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Another lady? (BackPost)

Posted on Fri May 23rd, 2014 @ 5:07pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & 2nd Lieutenant Zoe Saville

Mission: A test of Patience

Mercia poked the screen in front of her a couple times, once again holed up in her office going over ship reports and trying to decide on how best to handle a lab dispute in the science area as they lacked a chief in that department now. Her chime rang and she didn't even look.up, "" she said, her uniform jacket was hanging off the back.of her chair and her hair was in a single braid.over her shoulder.

Entering into the office, Zoe stood at attention in her Marine engineer duty uniform and saluted before snapping out loudly, "Second Lieutenant Saville, Marine Combat Engineer, reporting aboard USS Gladiator, Lieutenant Commander ma'am."

Mercia almost laughed as she leaned back, "At ease." she was not used to be so saluted yet. "Have a seat, and don't worry about saluting me unless we're being all formal like. We're pretty laid back here about that." she commented.

Zoe relaxed and took a seat, sitting straight however as was proper, "I know that, Lieutenant , but I do believe in presenting a good impression as part of my upbringing. I do need to inform you is that I have an English heraldic title of Lady due to my father being an English noble - Earl of Halifax. I would prefer that not to be known so I am not treated special."

Mercia looked the woman over, "Another one?" she asked. She shrugged, "So long as you don't act like a snob I wont call you out for it." Mercia smirked. She waved her hand, "Don't worry about it, I don't think any one would treat you differently if they did find out, but I wont be the one telling any one. Except Hawkins, of course." she added.

"No, I am not a snob. Thank you, and I would expect that the Commander needs to be informed. I was also going to let my direct superiors know as well."

Mercia shrugged, "Its up to you if you want to reveal that to the commander, or if you want me to. As far as I am concerned thats personal." she said. "Same goes for your chiefs, don't think it is a requirement." Mercia said. She tapped her computer screen and pulled up her profile, "So you'll be in both engineering and the marines?" she asked. "Are you able to be effective in both departments splitting or time, or how does that work?" she inquired.

"Yes, Ma'am, I do work in both, and yes, it is effective. I have performed in this role system on previous commands, and it worked well without any issues."

"Great." Mercia said taking a deep breath, "Any questions before you're dismissed?" she asked him arching her brows.

"I have not other questions, Lieutenant."

Mercia shrugged, "Alrighty then, Dismissed then." she said. Once the girl left she sighed and got back to the science department dispute.


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