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Uh oh

Posted on Tue May 20th, 2014 @ 7:24pm by Commander Mercia Kavi

Mission: A test of Patience

Gili Nol was fuming once again. Lady Patience was wearing his thin. Soon he'd be able to handle the woman, take her out and take justice for all she'd stolen from the once great name his family had. He paced up and down the hall ways, passing the holographic security guards. He swore there were twice the amount since last night, when, as he heard, the lady had stormed in to the ships captains personal quarters and demanded the holographic activity stop.

As much as Gili hated holograms himself, he was enjoying how pissed off the Lady was. She was in rare form today, even throwing things if it wasn't perfect, and so far nothing was!

The lights went out and suddenly Gili found himself face first in to a wall. He stumbled back to his feet and touched his lip, tasting blood. He looked around it was pitch black, and the normal sounds of a ship had stopped.

Gili froze, as fear and dread washed over him, this wasn't right! This wasn't the plan! "Uh oh..." he gasped.



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