit on, from the commanding officer!

"Well you do what you need to do with the Cadet. Find all the evidences you need and then we will proceed from there," David explained as he leaned back. "On other notes... You are out of uniform."

L'Nivek almost blushed; even so, a little tinge of colour spread on her face. " ordered me to report, Captain, while I was off-duty. I figured it expedient to report to a summons from the Commanding Officer immediately, instead of taking the time to get in uniform." The fact bat her uniform was in several pieces around her quarters, instead of hanging loosely, went unsaid. The reason for that, of course, also remained unsaid: her interrupted tryst with Pyder. She'd been right in the middle of when she's gotten the summons, and she still showed slight signs of it.

"Well I need you to fix it the next time I see you in that uniform," David ordered with slight irritation. "I have heard of this new project you have taken under your wings and I have yet to see him. I can't have you doing that at your stage of your career."

Despite the mixed feelings that his statement produced, L'Nivek showed no outward sign: she'd gone as stone-cold as any traditional Vulcan...and had a feeling that she'd be maintaining this particular sentiment with him more often. "I understand completely, Commander. And, as for the new recruit, I believed that he was, up until recently, a danger to other crew members. While that has relaxed, since then, it would have been against regulations to have him and you meet." She swallowed.

"I'll prepare a meeting between you, however, immediately. I'll have it arranged with your yeoman, sir. My apologies for failure to do my duty. However, one question remains: am I authorized to take action involving Hawkins, or would you prefer more evidence than what we've got?"

"As an Ensign, no," David sighed as he looked over his cluttered desk but then grinned as he found the box in question. He stood up and grabbed it. "I want to remind you that as an Ensign, you are known to have not as much experience as a seasoned officer."

He stood before her and sighed before he grinned as he handed her a box as he continued, "I want you to know that this has been covered with the command staff and if anyone deserves this, you are the right choice and your work has been well above the normal Ensign. This is your chance, are you ready, Lieutenant Junior Grade L'Nivek."

Her eyebrows shot up. She suddely felt very, very underdressed. She stared blankly for a moment, then grinned, and grinned wide. "I...uh. Well. T-thank you, sir!" She started to salute, but then remembered that she wansn't in uniform, relaxing. She grinned at him regardless, though. "I...well. I appreciate this, sir. You won't regret this."

"I doubt I will regret it, Lieutenant," he grinned slightly as he crossed his arms over his chest. "And while yiu are at it, your prisoner is due for a promotion. Normally command would refuse the approval of promoting a prisoner but then again I'm not like other Commanders."

"I'm certainly he'll be overjoyed to hear that, himself, Commander." She paused, sighing softly. "He' interesting study, at first. He doesn't seem the hard-bitten criminal that he record wrote him out to be. I suspect that there was something else going on...he's clearly been beaten since his time in Federation custody. The scars are there." She doesn't imply how she knew this, however.

David nodded as he took in this information before he spoke up. "Then I suspect that if what you say is true, than being on the Gladiator will give him a chance to stretch and grow the right way to prove his skills and capability. With any luck, we can get him out of the status of prisoner and into something more appropriate. Until then, we take him and the other prisoners to our next destination as ordered. If he is capable as you say, then we will go from there. Until then, he is a prisoner aboard this ship and will be seen as such."

Her personal feelings notwithstanding, L'Nivek agreed. Until he proved otherwise, Kanson -was- a criminal: a cowed, meek criminal totally under her thumb, but a criminal in the eyes of Federation law. "Absolutely, Captain. He is under constant surveillance, and until he gets a little more experience and ither Security restrictions are lifted, will stay that way." She nodded again, breathing softly. "Also, Captain: I've personally undertook his rehabilitation and training, and I assure you, it'll be of the highest I can provide. Secondly, Lady Patience," she grimaced, "Is intent upon seeing you. I cannot quote regulations for much longer before there is a disaster." She sighed softly. "But...that is it, I believe, Captain."

"Don't worry about the Lady, she will get her chance. I'm sorry to put you in between us, but I hope the new rank will make up for it," He grinned as he looked at her for a moment before continuing. "I look forward to seeing how well you do with our 'new recruit' and his training."

L'Nivek nodded at him, again. "I'm certain that you're going to be massively pleased, Captain. My promise." She smiled. "I'm certain things will go well, in the future, Patience's attempts to change that notwithstanding."

"Well don't put it on your shoulders to handle her," He admitted. "I will handle her when the time comes."

L'Nivek nodded, sighing. "Well, then I'm going to fob it off on you, then, Captain, when she comes demanding more information." She looked a little relieved. "Best of luck, with there anything else, sir?"

"No that is all Lieutenant. If there is anything else, let me know. But bring some poison with ya. Need a good stiff drink when hearing annoying news," David replied as he nodded to her. "You are dismissed."

L'Nivek nodded, and snapped off a quick salute: she was a stickler for tradition, after all. "Yes, sir. I'll be sure to bring vodka, next time." She turned on her heel, walking out and down the corridor.


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