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Playing Engineer

Posted on Sun May 18th, 2014 @ 7:46pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & 1st Lieutenant Leo Fox

Mission: Pitch Black
Location: The Bridge

Elian flickered a couple of times, in front of the command chair facing forward. It seemed to take an eternity for the holo emitters to formulate his skin, and it seemed to be a problem elsewhere. Turning he assessed the bridge silently, his subroutines trying to decide what course of action to take, this was highly irregular. He could almost say he was blind.

Leo stood up. Seeing the hologram. Wasn't sure on the name. "Hey.. welcome to the party."

Elian's eyes laid on Fox. "Party?" he inquired, "Do you require medical attention 2nd Lieutenant?" he asked. "What is the status of internal communications?" he called out. He did not like the bridge being out of contact with engineering.

Leo chuckled. "Probably and down." he walked closer to him. "Most systems are down,half the ship doesn't even have emergency lights. We need you to take clear charge until the CO or XO come up. Keep in mind if for some reason this situation turns tactical,I'll be taking charge." He looked around and pointed around them "I doubt that'll be the case."

Elian eyed the man, "I am programmed in tactics." he responded, and left it at that. "Lt. Commander Kavi is on her way, as is Lt. Stele." he nodded firmly. "Until their arrival we will do all we need to discover why we lost power, restore it, and recover internal communications." he said.

Ash breathed a sigh of relief when Elian appeared on the bridge. "I'm working on internal sensors now," she said. "I'm not sure how much I can get us from here, but we'll see in a few minutes."

Leo looked at Ash,then back to Elian. "I was able to get full emergency lighting on the bridge and even down a couple decks. However I doubt anyone can use the science station. I cannibalized a few power couplings."

Elian nodded, "It can be repaired at a later date." he said bluntly. He seemed almost agitated as he turned in the same place, not stepping one way or the other. The Holoemitter was not getting enough power for him to move. He was concerned for the ship and crews safety. "Finding a way to make contact with the Engineering department is the top priority." he said as his program decided what to focus on. If Engineering had any clue what happened, then they could work together to discover the rest.

"How are the comms coming, Fox?" Ash asked as she held out her hand for a hyperspanner that Marley placed in it.

Leo walked back over to the new panel on the bridge he asked to have installed so the marines have a place on the bridge,sat down and started pushing some buttons,accesses remotely to engineering systems. "Internal communications are erratic at best.. best comms I can get you is Sickbay.. though if Sickbay is anything like what this bridge looks like,it won't do much good." he kept pushing some buttons. "I'll see if I can get you to engineering though.."

Ash popped back up from under the console and pressed a few buttons. "Ahha!" she exclaimed. "Got sensors working. Unfortunately, the only ones that are up are on the Bridge. It shows three living people. Well, at least we know they're accurate. Give me a minute and I'll see if I can't get you more," she added, disappearing under the console again.

Leo kept working at his console,the power fluctuated a bit. He swore at it in old gaelic and kicked it and the power stopped changing on him. "I think... I may have... engineering..." He pushed a couple buttons. "Fox to engineering,please respond." He listened for a few seconds,only hearing static and silence. He looked at Elian and Ash "Either that didn't work or they're as bad as we are."

"I suppose one of us can go down there and try to repair THEIR comms," Ash offered, messing about with some fuses. "Although, it would take quite awhile to get there. What do you think, Elian?" she asked.

Leo perked up. "If I may.. this is obviously not a military or tactical situation. I can go down there. Maybe if I tear apart another console I can take a turbolift halfway down." He pressed a few buttons "Or a better idea.. I can walk,save you more power for internal comms Coi."

Elian grunted, "Until power is restored you would have to override the safeties to use the lifts and that will require far too much power, and is not safe." he said. "Fox, report to engineering and get an update as quickly as you can." Elian said. "As for your offer to repair their comm system, I am confident that the engineering team is capable enough to repair their own comm systems, perhaps there is a reason as to why they have not yet repaired them. We should focus on what caused the outage." There were so many things to focus on, and yet he only the three crew members here at the moment. His program wasn't accustomed to dealing with lack of internal communication.

"Coi, cut power to all but one holographic emitter on the bridge, I do not need several trying to track my movements, I can remain still." he said. "Cut half the lights, with no power though the ship we need to conserve it." Elian said firmly.

"Aye, sir," Ash replied, crawling out from under the science station and heading over to ops. She crawled under THAT station and pulled about six fuses. "There," she said, crawling back out to see that half the lights were off and Elian was still visible. She headed back to the science station. "Still working on internal sensors," she reported.

"You got it!" Leo said as he grabbed a kit and slung it over his shoulder. "If you need me,I'll be in a jefferies tube." He gave Coi a little salute "Don't have too much fun Lieutenant,you owe me a wrestling match and I owe you dinner." he grinned as he hopped into a tube and started crawling.

"Wrestling?" asked Marley, handing her a fresh fuse to replace the dead one she'd just removed.

Ash groaned. "Don't remind me," she said.


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