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A Little Green and Yellow

Posted on Fri May 23rd, 2014 @ 5:32pm by Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & 2nd Lieutenant Zoe Saville

Mission: A test of Patience
Location: Main Engineering

Making her way through Engineering, Zoe stopped outside the chief's office and knocked on the door frame, waiting for the Andorian chief inside.

Khelev looked up from the holotable he was working on. It had a subsection of the ship displayed that he'd been working on for a while. He turned towards the knock and looked at a woman he didn't recognize. "Hello there," He arched his brow. "Can I help you Lieutenant?"

Zoe handed over a transfer order pad "Second Lieutenant Saville, Marine combat engineer, reporting for duty, Sir. I have been assigned to both the Marines and Engineering."

"Marines and engineering?" Khelev arched one of his brows and looked at her. "That sounds like fun, I don't remember reading your orders, but then I've been so busy I probably missed them. What is your specialty?"

"Lieutenant, My specialties are jury-rigging and sapper, which basically means I excel in putting things back together and then laying waste to equipment & structures with explosive demolitions,Sir."

"Oh you're going to fit right in with this group," Khelev said, giving her a toothy grin before motioning to the old couch and chair he had set up. "Have a seat if you like. Are there any expectations you have of me as your commanding officer? Will you be able to handle both your Marine and Engineering duties? In a combat situation, the jobs are very different."

Zoe looked around and moved over to the chair, sitting down, "I do not have any expectations at the moment. Aboard ship, Marines just provided extra man-power under direction of Security, so unless I am needed on a mission, my primary duty station is Engineering. If the ship gets boarded, I would be in a good position to provide protection."

"That you would," Khelev replied with a confirmation nod. "What's your specialty? Most of my department heads are in place, although it would be nice to have a floater if I need it."

"Hmmm.. From an engineering perspective, I would have to say damage control repairs & jury-rigging. From a marine perspective, I would have to say general mayhem in the form of demolitions with explosives. I will try not to damage the ship."

"Damage control would be good for us," Khelev nodded. "And keep in mind 2nd Lieutenant the most powerful bomb on this ship is right through that window." He pointed at the warp core. "An out of control reaction is destructive, but a controlled reaction can be a powerful thing. I think you'll do well here. Welcome to engineering. As long as you do your job and do it well, I'm your best friend. Cross me, screw around and make this a dangerous work environment, then I'll make sure every chief from here to Bajor knows about it and you will not work in my engineering room ever again."

Zoe realized she had misspoken,
"Sir, I do not plan to damage anything aboard this ship unless ordered by senior officers. You have my word of honor that I will not make this place a dangerous work environment, Lieutenant."

"Relax Lieutenant, that's my little speech I give in various forms to all my department heads and officers," Khelev said, giving her a smile. "If that's all, I really should get back to work."

Zoe nodded, "That is all, Lieutenant. I will leave you to your work and go investigate the damage control systems. I am on duty later today but want to be familiar."



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