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Engineering Duty in the Dark

Posted on Mon May 19th, 2014 @ 12:33am by 2nd Lieutenant Zoe Saville

Mission: Pitch Black
Location: Deck 10, Main Engineering

Zoe was in the Marine gymnasium doing pull-ups when the lights went out. She knew that she was alone.

Dropping down and landing in a crouch so as not to provide any opportunity, she waited a few moments to see if emergency power came on before rapidly moving across to where her gear was sitting on a bench.

Strapping her knives back in her boot and the Marine belt around her waist, Zoe made her way to the door and noted it wasn't working.

So, Zoe went to the panel nearby and used the manual release so she could get it open as she drew her Marine phaser.

In the corridor, she headed directly to one of the Jefferies Tubes rather than the lift as she only needed to get down 6 levels and they wouldn't likely to be working.

Using release levers, she made her way through to the access ladder and began the climb downwards.

Reaching Deck 15, she made her way along to the correct spot and stopped above a panel. Connecting up two door popper explosives, she set the timers and moved back to a safe distance.

The miniature explosives blew the panel and Zoe moved forwards, dropping down into Engineering.

There had been some shrieks and Zoe had to duck a low-level phaser beam as she called out, "2nd Lt Saville. Stop shooting and lower that light."

One of the ensigns put down her phaser and torch, "Sorry, 2nd Lt."

Zoe nodded, "No problems.. You missed by a mile anyway and I'll teach you later. But you get bonus marks for finding a weapon and light. Is Lt ch'Koro here or the assistant chief?"

"No, 2nd Lt."

"Okay.. What is the status?"

"Warp core is out. So is all the other power systems and comms."

She headed over and confirmed, "Okay. Concentrate on communications to the bridge and see if we can get emergency lighting working. In case we have been boarded, we need to be prepared. You two, see if you can find something to make some barricades."

The junior engineers followed directions, glad that someone seemed to be willing to.


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