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A bridge in the dark

Posted on Sun May 25th, 2014 @ 5:39pm by Commander Mercia Kavi & Commander Khelev ch'Koro [Halan] & Lieutenant Commander Vanora Stele

Mission: Pitch Black

Once Vanora popped the panel, dim light flooded in to the hatch. The bridge had some independent back ups, which would explain the dim lighting. The two women crawled out, and Mercia stood up, still in her short black tank, rather tight and short black shorts, boots, and a pair of thigh holsters. There was no time to find her uniform that David had changed her out of it. "Alright kids, what the hell did you do to my ship?" she called out.

"Broke it, of course," said Ash, peering out from under the science console she was currently attempting to repair. "When command staff is away, the crew will play. We were attempting to play a game of galactic ping-pong, but missed the ball and broke a window in engineering, which was, unluckily enough, right over the off switch for the whole ship. We flipped the switch, but now we have to reboot everything by hand. Should have it ready for you in a couple years."

Mercia put her hands on her hips, "That is truely, and totally not funny." she grunted.

"Yeah, sorry," grinned Ash, replacing another fuse. "I deal with stress by joking around. Seriously, I have no idea what happened. Everything was fine, nothing on sensors at all, and suddenly, all this." She handed Marley another dead fuse and he handed her another good one.

Vanora walked over to a wall panel and removed it, poking around a bit. "Some of the primary EPS relays have blown out, too. Looks like the secondary relays are in tact up here, though, so if Khelev can get us power, we should be fine. I think I might be able to reroute some of the residual power to get some of the consoles up. We'll have to cut off the holo-emitters in here, though." Vanora raised an eyebrow at Mercia. "What do you think?"

Mercia looked at Elian, who was standing still, one one hand she was making an effort to see him as more than a simple program, on the other hand, the chance for Vanora to get her some contact with other parts of the ship was too good to pass up. "You're relieved Elian, I'll bring you back on as soon as I can." she said taking just a second to grip his hand. "I'm sorry." she said.

Elian looked at Mercia a moment and gripped the woman hand, repeating her gesture. "How ever I can be of help to you Lt. Commander." he said, with some inflection in his voice.

Mercia nodded and smiled at him, before he deactivated himself. "Alright, see what you Fine Ass Ladies can give me... Oh... sorry Marley." Mercia smirked before she glanced at Davids chair. She wondered where he was, and if wasn't being bull headed and trying to make it up here. Hopefully the two crew members she left him with were smart enough to handle him and make him go to sickbay.

"Just a minute," Vanora responded, her head deep into the circuits in the wall. She brought her spanner over a junction and waited for the switch to flip. "Okay, you should have a bit now, but it looks like the plasma flow is pretty light up here. We'll have to wait and see how many of the stations we can get up and running, but you should have Command and the conn at least."

"Fat lot of good that does us if we can't see any thing. We need to find a way to get in contact with Engineering. With out being able to talk to them, we have no idea what happened." Mercia said. She sat down in Davids chair and used his command console, which was hardly working but it was at least turned on. Mercia let out a breath, "It is so frustrating being with out contact with the rest of the ship!" she grumbled, gripping her fist and pounding it on the console. "Any ideas on getting in contact? its a hell of a climb!" she said looking up at the small group of people on the bridge with her.

"Fox left for Engineering about ten minutes before you two showed up," offered Ash. "Not sure how long it'll take him to get there, though."

"He likely isn't there yet, and we can't be waiting for an hour to hear something." Mercia said. She ran her hand over her pony tail, "What else you geniuses got?" She asked trying to figure out what to do. She hated feeling useless!

Vanora looked around. There were few crew here, and they were hardly in any shape to be playing courier. She hit the wall panel as the obvious dawned on her. "The command hologram. Elian. He was working here, and also in the Jeffries tube. Engineering will almost certainly have at least a few emitters running. That is, unless they had the same idea I did and already diverted the secondary power core to key systems. But assuming they don't, I can flip the power back to the emitters, and you can use Elian as your holographic communicator. Have him relay messages down to Engineering, and to other parts of the ship, too. It would be better to have multiple holograms in each location relaying messages instantaneously, but you'd better start with just the one, since we don't know the state of the secondary core. Or the computers, for that matter."

"That's actually a great idea," said Ash, crawling out from under the science station again. "Fox thought he had comms working to Engineering, but nobody responded. So, either nobody's there, or the Comms weren't working after all. On the plus side, I've got internal sensors working ship-wide! It looks like nobody's dead, anyway," she added, indicating the sensor readings. "There are twelve feline life forms and four canines. Seventeen fish and a bird. And a reptile. Either we've got a Durrighash stowaway or someone's got an iguana."

"It's Bearded Dragon, actually," said Marley.

"How do you know that?" asked Ash.

"Because he's mine," answered Marley, grinning.

Mercia frowned, wondering how that was possible that Coi could have done that, they were running on emergency back up power, and it was waning fast. "Well... lets go with Vanoras idea, activate the holoemitter again." she ordered. There was a noise from Vanoras direction, and then suddenly, all the lights and consoles flickered off. "Thats.. NOT what I said Stele!" Mercia said with a grow. This was getting irritating. She hated feeling useless and right now thats all she was! A big pile of uselessness!

She stood up in the darkness as both Ash and Vanora turned on their flashlights again. "How the HELL does a ship lose power like this?" she hissed, feeling some rage welling up.

Mercia heard some clanking and the hatch she and Stele had come through. Both light beams moved to that spot, and a head popped up.

Petty Officer First class Paxx was the first one through the hatch. He was a Bolian,bald as the rest of the males and had the cranial ridge running up his forehead and back to his neck. He got to his feet and nodded to the two girls as the rest of his team came through the hatch. He puled the radio off of his belt and hit the button to transmit. "Damage control team Alpha, we've reached the bridge and the power is completely off."

The radio hissed before a response came through, "Roger Alpha team. Clear and move on."

"Ma'am," Paxx nodded to Mercia. "Petty Officer First Class Paxx, we're here to make sure everyone is all right and that no one needs to be rescued."

Mercia moved forward as ash and Stele put their flashlights up to give an ambient glow, rather than shining in peoples eyes. "You have contact with Engineering?" she said quickly. She held her hand out to Paxx, "Put ch'Koro on." she said.

Paxx grabbed the radio and pushed down the button. "The xo wants to talk to the Chief."

"ch'Koro here, go ahead," Came the response.

"Just push down the button when you want to talk," Paxx said, handing over the walkie talkie.

Mercia frowned at the device before she pushed the button down. "Khelev what the hell is going on?" she demanded. "I've got no power up here, and no clue what the hell is going on." she growled.

"We're working on it," Khelev replied. "I've cut all power and I'm feeding it into life support and the artificial gravity. We're running on battery backups and I'm not sure what's causing it. I figured breathing is more important then anything else."

"Any clue on how it happened?" Mercia asked, "What do you need from us to get this fixed?" she asked. "are you able to send medical any power?" she asked.

"They have a back up power generator installed that's specific to sickbay, no one else can draw from it. I've got a team on the way to ensure it's running. For now we have to sit tight and hope I can figure out the source of this power drain," Khelev replied. "Is that all? I'm rather busy."

"Can I keep the radio?" she asked, "I need to be in contact with you for updates." she said.

"There should be one at the engineering station, I left on there on purpose," Khelev responded. "Now can I get back to work?"

Mercia frowned, "Don't get snippy with me Blue, just fix my ship." she said. Of course there would have been a radio they could have used this whole time. "Paxx, where is the radio he mentioned?" she demanded.

"I'm trying to fix the damn ship!" Khelev shot back.

Paxx hid a smile as he walked over to the engineering station, he opened a small storage cupboard and pulled out the walkie talkie and turned it on before handing it over to the XO. "If that's all ma'am, we have a few more rooms to clear before we're finished."

"Let me know if you guys need any help," offered Ash. "Or maybe at least just tell me what not to fix. I just had the internal sensors back up when our power was cut."

"With power being as spotty as it has been, i'm sure that was more of a fluke than any thing." Mercia said.

"Sir," said Ash, turning to Kavi. "I might be of more use searching for injured who need help. And, while I'm at it, I can help find out why emergency power isn't fully functional."

Mercia looked at the team, then back at Coi, "Just get your hands on one of those walkie talkies and make sure engineering knows what you're doing. Might as well be of use, because sitting here is pointless." she grunted, hanging on to her walkie talkie and dropping in to Davids chair, waving her hand to those still here, to dismiss them.


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