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JP with Leo and Zoe

Posted on Thu Jun 5th, 2014 @ 5:12pm by 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox & 2nd Lieutenant Zoe Saville

Mission: A test of Patience
Timeline: (BACKPOST)

Walking through the Marine HQ to the CO's office, Zoe pressed the buzzer on the door and waited for permission to enter.

Leo looked up from his PADD,had his feet up on his desk just chilling. "Enter"

Entering, Zoe snapped to attention, saluting as she snapped out, "Second Lieutenant Zoe Saville, Combat Engineer, reporting for duty, Sir."

Leo smiled,knew of a new marine but didn't meet yet. He stood up and returned the salute. "Second Lieutenant Leo fox,Marine Commanding Officer." He lowered his salute. Walked over and place his hands on her shoulders,padding them in a friendly manner "Relax LT, you're among fellow marines. I save the formalities for when the CO,XO and brass are around." he turned around and pulled out a chair "Please,Sit Saville,what is on your mind?" Leo sat down in his chair.

Zoe walked over to the other chair, and sat down, "Okay, Lt. I wanted to inform you that although I prefer to be thought of as just a commissioned Marine officer, I also have a heraldic title of Lady due to my father has an English peerage title of Earl. I do not want you to find out from others and would prefer if this is kept private."

Leo gave a slight shrug. "Consider it done LT. How are you adjusting to being in Engineering and Marines? I've always found it curious that some folks split themselves in half like that."

Zoe nodded, "Thanks. I enjoy being in both departments, as I can help others in more ways - which is what I signed up for. You do not have to worry about my work in Engineering affecting my Marine duties however."

Leo smiled "That's good,cuz between you and me.. with you being the only other marine officer here.. you do a good job and I'll have to put in for you to be MXO. Problem is,if I put in for that,you may get bumped out of engineering." He shrugged a bit. "I feel they can use you more honestly. So I'll hold off on that." He gestured out the window to the 10 or so marines kinda studying kinda goofing around "I can handle this clowns. Heck,I shot 3 of them last week to prove a point. Now even if I'm leaving my office,even to leave during the day,then go totally silent cuz they're afraid I'll shoot 'em." Leo laughed

Zoe shrugged, "I am not really sure that I have the personality to want to lead others - even though I could. I believe that we need to run some extensive training routines to break their sloppiness."

Leo made a face,he's been running them into the ground last few days,physically and with discipline. The only reason they were kinda goofing off and kinda study was that today was a day to catch up on stuff. He glanced back out at them,now all but two were studying. Out of the two not studying one was trying to help the other better understand a combo for hand-to-hand combat he's been struggling with. He looked back at Zeo,still kinda making a face. "I'll try not to take that personally." Leo cleared his throat,went back to his usual cheerful grin. "We all have a hidden leader inside ourselves Saville. I just want you to understand,if I go down,and there's no MXO,it's up to you to take charge of these guys. "

"Sorry, sir. I did not mean to cause any offense. I do not believe in holding back and am very direct, mostly without thinking things out. If it is needed, I would be able to step up."

Leo shrugged "That's all I ask. " He handed her a PADD or two "In your spare time,if you got any,read these over and let me know when you're done. I've tweaked a few rules around here personally,some more lax some more strict. Don't worry it's rather light reading,I didn't feel a need to change much."

"Aye aye, Sir. Is there anything else that we need to discuss?"

"Nope I'm good. Make sure at some point to say hi to fellow marines at some point. In the meantime,have a nice day. Oh,and if it's just us,you don't have to call me sir,Leo works."

"Okay then, Leo. Hmm.. Sorry, but that just seems too wrong to me. How do you prefer Boss or Chief instead?"

Leo kinda shrugged. "Boss or chief works. As long as it's nothing insulting I'm okay with it." Leo chuckled and smiled. "Don't worry,I swear I'm not a jerk."

"I would not insult a senior officer, Boss. And I have not got that impression from either meeting you or your record. I do not want to take up anymore of your time, so I will go start on reading."

Leo gave a lil salute while sitting. "enjoy your day Zoe"


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