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Flash in the Pan

Posted on Wed May 14th, 2014 @ 5:19pm by

Mission: Pitch Black
Location: Diplomatic Office
Timeline: A few mins before power drops

Robert was in his office,was doing some late night work. Listening to some 21st century dubstep as he as sorting PADDs and some of his gear. He went to take a step outside his office and the door caught his foot and pinched it pretty bad. He flopped to the floor,dropping a whole slue of PADDs all over the floor. He sighed and laid there for a few seconds. "I was having a great day.. went to holodeck.. got to hang out with Lizzy... and now I have a broken ankle,stuck in a door... you've moved up in life Robert.." he laid his face down against the floor.

"Glad I went to diplomatic school to get stuck in a door... if my parents could see me now.." He started scratching and crawling,he got to reach a few more inches to pull down a toolbox down and he found one his old phasers. "Great!" he yelled,his brain thinking up a idea. He turned around and fired a burst,a hole in the door to get his foot out. "He crawled a bit and climbed himself up on the wall in the corridor outside his office. He glanced around,seeing barely any emergency lights,life support was on though it was kinda thin. So he assumed it was the emergency life support. He looked at his foot kinda hanging there. "Well... it's still attached.." he noticed a part of his pants and a bit of skin was showing of his shin,showing burn marks from blasting his door open. "Great.. I can be burnt gimpy.. loverly.." He looked around,not seeing anyone. He sighed annoyingly. "Loverly.. thank goodness sickbay is on the same level... just on the other side of the bloody ship.." He started gimping his way. After what feels like a couple hours he finally gimped into sickbay and hopped on one foot,getting himself to sit on a medical biobed. He looked around,wondering where the medical staff was. "A emergency on the ship and no one to be seen.. great.." He hopped back off and started rumaging through shelfs and cabinets,after a few mins he patched himself up.

"I suppose this is where a doctor would recommend no jumping jacks or blowing up doors for a couple days. However,I see no one around so I guess I just told myself." he gingerly walked around sickbay,putting back stuff he found as he spoke to himself as he thought. "I suppose power problems would best be fixed in engineering. I'm no grease monkey,but I can replace parts." He gingerly walked out of Sickbay "Engineering... Engineering... home of grease monkeys..." He took a left and got into a jefferies tube,starting his trip down to engineering on deck 17. "I hope no one is in a turbolift.. poor fools..."


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