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Are you scared of the dark?

Posted on Tue May 20th, 2014 @ 7:04pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Pitch Black

With Vanoras flashlight as their only light Mercia led the other woman up the hallway. "We need to get to vertical junction B, it shouldn't be terribly far." Mercia said. "Lets just hope that there is still some sort of connection active on the bridge." she said. "God this is creepy." she said, a little fear was clear in her voice. She didn't like leaving David behind with a couple of other crew members to either follow or go to sickbay, she also didn't like the idea she was in charge for the very moment. She had no idea who was currently on the bridge.

The one thing she did know, was that they weren't being shot at, she'd be able to feel that!

Vanora had done her best to memorize the ship, in case of exactly this sort of contingency, but given the massive size of the Gladiator, and the rough shakedown cruise they had experienced, she hadn't found the time yet to be as familiar as she'd wanted to be. "I think you're right," she agreed, "it should be right... here." The light confirmed the junction, and with Mercia's help, they pulled the cover off easily. "Now we just have to climb." She made her way into the Jeffries tube and began the ascent.

Mercia climbed up a couple of levels before pausing on a new level. She had spent so much energy on the holodeck. It was fairly dark here.

"Lt. Commander Kavi... Mercia." a voice said behind her.

Mercia jumped. "What the hell?" she demanded. They were in a junction that had some major conduits running through it, a holographic emitter flickered. "Elian?" she asked.

Elian nodded, although his program was not fully coming in to focus. He kept flickering. "Are you alright Mercia?" he asked. "I am unable to contact you via internal comms."

Mercia frowned, "Why aren't you on the bridge?" she demanded glancing at Vanora.

"I was unable to reach you or Commander Hawkins via internal comms. I was concerned for your well being." he stated.

With a scoff Mercia turned to face the flickering glow, that was doing a number on her eyes. "That is really annoying Elian. You're place is on the bridge until one of us reaches the bridge. Get your flickering ass back to the bridge." she hissed.

"But Commander, what orders do you have. I am not programed for this situation." Elian said.

Mercia dropped her arms, "You are programmed to take care of the ship and crew in the event of an emergency, like I said, get back to the bridge, remain in command, adapt and figure this out, have a report for me ready when I reach the bridge. Go now Elian, thats an order." she barked.

The hologram flickered out, and Elian looked over at Vanora. "That was odd... I guess the hologram core is still working, and some of the emitters... even just a little." Mercia turned back to the ladder, "We better get up there..." she said and resumed climbing.

"The core has its own power source," Vanora said, hearing Khelev's voice in her ear. "And Engineering set up a secondary EPS relay system for the emitters, so the backup system should still be working sporadically. Given the flicker, though, it doesn't seem like those independent systems were completely spared from what happened. I wouldn't count on or rely on them too heavily," she reported back down the tube. "Almost there."

"Good, after riding a dragon I'm exhausted." Mercia called up. "Although that was really fun! I think I know what my next holo program is going to be!" she said.

Vanora laughed. "Maybe we should go dragon racing. Or hunting on dragon-back," she smiled, excited at her own idea. She came up to the panel she was looking for. "Here we go. If I'm right, this should lead us out onto the Bridge..."

Mercia came up behind Vanora, thinking about their dragon adventures coming up. She started to giggle, thinking about how much fun it would be.

Once Vanora popped the panel, dim light flooded in to the hatch. The bridge had some independent back ups, which would explain the dim lighting. The two women crawled out, and Mercia stood up, still in her short black tank, rather tight and short black shorts, boots, and a pair of thigh holsters. There was no time to find her uniform that David had changed her out of it. "Alright kids, what the hell did you do to my ship?" she called out.


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