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Nightmare part 1

Posted on Sat May 17th, 2014 @ 5:42pm by 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox

Mission: Pitch Black
Location: The Bridge

Ash felt herself nodding off at the helm. The system was so accurate that she hadn't had to make any corrections and she was starting to get bored. She was thinking about swapping places with the officer stationed at ops for a bit. She was sure he was getting bored, too, and it wasn't as if either of them had difficult jobs at the moment; a change of scenery would keep them both awake.

But, just as she was about to get up and suggest the switch, the ship lurched and threw her against her console, then everything went black.

At first, she thought she'd been knocked out, but then she blinked and realized that the lights had just gone. And they had dropped out of warp. Well, damn.

“Sound off,” she called.

No reply.

“Anybody?” she asked.


Well, damn!

“Is it too much to ask for Elian to still be active?” she asked.

Apparently, it was, because he did not reply.

Well, DAMN!

One single emergency light flickered on. Good. Good, that was good. She could see vaguely. Who was still around? She could see the ops guy laying on the floor, motionless, by the ops station. She couldn't tell if he was alive or not.

Dead bodies. No. Please, no.

She pulled herself out of her seat and turned to head over to him, but promptly tripped over another body laying not far from her.

It took a moment for her to stop screaming and hyperventilating.

She checked for a pulse. He was alive. But, who the devil was it? She couldn't tell by the lone emergency light that was on. Never mind. Where was the emergency medical kit? Right, over by tactical. She checked the ops guy on her way. He was stirring. “You okay, Ensign?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said. “Just... dazed. I think I cracked my head.”

“Lay still,” she ordered, opening the hidden cupboard under the tactical station. “Keep talking, though, hey?”

“Yeah, sure,” he said. “What do you want me to talk about?”

“Doesn't matter,” she answered, taking out the medkit. “Recite poetry or something.”

“I don't poetry,” he said. “Will Shakespeare do?”

“That'll work,” she said, heading back to the person laying unconscious. Part of her just wanted to hear something, but the other part knew that keeping him talking would keep him awake. If he'd hit his head, he could have a concussion and if that were the case, she didn't need him slipping into a coma.

It was amazing how much she could remember from the mandatory emergency medical courses at the Academy.

“Leo?” she asked, peering at him. It was. It was Leo Fox. “Hey, are you okay? Leo, can you hear me?”

Leo didn't answer,he was unconscious , was still kinda bleeding from a shot to the forehead. Was in a heap on the floor from the way he fell. A mini flashlight was slightly visible attached to his belt.

Nothing. Great. But, what was that? For one irrational moment, Ash thought it was a sonic screwdriver and snatched at it quickly. Just as quickly, though, her brain registered that it was a flashlight. Even better! She didn't suppose a sonic screwdriver- if such a thing even existed- would have been much use here.

Shining the light on him, she saw a head wound and a small pool of blood on the floor. Luckily, she wasn't squeemish. She settled the flashlight between her teeth and set to work. She knew how to seal up the head wound- That was basic emergency medical knowledge. A few passes of the dermal regenerator had that taken care of quickly. But, she couldn't do much about a concussion, which she was sure he had. "How you doing, Ensign?" she asked. His voice had dropped off.

"Sorry, sir," he said. "I can't remember what comes next."

"Never mind," she said. "Just pick up with the next line you remember."

"Okay," he said, and continued from someplace in the middle of McBeth.

"Fox," she said, again, feeling around his skull gingerly for any soft spots, but it had been so long since she'd done this, she wasn't sure she remembered what they were supposed to feel like. She gave it up as a lost cause. "Come on, Fox, wake, up, huh?" she begged.

Leo groaned a bit,slowly opening his eyes,was in between out cold and coming two, he saw a fuzzy image of Ash and said "nice... I died and got picked up by a cue angel.." He barely raised his hand to his head "the hell hit me? I'll shoot him.."

"No idea," said Ash. "I think you cracked your head on something. It's just you, me, and Shakespeare over there."

"Hey!" said the ensign, cutting off his recital. "You're the one who told me-"

"Yeah, yeah," said Ash. "I just wanted to make sure you didn't have a concussion."

"I don't think I do," he replied. "The room has almost stopped spinning."

"Don't get up," she said. "I'll be there in a minute. How are you feeling? Any headache or anything?"

Leo groaned,was still semi-conscience but was getting better after being patched up,new blood being made and staying in him "still light headed.. can't really move around yet.. but... breathing.."

"That's a plus," said Ash, grinning. "Now it's your turn to talk," she added as she stood and crossed the bridge to the ops ensign. "It doesn't matter what, just something, so I know you're still conscious."



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