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A "Chat"

Posted on Fri Jun 13th, 2014 @ 5:56pm by David Hawkins

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Hawkins' ready room
Timeline: the Day after "Pitch Black"

Having promised to chat to Hawkins, Ash made her way to the bridge early, having discovered from the computer that the Commander was in his ready room. She waved off the night shift helm officer and pressed the chime on the ready room door.

The sound of the chime through Davids dreams into the back of his head as he slowly opened his eyes to the looks of the side of the room. The warm saliva that had came out of his mouth made a small puddle on the coach next to his head. He moved a pillow to cover it and wiped his face off with his sheet before he lead his head back down as he cuddled with the pillow. "Enter," he mumbled loud enough for the computer to comply. The lighting from the bridge lit up the room slightly as he covered his head. "Who is it and why am I not able to sleep in."

"Ash Coi, sir," said Ash, looking around the dimly lit room. "Why are you sleeping in your ready room?"

"Because it's the only place our new Guest hasn't tried prying her way to get... or at least she hasn't gotten passed the army of holograms up here," he mumbled again as he cuddled like a child with his blanket. "Unless you plan on cuddling with me, you better have a good reason for waking me. The chick in my dreams was hot."

Ash chuckled, pulling a chair nearer the sofa. "Sorry, sir," she said. "I promised said Lady- and I use that term loosely- that I'd have a chat with you. So, here I am, having a chat with you. What was the dream about?"

"You really want to know what I was dreaming," David asked as he oped up one eye to her.

"I'm Telino," she reminded him. "You can't shock me. Plus, sex dreams rarely mean the obvious. They're usually an indication of trust and loyalty."

"So what you are telling me is I trust sexy orions?" David countered as he looked her over for a moment to figure out what she was up to.

Ash grinned. "Probably not smart, but, there it is," she said.

"Didn't think so," he grinned as he sighed slightly as he leaned back and and opened both eyes. "So what's troubling you?"

"Nothings troubling me, per se," she said. "Except the afore mentioned guest- or should I say pest. She's a bit annoying and rude, yet she describes most of the crew that way. But, she seems to like me. She's apparently got the wrong idea of Telino royals. She thinks I must be just as irritated as she is by the way people of 'our station'- her words, not mine- are treated here. She used that to get me to talk to you- which I was supposed to do yesterday, but then the power went out and... well, I sorta forgot. Anyway, she thinks she needs you to make yourself more available to her."

"I need to make myself more available to my crew as well. But not always able to do everything asked of me," he replied as he yawed before finally sitting up. The muscles allover his body were still relaxed but be needed to wake his whole body up before the day began.

"Oh, believe me, I understand!" insisted Ash. "In fact, I think you need to make yourself less available to her. The more annoyed she is, the happier I'll be."

He just smirked as he nodded as he rubbed his neck before speaking, "I don't think that will be an issue there."

"Good!" said Ash. "I love annoying people like that. Apparently, she's not very charitable towards the less fortunate. I'm going to have my cousin send someone over to look for workers. Yegorah does that regularly, anyway; there's too much work and not enough workers."

"If I had the power, I would send her to do some manual labor as well. It would be good to get her out of her normal routine," He said as he stood up and stretched quickly before he went over to the replicator. "You want anything? Breakfast perhaps?"

"Nah, I'm good," said Ash. "Well, maybe coffee. One cream, one sugar. Maybe I'll sick my brother on her. He can be pretty blunt sometimes. Come to think of it, I'd like to watch. In fact, I highly recommend the show. We could sell tickets."

"Probably, but I already tried that a couple times with the woman, and so has almost all of the senior staff. Her defenses are strong, but so is it with most people that have grown up like that," David replied as he brought her the drink and sat on the desk.

"True," said Ash, blowing gently on her coffee. "But- and no offense- Kel and I are her equals. In her mind. You know. It would probably mean more coming from one of us. And I'm WAY too diplomatic to give her a piece of my mind. Kel, however, doesn't have the same inhibitions."

"Have at it," David grinned as he took a sip of his drink before going any farther. "Please let me know that you have plans to at least recording it."

"I'll make sure I do," Ash replied with a wink. "We could sell the copies. There would be merchandising. We could make a mint off this!"

"Even still, its best not to for now, but then again, we could before," He remarked as he looked over at a Padd. "By the way, I have something for you that you should have had a long time ago."

"Oh?" Ash said, sitting up a bit straighter. She like surprises.

"Command staff and I agree, we believe you would be a great addition to the higher ranks. Do you think you can handle that?" David grinned as he leaned back after handing her the orders to promote her.

Ash glanced at the PADD, disappointment evident on her face. "Oh," she said, then shrugged. "Well, it's not like I'd have a different job, is it?" she joked, trying to muster up some excitement that she felt a Lieutenant Junior Grade should have upon achieving the rank of full Lieutenant. "I mean, you know, as long as they don't make me Captain, I think I can handle it," she joked, trying and completely failing to sound ecstatic.

"Is there an issue?" David looked at her not completely sure as to how to take this reaction.

She grinned a bit wryly. "Well, sir," she said. "I'm already a princess. Lieutenant is sort of a step down." She winked and grinned to show that she was joking. "No, seriously," she added. "That's not terribly far from the truth. You see, on Yegorah, rank doesn't mean much. A princess is no better nor any more important than the homeless child she helps to do homework. There's no privilege with rank. It's just a title that explains to others what you do for a living, sort of like Chef or Plumber or... Ninja."

"Well on my ship, I am King," He smirked with a slight shrug. "Honestly, getting promoted on this ship isn't a big deal if the receiving member doesn't see the positive out look. You have earned the crew's respect to which isn't always easy. And to make Full Lieutenant, you are more than trust worthy, in our eyes, to lead these people and even others around. I won't treat you any differently, but you have my trust and respect when it comes to this such of a thing to lead my people. Trust me, Princess, gaining trust and respect is far more valuable than just being royalty."

"I'll try to look at it that way, sir," she promised. "And in that case, I'm honored."

"And act a little more excited. Otherwise I'll find someone better to fit that," David shrugged as he sipped on his hot liquid in his hands.

Ash grinned and pulled from her secondary school drama classes. She pasted on a huge grin and jumped out of her chair. "Wow, sir!" she exclaimed, sounding like a child who's just been given a toy she'd wished for a thousand times. "Thank you so much! You won't regret this, sir, I promise!" She added a wink, eyes sparkling mischievously.

"Good to hear. Now don't worry about Patience, I have it all taken care of for now," David assured her as he finished off his drink.

Ash downed the rest of her coffee and stood. "I'll try to keep my brother from chewing her head off," she promised, crossing to the replicator and placing the meg in it to be reclaimed, and then turned towards the door. "I'd better let you get ready. It's nearly 0800."

"Yeah yeah, I know," he smirked as he tossed her a small box. "Don't leave without putting that on. I need ya to step up and remember that, Lieutenant."

"Right," said Ash, catching the box. "Right. Sorry." She grinned as she replaced the hollow pip on her collar with the filled one. "I got it," she added, giving him a wink.

"That's my Princess," David grinned. "Now don't forget to bow to your King."

"Haven't got a King," said Ash with a wink. "We're matriarchal, remember?"

"So have you told anyone of your choice yet?" David wandered before she walked out.

"The transfer?" she said. "Well, it wasn't entirely my choice. I mean, I suppose I COULD protest, but... well, there doesn't really seem to be any reason to," she finished, thinking of Liam and how he'd been avoiding her for the past week.

"It won't be the same you know," he stated slightly unsure of allowing this to happen.

She smiled weakly. "I know, sir," she said. "But, the Cadet can handle it. She's good. I made her run some simulations on the holodeck. She's good! I know she's just a cadet, but she's better than most of the CFCO's in the fleet. In fact, she even rivals me! I'd recommend her for the spot. I know it would mean a field promotion, but she deserves it. And there aren't any other dedicated FCO's on board."

This wasn't going to be the first time he had given a field promotion but this was hard to see a brand new Cadet out rank other members in the field. "I need the Department head's signature," he finally stated as he handed over a tablet to her. "Her Department head as to request the field promotion as long as she has finished all Academic Classes for her 4th year."

Ash grinned, quickly adding her signature and thumb print to the PADD. "I'd suggest a trial as acting CFCO, but I'm pretty sure she can handle it," said Ash. "I'll miss this place. I promise I will," she added, making an X over her heart.

"Send her in when you are ready, Princess," he replied trying to hold back his personal thoughts of her leaving. "I feel you should be the one to give it to her, but I will over see it."

"I'll get her now, sir," she said, turning to leave. Just before walking out of the door, she turned to glance around the office. "I really will miss this place," she said. "I'll miss you, too, sir," she added, and turned to leave the ready room.

As he watched her leave, he sighed. He wasn't completely sure about this change. Ash had been with the ship since its launch and he was sad to even think of letting a great member of his crew to go. But it was her choice and he backed her up fully. The least he could do was promote her as a gift from them to her. She would go the farthest as she continued.


Commander David Hawkins


Lieutenant Ash Coi


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