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Posted on Sat May 17th, 2014 @ 7:15pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: Pitch Black

Robert was gimping his way around the ship. Trying to get to engineering. He sat down by a random door,not knowing it was a door to someone's quarters.

"This is tiring.. and painful... should have taken more painkillers." He sat there wincing.

Amity groaned as she rolled to her back, clutching her arm. It hurt badly, although she didn't think it was broken. her father and brother were doctors and she'd had broken arms before. She was laying on the floor of her shower, having been in the middle of a water washing. She tried to sit up, it was dark, every thing was dark and it felt very unsettling. She felt a mind, very close, it was intense with pain, as her's was. ~Hello?~ she called in to his mind.

Amity tried to get up, but slipped again and cried out ~Help~ by instinct, apparently her soap dispenser exploded, leaving slippery gel everywhere.

Robert's ears twitched as his mind picked a hello then a help. He looked around then at the door. "Hello?! Do you need help?!" He laid on his back and wiggled to the door. He pulled out his old knife and pried the door open. "hello?!" he was too tired to get from limping everywhere. He crawled into the place a bit,hearing shower water he kept going and went into the bathroom. "hello?!"

Amity was a little disoriented and tried to get up again, but slipped again, the soap dispenser had really gone crazy. "AH!" she cried. Now she was wet, naked and covered in soap and it was dark. She was focused on trying to pick herself up that she didn't notice the mind she'd previously touched getting closer.

Robert got to the shower,knocked on it,he finally got to his feet,though at a lean as his ankle was hurting. "Someone in there?"

"AH!!" Amity cried out in surprise again. "Who's there?" she demanded. She didn't have a gun on her, like she normally did, a habbit picked up from a life time on a merchant ship. of course in the shower... what good would it have done? "Don't Co... WHOA!" she managed to get a foot under herself, and managed to keep it this time. Where did she drop her towel? Her clothes she left in her bedroom. "OW!" she growled as her elbow hit the counter.

Robert held onto the top of the wall to shower. "Robert Shadowfox,diplomatic officer.." his voice sounded strained. "How about this.." he took off his uniform top and flopped it over the edge of the shower "I'll give you my uniform top while I cover my eyes until you find pants. It may be rather big on you." He was still wearing his purple under-uniform shirt.

Amity felt the fabric hit her in the face, but it was good enough for the moment. She pulled it around herself and tried to pull herself out of the shower. "Its completely dark, closing your eyes is appreciated but not really necessary." she commented as she slipped a bit, but was starting to find traction and starting to be able to take steps out of the shower. "Careful, apparently my soap dispenser exploded..."

He winced a bit as his ankle,deciding to stand there on his good for for a min. "Oh,I'm not going anywhere fast.."

Amity licked her lips, "I'm Uh... Amity." she said as she felt about for her towel and once she found it she wrapped it around her hips, his jacket covering the rest of her. She made her way towards the door and ran in to a warm solid wall of person. "Oh! Sorry!" she said, sensing his intense pain. "Can you make your way back out of here?" she asked putting her arm around him, "Maybe if we can get to the living room with out dying we'll make it out of this." she teased. She could find a flashlight once they were out of this room.

Roberts eyes glazed over for a second,his secret augment DNA tweaking his sight to see in the dark better. He gimped and guided her to a chair and he sat down across from her in what seemed to be the living room. "I can gimp.. not very fast or far.. hurts like crazy.."

Amity shivered a moment and touched her hair, bemoaning the idea it was dripping with shampoo. "Well sit tight, give me a second to remember where I left my torch. Once I get some clothes On I'll get my medkit and see what I can do for you. I might be licensed, but my father and brother are doctors and I spent a lot of time in the medical bay growing up with him."

Robert kinda fussed with his seat. He never really cared for being injured. He sighed and covered his face,trying to focus on his ankle,his augment DNA helped with his site,he was kinda curious if he focused on the injury if he'd heal faster.

Amity frowned, her telepathic mind picking up on some thoughts. Augmented DNA? She licked her lips but kept her mouth shut, she was a counselor after all, she knew how to keep things quiet. "Are you alright Shadowfox?" she asked as she got up and started to feel for her desk. "I can sense some distress beyond physical pain from you."

Robert frowned,tried to put on a neutral face as he took his hands off his face. "I learned a terrible truth about a rather dark part in my past.." He wiggled his ankle,it didn't hurt as much. He arched a eyebrow. "Interesting.."

"What is?" Amity said. "I suppose I should warn you I'm a full telepath, I hear most things you're thinking." she said, trying to block it out. She formed her hand around the torch and flicked it up. "Ah HA!" she grinned. She shuffled quickly in to her room, leaving the door open as she quickly pulled on jeans and tee. "Is the truth really that terrible?" she asked him. "Truth sets us free."

Robert closed his eyes."Some truths are almost better unknown." He breathed in and out,padding his foot on the floor,not feeling any pain "Seems if I focus,I can almost heal myself.."

Amity paused her dressing for a moment, "That is a powerful skill." she commented. "How is that possible?" she inquired, although it must have to do with his thoughts regarding his augmented DNA. Self healing? Why would that be a bad thing? And yet augmenting was illegal. "You've nothing to fear from me Shadowfox." she added in with a quiet voice.

Robert sighed quietly. "No offense.. I do not fear you. " He opened his eyes. "I wouldn't try running,but I'm pretty sure I can walk." He stood up gingerly,leaned on his foot,did a wiggle. "Yep,looks good"

Amity came out of the bedroom, dressed and with a bandana tied around her hair, it was unattractive, but right now she had to cover her hair. The flashlight shone about. She eyed the fellow, seeing his face for the first time, She handed his uniform jacket back. He was either going to ignore the fact she heard his thoughts and knew more about him than he would want her to know, or he just flat missed the fact she was a full telepath. "You should fear me. I can kill you with my brain." she teased. While it was true, the result was not pretty. She was strong enough to do it, but it was a self defense weapon only, as it required mental contact, and often made the one doing it very mentally unstable, at least for a while.

Robert grinned. "Ready to figure out what the hell went wrong?" He walked to the door,opening it.

"Absolutely." Amity said following him. "I likely should try to make it to medical..." she commented trying to decide what she should be doing.

"This is true" Robert walked over and hit a panel,opening it. He pulled out a flashlight and a phaser. "Hopefully I won't have to use both of these" his inner marine was coming out,cautious but self defensive. He pointed down the hallway with the flashlight. "Fastest way to sickbay is this way."

She frowned as she looked down the hall, dang ship didn't have much more than a skeleton crew, and now it felt empty, quiet, and creepy. "Where are you going?" she asked.

"Is your arm still hurt? Also, we have a better chance of doing good in sickbay than tearing apart engineering. I'm sure they have enough of their hands full."

"Its not broken, just twisted." she said. It ached but she was functional. "Alright, lets get to sickbay." she said nodding. For her, sickbay was her emergency station, she didn't know where his was, but there was no way she was going to argue against an escort!


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