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In Flagrante Delicto

Posted on Sat May 17th, 2014 @ 9:11pm by

Mission: Pitch Black
Location: NPC Security Officer's Quarters
Timeline: During Blackout

Racing her way down the corridor with Ensign Mark Andrew from Security in tow, Lizzy stopped outside the door and grinned, "Beat you!"

He smiled, pulling her into his arms and kissing her, "You naughty little minx."

The door opened and he pulled her inside his quarters, waiting until it closed before he pushed her up against the wall, holding her hands above her head.

She squirmed and pouted, "I can't help it."

He nodded, pulling her over into the bedroom and dropping down onto the bed as he pulled her down. She landed across his legs, letting out a gasp as he pulled her pants down to her knees, leaving her bare-assed.

He spanked her a couple of times as she wriggled, swearing at him in a quite unlady-like way, until she was quite red and tears coming from her eyes.

Mark grabbed some magnetic security cuffs and clipped them on her hands before turning her over. She purred happily, trying to lean upto him but failing.

He rolled her over until she was lying on her back before crawling up to be over her and sat down on her upper thighs.

He began attaching some long cuffs to her arms so she was chained down, before asking, "See if you can get free."

Lizzy tried and shook her head, to which he responded, "Now, you are my prisoner."

Pulling out a knife, he slid it under her shirt and begun to cut it away, leaving her topless.

He had just finished doing the same to her pants, leaving her only with her boots on. Kneeling as he began putting them off, the lights suddenly went out.

Lizzy yelped in shock and he fell back, not expecting both.

Pulling himself up, he asked, "Lizzy, are you okay?"

Lizzy swore back, "No, you douche!!! What the gotona kind of trick are you doing? This isn't funny!"

He could barely see as there was just starlight coming in, "This wasn't me. Wait a sec while I check."

"I'm tied up in the dark, you insensitive prick!"

Lizzy could feel the bed shift with his weight and felt the chains moving, "Oh, sorry. Let me undo you. Oh crap!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"I dropped the key."

"Find it!"

She could hear him trying to find the key before there was a loud bang then a thump. She listened but couldn't hear anything else.

"Mark?? Mark?? MARK!!!!! If this is a joke, I'm going to give you a really savage kick to your family jewels when I get free."

Lizzy continued calling to him and tried to shift to see or maybe reaching him with her foot, but the chains were too short & her legs couldn't reach.

She lay there, tears coming to her eyes as she grew really worried. She tried yelling out, panicking but after a few moments, her throat was getting hoarse and she realised no one could hear.

Lizzy wasn't really worried what it would do to her reputation if she was found chained up naked in some random dude's quarters - she was more worried about how long he would take to recover or what to do if she really needed to pee before she was rescued.


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