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But why is all the power gone?

Posted on Fri May 16th, 2014 @ 4:58pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Pitch Black

Mercia reached out in the pitch blackness from where she was on the floor, and felt a leg. The contact quickly changed to a hand gripping her arm and pulling her up. By feel she could tell it was David, but the weight he was leaning on her was concerning. With out question she held on to him, she was strong enough to support him. With her arm around his back, her shoulder tucked under his arm she blinked a few times, before a single point of light shined.

"What in the world happened? Kavi to the Bridge." she called, and there was nothing. "Computer?" she called tapping her earpiece again. Internal communications were down too? "We need to get to the bridge." Mercia said, suddenly realizing that David had apparently CHANGED her clothes, not just having the holodeck put a skin over her body, so now she was stuck in the Lara Croft outfit. She'd pinch him for that, but she had a hunch he was in pain, at right now, her outfit was the least of her worries.

Khelev pulled a small flashlight from his belt and flicked it on, it wasn't much of a light but at least they could see a bit better now. "Not even emergency lighting came on, that's not good. We dropped out of warp too."

"How about you worry about getting us out of here first?" Mercia snipped, wishing her outfit had come with a flashlight too. She looked up at David in the dim light, his jaw was tight. "Vanora there should be an emergency med kit near the door there." she said as all of them moved that direction. She hoped Davids injury was minor, but there wasn't a way to know for sure until she could scan him.

A beam of light flipped on silently, the illumination somewhat disorienting. "Sorry, should've warned you all," Vanora apologized as she moved toward the door to search for the med kit. "Outages like these may be rare on Starfleet vessels, but their are frighteningly common on some freighters. Figure you've got one of these on you too, Khelev, boomer kid like you," she grinned into the darkness. "Got it." She pulled the med kit down and made her way back to Mercia and David, doing her best not to blind them with the light beam.

Mercia took the kit, "Thanks." she said. She took a quick scan of the Commanders leg, "Fabulous, you should go to sickbay." she said. She knew already what his response would be, so she held her hand up, "Once we get out of the holodeck, I'll grab someone to help you out and I'll go to the bridge, I promise," she said. Personal desire to ensure he made it to sick bay didn't matter right now, the four top officers of the ship were locked in a room while the ship was messed up. That was bad. The whole thing was bad, and she could almost feel Khelev seething from here as he worked on the door.

"It won't do us any good if we can't get out of here," Kheelv said with a growl, he walked over to the doorway and the knelt down next to one of the panels. It popped open easily and he reached in to grab the manual release. The heavy blast doors grunted and groaned as they magnetic lock released and the doors separated a few inches.

Khelev grabbed on to one side of the door and he let out a growl as he pushed open the heavy door. "This should be enough to slip through."

"Easy for you to say." Mercia said looking at Khelev, then giving David a bit of a look before she helped him up and maneuvered him for the door. He slipped through, with a few hops. She slipped out next followed by the other two. The hallways were black, but a pair of bouncing flashlights came towards them.

"Hey." Mercia barked at them. "You two, stay with the Commander." she said firmly. She didn't know if he would make them take him to the bridge, or if he would go to the medical bay like he should. Either way, she was able bodied and it was her job to get to the bridge. "Vanora with me me, Khelev go figure out what the hell happened." she said.



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