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Acceptance is Deliverance (Backpost)

Posted on Fri May 23rd, 2014 @ 4:56am by

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: USS Gladiator Holodeck

Robert was lounging in the holodeck,this not not in a rain storm,but a nice quiet beach on a tropical island. He was sitting in the sand wearing some khaki cargo pants,his old dog tags,and some sunglasses. He decided to ditch the shirt as he was rather hot out. Between finding out he had Augment DNA in him and the diplomatic guests whom were a true test of his patience, he needed a few mins away. He wore his comm badge on his pants on the outside thigh just in case, he knew the ship and crew were still on a very important mission, but it was nice and late, the time of day he thrived on.

Making her way to the holodeck where Lizzy knew Robert was so that she could talk to him about some of the recent events, she stopped outside and noticed that there didn't look to be anything too dangerous running. So she didn't feel the need to deck out in padded body armour.

Instead, a flutter of something else came to mind considering the location loaded. While she wasn't a computer expert by any means, she did know how to get the holodeck to do somethings. She tapped in some commands and a moment later, the door was ready to allow her to slip in unnoticed using a trick that she had learnt from an engineer she had been with for awhile.

Using the terminal, she had it hide her from from view as she ditched her uniform for some other suitable clothing. The 'hidden' tunnel that was made around the edge of the holodeck room allowed her to get around and drop down quietly into the ocean.

Swimming under the water towards opposite to where she knew he was, she headed in towards the beach and broke the surface as she walked out of the water towards him, her now wet hair not covering her being completely topless and wearing just a shiny purple lycra bikini with side ties.

Stopping in front of him, Lizzy smiled,"Hi, Robert. Water is nice."

Robert's ears twitched and he looked toward the general area of where Lizy was swimming. His ears sometimes twitched when he picks up new sounds,he always thought he was just weird,turns out it may be a sound affect of his newly discovered augment DNA.

He looked around for a while and eventually saw Lizzy,he was glad he was wearing shades,otherwise his eyes would've popped out of his head,looking at her amazing body,he blushed like crazy as he stumbled over his words "Oh hey there... uhm... hi .. Lizzy.. yep,water feels great" he reached beside him into a cooler and pulled out a beer "Beer? I also got water,some juice and I think some hard liquor.."

Lizzy grinned, honestly pleased that she got a reaction out of him, "Juice is probably best. I try to look after my body with what I eat & drink so I can thrash it in other ways."

He handed her some juice. "I guess it's only fair if I'm topless that you're topless" He also handed her some shades for the sun "I see you've taken a liking to my other relaxation program"

Lizzy laughed, leaning back to stretch and laying back on the sand before putting the sunglasses on, "I'm part Betazoid and was brought up to be totally happy without a stitch on. Yes,this is a much nicer one. Spent many happy das on beaches during the holidays to Sydney."

Robert laid completely down on the beach,his old dog tags hanging off to the side "Sometimes I like the beach,doesn't help me think as much as rain,but I'll take it" He took a sip of his beer "20th century had something"

Lizzy nodded, "When I was 10, my dad was working on a dig during monsoon season in Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand on Earth and we lived out of a nice little place with a tin roof. Sound was wonderful to go to sleep to and I delighted in dancing naked in the rain. You should see if there is a program for it."

Robert chuckled a bit. "A program for dancing in the buff or for rain?"

Lizzy laughed, "Rain I meant. I don't need any programs for dancing in the buff, especially since I now have a dancing pole in my office."

Robert blinked a few times,he was glad he was wearing shades,they're the one thing keeping his eyes in,he was rather shocked how open she was about things like that. He decided then and there that if she was going to be open he might as well. After all it'd be rude otherwise. "The rain is how my dad taught me to focus,put my feelings aside , put the mission first, and kill whoever stood in my way... sometimes I use the rain program to re-focus my thoughts if I'm confused."

Lizzy thought for a moment, "That is a good idea, although I suggest not with flying objects next time. How have you been going with the changes that you found out about, and how did the CO and XO take it?"

Robert "I'm no doing well about it... hence.." He trailed off as he grabed what she saw was his 2nd beer,but it was actually his 6th or 8th "the beer... The CO seems to have taken it fine,haven't told the XO directly.. I think if the CO thinks the XO should know he'll pass it along.." He popped open his beer and took a swig. "I requested for tomorrow off,even though I'm not doing anything anyway... so what's it matter" he snapped his thumb,launching the cap out into the ocean

Lizzy frowned, "Drinking yourself unconscious on beer doesn't sound like a good idea."

Moving forwards, she put a hand on his, "This is something that needs to be dealt with, and you can only escape from it for a short time with booze."

Robert sighed and put the beer back into the cooler,grabbed juice instead "You're right..." he opened the juice bottle "the storm program tried to kill me,my wrestling program is on the frits.. the referree started swinging a sword at me.. I had to hide under the ring until a engineer came in and killed the program. It was weird. The only program left was the beach. besides that I had a combat program. The bad guys started shooting numbchucks at me." he glanced around the beach "So far no issues here..minus the birds flying upside down.." he pointed up at a flock of birds flying upside down "It's weird, but not as dangerous as flying trees" he chuckled to himself. "Sometimes I think holodecks hate me"

"Yikes, that sounds scary. Engineering probably should do a check of the programs for tampering. But have you ever tried the gymnasium and a real person? Some of the Marines and Security staff are quite.... well-built. The other day when I was on a treadmill in the gym, I gave myself concussion when I got distracted watching one of them working out, twisted my ankle and face-planted."

Robert blinked "ow,that sounds rather painful. No last time I blew out my shoulder,so I just keep to holodeck. I have trust issues... talking to others is rather hard at first.. I opened to you cuz.." he kinda trailed off,felt weird saying how much he really liked her and wanted to date.

Lizzy turned to him when she got a rather interesting sense of emotion through her empathic ability and also picked up on the verbal trailing off, "I'm guessing that mean that you feel an attraction to me, right? Coz I am attracted to you too."

Robert kinda smiled,forgot for a min of her abilities to pick stuff up. "There is that.. it's just I didn't really want to act on them until I was around for a bit. I've heard of people that get attracted to others then starfleet randomly approves of transfers,I didn't want to leave someone heart broken. I didn't want to do that to you. "

Lizzy smiled and leant forwards to kiss him on the cheek, "Thank you for thinking of that, but its okay."

Reaching to her waist, she pulled one of the side ties until it came loose then pulled it all away, dropping it down next to her.

Robert grinned and blushed like crazy.."Well..I guess I'll have to do this program more often" He kissed her on the lips passionately.

Lizzy smiled, kissing him back and slid closer to him, running her hands over him.

Robert pulled her ontop of him. "My place or yours?" he grinned a bit "Or here?"

"Well, I'm not really sure that the XO would be amused if I walked like this elsewhere."

With that, Lizzy reached down to openly slip her hand down the front of his cargo shorts, "Besides, I'm not really a 'put off gratification for later' sort of girl, so here would be good."

Robert grinned a bit,wasn't really sure where this was going. "True that cutie" He helped her get his shorts off.

~ After a fade to black ~

Lizzy lay out on the sand, her skin all ready and sweaty and with sand stuck to her, catching her breath.

Twisting over so that she lay on her stomach, she purred happily, "How are you?"

"Wellll..." he said with a cheeky grin,leaning over her " A lot better after I know how good of a kisser you are " He kissed her again "keep that up you'll have me wrapped around your little finger." He chuckled softly,looking at his watch "I got another 20mins now until my next shift. What did you want to do?"

Lizzy pouted as she crawled forward & snuggled upto him,, "Only a good kisser? And I'm used to wrapping men around my finger - I can't help it. I'm not sure."

Robert kinda shrugged as he wrapped his arms around here "maybe there's something you need in your life and you don't even realize it"

Lizzy turned her head a little, "Do you mean monogamy? Coz I tried that for a week with my Klingon husband but he eventually couldn't keep up with my needs. Da'Ka did die honourably though."

Robert laughed "Swing and a miss cutie.. I meant more of something you need to accept" he grinned a bit,was playing the role of a counselor.

Lizzy realized something about what she had said, and twisted around in his arms, "I just want to say that Da'Ka didn't actually die in bed with me. It was in combat protecting civilians. Even so, I don't really understand what you mean. I know that I am thought of as too promiscuous, but I just do not care as it isn't part of my own self-worth."

Robert blinked,he was being silly,didn't really think he'd get something personal. He went to a serious face. "I'm sorry for your loss. I was just trying to be silly,I didn't mean bring up anything personal."

"Don't worry - I'm okay.. However, I'm curious about what you think I need to accept. I honestly can't think of anything."

Robert kinda grinned "Yourself... you're inner self.."

Shrugging, Lizzy answered, "I'm fine with myself. I have a good job and I enjoy helping people. Although I get a bit anxious going out without makeup, that is kind of a normal for women."

Lizzy frowned a little as she opened up with something, "I sometimes do think I'm probably a bit too thin but I get hyperactive and sometimes don't feel like eating much. I eat healthy and know that I should eat more fatty or sugary foods to put on more weight but they make me gag."

He gave her a reassuring smooch on the cheek "Then let me cook,I can slide in some fat and sugar without making you gag." he kinda chuckled "Don't tell too many people about my awesome cooking,or I'll double as the ship's cook" he laughed some more

Lizzy blushed a little, "It isn't just that. Most foods that are like that are made from animals. That then makes think of eating baby animals because the older ones were babies at one point. Sometimes, I come down to the holodeck, load a baby animal petting zoo program and just spent awhile feeding & cuddling & playing with them."

"Ahh!" he remarked,understanding "You're a vegetarian, you won't eat meat because you know the connection between meat and food and it makes you feel uneasy."

Lizzy nodded, "Yes, that's right. The only animal thing I can put in my mouth is human."

Robert chuckled "you so silly" Robert sat up and looked at his watch. "Alas pretty lady,I got about 5 mins to stuff myself back into a uniform and get to my desk in the diplomatic office where no one really needs me. So far I've been lucky enough that patience hasn't seen me. Which is ironic considering that's my job."

Lizzy smiled, "Thank you. By the way, I met Patience. I basically treated her like the bitch she is to everyone else and told her to her face that I was not going to blindly follow her orders or bow down to her if she did not earn my respect. The look on her face was priceless. Anyway, I need to go work on some plans."

Robert laughed as he slid on a tshirt and hooked his shades on his shirt. "I heard the new marine threatened to shoot her and apparently made the same priceless face." he grabbed the cooler

Getting up, she spoke, "Computer, door."

Walking over to where her uniform was sitting at the door, she picked them up and slipped it back on.

Turning, she grinned, "Coming?"

Robert hopped after her "I'ma coming!"


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