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A rock and a hard place

Posted on Wed May 14th, 2014 @ 5:00pm by 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox

Mission: Pitch Black
Location: Turbolift 5
Timeline: tbd

Leo was standing in the turbolift 5, arms crossed tapping his foot. He was taking the turbolift to Sickbay in regards to one of the marines that got hurt during training. The lights blinked and the turbolift jolted to a halt. He stumbled over,bashing his head off the handle,cutting his forehead. He slowly stood up in a daze.

"ow... someone is getting SHOT for this.." He lights clicked off and the turbolift stayed motionless. "This... can't be good.." He brushed himself off,noticing there was now blood on his new uniform "Son of a... I just GOT THIS!" he kicked the door. Put his hands on his hips and tapped his foot,thinking. He looked up and saw a panel.

Without hesitation,Leo pulled out his Type 2 phaser he always carried on him,having that right as MCO,just like how CSEC or CTAC would, cut off a latch and the punched open the little ceiling hatch to the turbolift and climbed out. He stood there for a second,looking around,he jumped onto a ledge and drew his phaser again,fired a short burst at the panel,forcing a manual emergency release that opened the doors for him to climb onto Deck 2.

"Well then.." He glanced around. "Okay.. this is Deck 2... so.. " He glanced up,then started walking around the halls " I am about 30 meters from the bridge... if I can find a jefferies tube..." he spotted one and started climbing up. He hung at the halfway point for a few mins,feeling dizzy from the blood he lost. "So... so going to shoot someone... over this.." He kept going and managed to come out of a panel in the back of the bridge,saw the CO and the rest of the bridge crew. "hey!" he yelled,as various bridge personnel turned around. Some looking shocked as he's got blood all over him "What the hell guys?!" He dropped to a knee,probably from a concussion that came with whacking his head off the turbolift and managed to pull himself back to standing. "Anyone have a medkit?" He swayed a bit and flopped onto the floor in front of the tactical station,out cold but generally ok.


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